Monday, September 25, 2006

Todays STM blog challenge

Today's STM BLOG CHALLENGE is WHO's Your Daddy... Tell us about your other half.
Yall all if you have looked at my blog twice even know my dh John (hi honey) has his work cut out for him most days. He spends alot of time shaking his head and grinning. WE have a great life together full of laughter (most days) but occasionally we are known to wanna choke each other ( he is married to me after all) SO Whats to know about my rockin hubby? Well he prides himself on being my computer nerd. He is very smart. Handsome and makes an awesome chimichanga can I tell you! He is my biggest fan and my greatest supporter. He is my cheerleader and my best friend. He has pulled me from the ditches of depression, he has kicked my butt (not literally) when I was wrong but he is my defender to the end. All that wrapped up in a charming package. He gave me the sweetest most beautiful little girl (yeah she is my kid so yes I wanna choke her most days...) IN the world. Im so proud of them both. No matter what my hubby is there for me and me for him ..eventually Hahaha that is a joke because I SOOO didnt want to move to Mobile away from my family and friends. BUT eventually after I was well enough.. I did and Im glad I did... so that is the best I love you he ever got (me admitting OK you were right) SO MUCH I had to let go of there to move.. I felt I was leaving my daddy behind even though he was theoretically gone.. still I held onto every tiny detail of his existance and sometimes you just have to let go to live. He taught me how to let go and I will be forever grateful. YOU can let go but still hold on..... that only makes sense if you have had to do it. Thank you my love!
Im still stalking the mail man.... PRAYING this gets here today or I will be doing some seriously mad scrappin to get my projects out by the first.. NO PRESSURE HUH lol