Friday, January 02, 2009

Good way to start out the New Year!

So did you eat your Peas? Your Cabbage? Nahh me either. Didnt work last year. We were still poor as ever hahaha.
BUT SInce it was my birthday yesterday John splurged and got me a steak! You know my most favorite thing in the world is a big nice thick juice rib eye (sorry Di I can feel you cringe as you read that) and potatoes nice salad and big glass of tea. I had leamonade instead since I had all that protien I figured I woudlnt kill my kidneys entirly. Bella got us up Early POUNCING us in the bed to watch the parade. Then John brought me my present (a 2 gig card he had gotten on sale whehew) I found that I have video on my camera (If I would have read the directions I would have known that sooner but I mean that would have been too easy huh) so I keep eating up the memory in my camera. So I thought that was really sweet he sacrificed to do that for me. I was so happy to be alive for this birthday... that it woudlnt have mattered. I took a LOOONG nap after watching the parade. Got up and checked my messages. Thank you for all the Happy Birthdays and well wishes I was shocked at all the messages wow! Thank you thank you!!!
We watched movies and foot ball and Bella played with all her Christmas presents.
WE ate our big steak supper then I finished watching the Monk marathon.

I just got an email from Jamie Pieterson that my article is up at whehew!
if you wanna take a look check it out HERE
its about scrapbooking for beginners.

Here is a photo of Bella I took New Years Eve. She was looking for THE NEW YEAR.
SHe saw the fire crackers and thought it was supposed to be some big thing happen like the whole world was gonna change. I told her I kinda hope it would but it might be kinda scary if it did. Maybe this year in 2009 the world will change for the better. but.... I got a bad bad feelin.... it will get worse fore it gets better.

Here is the photo check out them jammies.