Tuesday, August 15, 2006

and then there were hormones

EVERYTHING today is making me cry. John went to the grocery store and I told him Im having a major chocolate craving so he got me a 6 pack of hershey bars. HE brought me one back to bed and I was like thank you honey and savoured every tiny square one by one. I got up to walk and when I made it down the hall way, saw in the kitchen on the counter the rest of the package.. I just boo hoo'd. John came in said I have a surprise for you Im squalling like a baby I said I know I saw the chocolate (while blowing my nose in tissues) he said yeah but thats not it Im like awww and I cry more what is it? he said IM GOING TO GO GET BUG oh gosh the flood gates erupted I was squalling like a baby. Thank you Thank you Thank you. He was like GEEZ your welcome quit crying already.
His mother is coming back also to wrestle with Bella and spend time with her and us, but they will be in our house so I can still see and hear my kiddo. I missed her sooooooo much. NOW I KNOW in a few days Ill be pulling my hair out wondering what in the world was I thinking. BUT man this house is so huge and so quiet without her. Im a very happy mommy tonight only 3 more hours and they will be here. Im feeling better and stronger each day. really tired but I know that is expected. SO happy I have all of you .. my friends praying for me. Thank you each and every one of you even the ones that don't know that I know that you are here... Thank you I miss you so much and it means more to me than you will ever in your life know. Well my ss class is droppin by tonight so I guess I need to get in the shower and brush my tooth.. get it..tooth hahaha ok maybe the meds havent worn off all the way yet forgive me. I am anxious to get well and get back to church and scrappin and chic fil a days. Bella will start back to school soon so we wont have our girls days that much but we will have to sneak some in. Ballet starts soon too! YIKES John is still wanting her to take karate I want her to take ballet she wants to do both karate ballerina... I can see it now.