Friday, September 07, 2007

newest pages...

Here are some new pages I did

I love this picture of Bella chillin' in her little pool, wiggling her toes!!
THis is some AMerican Crafts paper I had love the flowers on here.
This is my Nephew and his cutey girlfriend. THey have been together like 4 years are they not the cutest ever. PERFECT photo for this Love Elsie Paper.

JOhn told me tonight I had gone to the dr today and was just tired and hurting when I got home so took a long nap. He said the door bell rang and when he answered it THERE STOOD 4 Year old Brayden. GRINNIN' JOhn said "well HEY BRAYDEN"
Brayden says " I BROUGHT BELLA A POPSICLE!!!!" (grinnin') Bella comes running to the door HEY BRAYDEN THANK YOU!!! Takes the popsicle... waves to Brayden's daddy thank you.
JOhn closes the door... Tells me He was thinking... YES IT HAS BEGUN.. SMART KID.. WOOING his daughter with treats!! Just like her mama.. wanna win her heart. BRING HER SOMETHIN' sweet hahahaha! Brayden is just THE CUTEST THING EVER. Good thing I was asleep I guess cuz YOU KNOW I would have been snappin pictures!!!!
have a good weekend!