Friday, September 15, 2006

What a wonderful life.

HERE Is my final entry for the THAT DESIGN TEAM competition. I have mixed feelings on this. Im sad it is over cuz I had so much fun. ALot of rockin talented ladies over there. BUT Im kinda glad it is over cuz it will be that much closer to finding out who will get the 2 positions. I know whomever gets picked will have earned it because EVERYONE has been so awesome!

I wanna shout out today to my mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! I won't say how old she is but she looks amazing for her age (of course) she is a wonderful beautiful talented lady. She is a true artist she does oil painting and makes jewelry and whatever artsy thing that comes along she likes, she instilled my crafty self with lots of artsy humor.
Hope you have a great day and wish I was there mom.

Also one of my friends over at the safe.. ELISE Hope you are havin a happy birthday today. I sang to you in teh thread over there lolol hope your ears recover. Hope you ahve a happy day my friend. (hugs)

I still feel horrible. I look like a pirate.. with jack o lantern teeth. Im up cuz the phone rang and woke me up. That is ok I need to get up anyway I have a dr appt soon.. some people I tell you. I dunno why they have to be so pathetic and petty. I pity them and feel really sorry for them. Their life must be a miserable pit of hell is all I can figure. I need to pray for them more. Dog layin on a nail? ....yeah pretty pathetic.

I wanna say thank you to all of those who have been frequenting my blog. You guys offer me such encouragement and I love your sweet comments. Thank you so much. I started this with help from my dear good freind Jeanne. HI JEANNE. Who I have lovingly called blog natzi haha! But also as a way for my family and friends to get to see Bella's newest photos. It is alot easier than sending out 500 emails. Saves alot of time too. It can also serve as a cool resume. I have gotten alot of wonderful opportunities from companies from this here little blog. Thanks for helping me make my dreams come true.

I sure hope all of you will stick around even after the dt competition is over at STM. We have alot of fun especially at the chats. I have had alot of people ask me about scrapping and what to do to improve. It is hard to say but I will tell you what I did. I found me someone and surrounded myself with talented positive awesome CHRISTIAN people who would help me and give me constructive criticism OUT OF LOVE to help me better my skills. I have a group that If I want my stuff critiqued and what can I do to improve myself I contact them each time. NOT just with scrapping with every day things too. Especially parenting. So that is my best advice. ask for tips and dont be to hasty to judge. Listen and dont take it personally. BUT MOST OF ALL
HAVE FUN. dont let the devil rain on your parade. You can be sick but still be happy, you can be mad but still have joy, you can have a rotten day but still see sunshine... dont look at yesterdays mistakes as failures Look at them as steps to help improve yourself for tomorrow.

with that Im gonna go crawl back to bed and I hope you have a wonderful day today. keep smiling and scrapping

Since I feel so yucky my hubby is being sweet and bringing me my favorite thing ... Tijuana Flats.. I just love him so much HE is such a good husband.