Monday, October 20, 2008

More kit yummies

I did another page last night attributing to the friendship Bella and Eva Caroline share. They have been Bff since we moved here wow almost 4 years ago now! Gosh it doesnt seem that long ago. But Nov the 7th it will be. Hard to believe how fast time goes by. They were both such tiny things when we moved here. Both of them being only children and living across the street from one another, was a blessing. They are so cute, they stand in the yard yelling and waving to each other can they come play and scheeming (how do you spell that word?) how they can get their parents to let the other one come over. SO FUNNY. I hope they stay friends forever.
Here is one of the photos from the Fall Festival at St Elmo Baptist Church, I scrapped with This months SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS KIT.

I love the colors in this kit. SO beautiful and full of fallness (if that is a word)
We have another fall festival this weekend and I AM SOOOOO looking forward to it. I am praying I get to go.
It is the one at Bella's school. IT was sooooo much fun last year. Bella LOVED IT! We all did!
I have several more projects to get done and today is my "feelin' better than usual" day since I didnt have a shot last night. so Im going to try to get some stuff done. The Topamax is still making my eyes roll around in my head though. (according to a good friend of mine that takes it, this is normal for the first few weeks... just makes no sense to me)Good news is though it will go away thank goodness!!!
Hope you all have a good monday!