Thursday, August 17, 2006

hurray hurray Nana Is here

BElla has been keeping Nana really busy while she is here. They have been coloring up a storm, playing outside and shopping. She is so happy her nana is here and I AM TOO. I feel a bit better today but then again.. I didn't do a thing. I slept most of it. That is probably why I feel better. I get too over zealous and forget I just had surgery and wanna pick up Bella for snuggles or get up too fast BUT IT QUICKLY reminds me HEY don't do that. I scrapped a little tonight YEAJ! I am working on submissions for a design team entry coming up. Had to do my own handwriting and doodling for one of them BLAHHHHHHKKKK. She will know now WHY I DONT do my own handwriting. I hope it doesn't knock me out of getting it cuz my hand writing is pretty bad. ID love to post it here and get yall's opinion if I should submit it but then I wouldn't be able to submit it cuz it has to be a layout NOT seen before. Actually it is a layout I never finished and I redid it to accomodate this... SO I hope that is ok. Note to self ASK ABOUT THAT. Bella is going to 3K monday AHHH! Is so hard to believe she is growing up WAY too fast. But that is ok IT was great to be able to go to the store (well send hubby I sure didnt go) and NOT HAVE to get diapers/pullups IT Was amazing! SHe doesnt need them she is doing sooo good with Potty. IM so very proud of her. SO now we get to go to Disney world yipeee. We are deciding if we are still gonna go this november (my medical bills may not let that happen) or next spring. Probably next spring is more likeit but we will see. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow :)