Sunday, May 07, 2006

Suddenly Sunday

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones Hard to believe it is SUNDAY already. Time flies by so fast. DID anyone catch Greys Anatomy (my FAVORITE tv show ever) OMGawesh I laughed I cried IT was awesome. CANNot wait till the season finale next week it is gonna be so great. So what did you do for Nat'l Scrapbook day? I was in bed most of it but did some scrapping. I made some layouts and posted on some different boards. I won two contests at Scrappers Bliss (Yeah me) One by default but hey I WILL TAKE THAT! ITs a prize anyway lol I can't wait to see the goodies I get. SO tell me what you did for Nat'l SB day. DId you scrap? DID you scrap somewhere special? I cannot wait to hear all about it. Tomorrow is another day and I have lots of catching up to do so ... signing off for now.... IF your bored check out these places:GREAT SITE they have like a TV show going on there for scrapbooking! IT Is amazing Check it out!