Sunday, May 07, 2006

Suddenly Sunday

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones Hard to believe it is SUNDAY already. Time flies by so fast. DID anyone catch Greys Anatomy (my FAVORITE tv show ever) OMGawesh I laughed I cried IT was awesome. CANNot wait till the season finale next week it is gonna be so great. So what did you do for Nat'l Scrapbook day? I was in bed most of it but did some scrapping. I made some layouts and posted on some different boards. I won two contests at Scrappers Bliss (Yeah me) One by default but hey I WILL TAKE THAT! ITs a prize anyway lol I can't wait to see the goodies I get. SO tell me what you did for Nat'l SB day. DId you scrap? DID you scrap somewhere special? I cannot wait to hear all about it. Tomorrow is another day and I have lots of catching up to do so ... signing off for now.... IF your bored check out these places:GREAT SITE they have like a TV show going on there for scrapbooking! IT Is amazing Check it out!


*Jeanne* said...

Hi ya... NEW friend... okay you should start posting some pics here. Your public awaits..

Loved Greys yep next week the finale will be an hour on Sunday and an hour on Monday nite.. YEP.. I am loving that 2 nights of greys..

Hey so what is your favorite sb site? lol

Angela said...

Woo-Hoo! COngrats on the loot!