Monday, June 02, 2008

and on THE SECOND day of Hurricane season......

IT'S day 2 of Hurricane Season here in the US. It is all over the news GET PREPARED. I can see it now they are gonna over dramatize every storm that comes up and no one will take it serious when the real one comes. DONT THEY EVERRRR LEARN!!
We have pretty much everything ready just in case.
Generator.. check
Gas for Generator... check
food... Check
water... Check
Gas in car to get the heck out of here CHECK CHECK!

I WILL NOT sit through another Katrina in Mobile I will tell you that!
I have never been so scared in all my life. That was the closest I have ever felt that we truly were going to die. They talk about your life flashing before your eyes well.. mine replayed over and over and over. SCARIEST MOMENTS EVER!

So anyway we will be better prepared and You betcha I will haul my butt and Bella bug and Guido out of here and John too if he wants to come, out of here if they say one if comin!

So, anyway I don't think my sister in law is gonna bring my child back.
She said Oh we are having so much fun, she keeps avoiding the question of when she is coming home... It will wear off just wait.
She thinks tomorrow she will bring her back. We will see.

I did another scrapbook page. This one is REALLY Funny. Bella got all this Hannah Montana stuff for her Birthday. She was all duded up in it too, boy and gettin down on her guitar. (SHE LOVES THAT THING) She now says "Oh thats my jam" whenever a Hannah Montana song or Jonas Brothers song comes on. TOTALLY CRACKS ME UP. she is so grown in her little 5 year old body.

I used the Love Elsie, Claire line from TREASURES TO SCRAP to do this page. It was just too perfect not to.

I did get some circle Journals done too. WHEHEW!! I know the girls that are in the little group with me are sure happy about that. I have been holdin' up progress. Sorry ladies. Been havin' some issues but we are about to get straightened out to where I can do more now.
I actually have gotten ALOT done while Bella bug has been visiting Aunt Liz.
I have scrapped 5 pages and 2 circle Journals and made this binder that I found at Hobby lobby into a 4k notebook to hold the monsoon of papers she brought home from school. (GOD FORBID I think of throwing any of them away she spazzes out)
so I would say that is rather productive dont you? ::your shaking your head yes aren't you!::

Scrapbook Obsessions June kit came out yesterday and HOLLLLYYYY SCHHMOOOKES. GORGEOUS. GCD is the paper this month. Gorgeous red whites and blues to get your patriotic scrappin goin'
Be sure and check it out. You can look at the add ons here but I don't think there will be any left to order. These ladies stalk the boards till she puts them up then swoop in like a hawk and scoop them up. Won't even be a indention where they were sittin' left on the table! YOU have to get up MIGHTY early to out get these chicks!
They are so much fun and talent overflowing.

Having MS hugs today so dunno how much I will be around.