Wednesday, September 13, 2006

daddy... weed BELLA a towey.

I LOVE these pictures of Bella and John. SHe is reading him HER version of the DORA book and he is reading her the book. She keeps saying DADDY DAT NOT HOW IT GOES! SHe tells him the right way. IT is so sweet. I LOVE SEI Winnies walls patterned paper. I use it all the time because Bella spent a year and a half in her "orange phase" as her favorite color. THis paper was perfect to make everything orange but still girly. I am exhausted tonight. Need to get hubby to find my stuff that Im looking for my project for tomorrows entry of THAT design team contest at scrap that moment. I have part of it done and just need this one thing IF he can find it If not... I am just gonna cry or scream I guess cuz well it works for Bella hahahaha... No biggie I have one done but want them BOTH done and I want them perfect.... is there such a thing?