Friday, April 27, 2007

MY sweet hubby rocks OUTLOUD

and you know what comes next huh!! WHEHEW OH FIYAAAHHH!
He was so sweet to me this week. He has been having to go across the bay alot working the dealerships there. SO he has to pass right by Hobby Lobby and that one is SOOOO MUCH more rockin that this one that is 3 miles from my house sad to say. SO I needed some bling for the page I was working on. Yall know Im all about some bling. Well while he was there he saw the big nice sales going on and he Was so sweet to me! HE got me another set of the big honkin stamps so I can do the words on my stripes in my scrap room (that is gonna be soo cool) so now I have 2 sets of them since they were half off. HE got me a BUNCH of bling (that i have almost used up yep but wait till you see this OMG awesome page I am working on!) I have both sets of the new cosmo cricuit, some more ric rak and I got the new moxxie papers that are gonna be here today! SO much fun so GUESS what IM gonna be doing this weekend wheheww!
I DO HAVE TO give a big ol shout out to my bud Susan too. SHe rocks in all kinda ways. SHe picked me up the stamps everyone has been raving about that are a buck a pack (the clear stamp sets) 11 sets!!! IM SO EXCITED just think of all the fun that will be! I had asked our Micheals about them and they looked at me like i had 7 eyes in my head. They had no clue what I was talking about. I guess I can take them and show them. THANK YOU SO MUCH SUSAN! YOU are a rockstar!!