Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dr appt and some photos

Sorry I haven't updated, havn't felt that great lately. When I have been up I have been working on a project so just haven't been on lately.

I DID have my Rheumatology (lupus dr) appt. yesterday. pretty much all they did was some more tests and talk to me. He said a fancy word like lupus sclerosis which is someone that has lupus and Multiple sclerosis. He said it is rare but possible. He also said I could have been misdiagnosed. But we don't know yet. He said chances are I am in a MILD lupus flare but do have MS because of the brain lesions and spinal lesions, the spinal tap results, blood tests and the muscle weakness.
He was getting all my records and would see me again in 2 weeks (Isnt that what all of them have been saying?) so pretty much we don't know anything. Just a bunch of could Be's like they all have been saying. I just want to feel somewhat normal again. I know when I got home from the dr. I went to bed got up ate supper stayed up for maybe an hour didn't even watch American Idol (yeah that is like some moral crime isn't it. I missed my dude!) went back to bed and just got up at 4 am. Probly about to go back to bed when I finish this post. SO, that tells you I have just been draggin' tired. NOT like I have done anything.

I did take some photos Of Bella riding her big girl bike on Saturday. CHECK OUT THE SHOES haha she got them for Easter.

Hang on Baby!

I will post some pictures of my project soon. I have a stack of circle journals to get out too. Sorry guys Im gettin' to them I promise. Don't give up on me.