Saturday, October 21, 2006


OK so I had gotten very frustrated cuz I was working on a project for legacy magazine and couldnt find the paper I needed. I had gotten it long long time ago and have no clue where. OF COURSE I needed like 4 more sheets. SO I contacted the customer service department at Sandylion to find out where I could get this paper.. thinking they had a listing for stores that may carry it. The lady was SOOOOOOOOO nice and SOOOO helpful she said ya know, That will take alot of I will just send you some. I was floored. JUST send me some? I was like OK SURE. (Thinking she was just fluffing me and then gonna forget) well YESTERDAY I got THIS In the mail. I am soo excited! ALSO got the coolest letter from them too. SO HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK. THANK YOU SANDYLION and Shari McTamney in their Customer Service department. In the day and age when Customer Service is NON existence THEY SO ROCKED on this one! I was totally shocked and impressed! THANK YOU SO MUCH. YALL ROCK!