Saturday, December 30, 2006

here are those christmas photos i keep forgetting

Sorry. I have been horrible about the photos this year. I uploaded them to wal greens and told everyone heres the addess and password GO PRINT WHAT YOU WANT... is that so wrong? nahhhh.. that way everyone gets the photos they want... anyway.. I guess yall wanna see the haul huh.. you can see JUST HOW ROTTEN my child realllly is rofl.

WE had alot of fun at Aunt Liz and Uncle Ty's house . This is the 2006 family ornament. The dog/ferret rodeo and the kids opened their gifts. SHe got 3 Stuart little movies that she says stuart little looks JUST LIKE DAISY so she calls them the DAISY movies (daisy is the ferret you see riding the dog waldo in the above photo) SHE also got her very OWN scrapbook to fill up!

Then we went to Uncle windale and Aunt Karen's (and taz and Marlee's house, that is marlee anxiously watching Bella) and she redecorated their tree for them. They spoiled her and Grandma and all her cousins even more. (Uncle WIndale spoiled me by making me my FAVORITE stuffed bell peppers (kasi's favorite too) instead of the usual christmas dinner) She got the Leap pad reader system and several of the books she LOVEs that thing. and the 12 dancing princess tea set (she LOOOVES the 12 dancing princess's by the way) and grandma got her the cinderella barbie doll THe little mermaid movie on dvd and some other things I didnt get to see cuz she kept running off with it.

ANd she played with the puppy and showed her the sign on her house.Bella opened lots of gifts there too. And got this cinderella doll she LOVES and sleeps with from grandma. Here is her stocking.. it was SOOO FULLL santa couldnt fit everythign in it, IT was spilling over onto her presents! SHe was so excited!
Santa found his way to Nana's House and left an OBSCENE amount of gifts from EVERYTHING of the 12 dancing princess's (she loves the movie and had to have like everything she saw 12 dancing princess even the PRINCE DERRICK with the 12 sets of dancing shoes that John calls broke back mountain barbie cuz he has swively hips and a zuit suit on... it is something to behold im telling you) to the bella dancerella ballet studio, make up (a girl has to have her lipstick and nails painted and dry.of course..., she got lots of movies, a dvd player that is dora the explorer, barbie dolls, cinderella dolls, an elmo aqua doodle mat, a hop ball that has dora on it, and I dont even remember what all else it was a ton of stuff LOTS OF CLOTHES that she needed... she got a lovely 12 dancing princess dress from papa the hop ball was from papa and nana too.. She got an ariel head that you fix its hair (that was funny cuz she kept telling everyone that santa brought her ariels head for christmas.... that was pretty funny) Santa must have thought she was a pretty good girl! HE EVEN left her the v smile system and dance mat and 3 movies back at our house.. we think he must have gone there, realised there were no cookies and milk and made his way to nana's.
SHe had a great time opening her presents and had a wonderful, way too much christmas. THANK YOU to Santa for all he and mrs clause did this year for her, and well for us too. SHe is so thankful and excited and has worn that hop ball (and my patience) just about out ::wink::I was pretty sick with my kidneys all through Christmas so I want to especially thank all of our family for all they did helping us get Christmas done this year. NO way I could have done all that We love you and thank you more than you ever will know. SMOOCHES and HUGS!

Out with the old... hey! Wait a minute!

I think IM starting to resemble that remark... WHen did I GET SO DANG OLD?! This elsucko's man! 36 didnt feel quite so bad I didnt look at it as 4 more years to 40 but why is the fact Im about to be 37 buggin me so bad... 40 is getting closer like its a cartoon and chasing me through life here.. WHats the big deal! I can remember when I used to think that 30 was ancient.. Now I think ahhhh IF I could just be 30 or ..... stand up after sitting with out my body sounding like a fireworks demonstration. Whats that about anyway! I NOW see why the lord makes you more fertile when you are in your younger years... cuz when you are 36 almost 37 and have 3 year old your too dang tired to chase em. Thank GOD for tv and video games to rot their brains huh! NOooo not my kid.. she wont watch tv or play much video games or anything much she wants 100% interaction with mommy or daddy.... YEAh.. That is ok these days will pass WAY TOO fast and as I use my social security check (if there is such a thing anymore) to help pay her college tuition..... maybe she will push my chair to the front of the line and pat me on the head and roll me to a scenic location to whistle at hot college boys.

SO what are you doing this lovely night as it is Rain rain raining and windy here?
I will post some layouts as soon as I can. They are a surprise for the dt's Im on for the kit and also THAT sponsor for January but OMGOSH THEY ARE SO FINE! I LOVE these papers you are gonna be so Jealin when you see them but dont be jealous for long run dont walk to ICS and SCrap That moment and purchase them. THEN You tooo can be having as much fun as me (and my old butt)
See ya tomorrow :)