Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Challenge for Sept 1

WOW 3 posts for today IM like killin some record or something. HA! Anyway Scrap that moments blog challenge for the day is to list our accomplishments for August and Project some things we want done for September....errrr well OK ILL TRY.
AUGUST was an elsucko month for me. I had my hysterectomy (that wasnt the suck part the recovery was) so I am behind on everything.
BUT ,I DID manage to get a page published in Scrapstreet magazine, a page publihsed in Hobby Lobby magazine for next quarter (4th quarter) and 2 projects published in scrappy chick magazine (wheheheww) and found out that I can still make the Tray for Legacy and the other decorating magazine whew!
I didn't get picked for a design team I thought I wanted on. (That is sorta a YEAH cuz I thought I wanted on it but not so sure now)BUt ya know God always knows what he wants for us and who knows Maybe he wants me ON scrap that moments DT worse. LETS HOPE SO! I am so flippin nervous cuz there are 2 spots. 2. TWO, DOS, EL TWO OH, ONE TWO, 1 + 1 = 2, you get the picture. THere are some really good people that are up for it too. SO Im not gonna hold my breath.
I have my altered projects ready but Im nervous on my writing page. MY handwriting sucks. I did In between having the hysterectomy and all the other drama this month had got some pages done.
They are in previous posts on my blog I wont bore you with more photos of them.

What are my goals for Sept. Hmmm
FInish healing without incident (that is huge for me to say)
I want to get all my projects to the best of my ablility done for the scrap that moment competition.
I want to work on getting Bella's book updated I have just a couple pages I need to do.
Decide on our Christmas card and start on them get the photograph we need etc. Have to have a family pic done but I MUST HAVE MY DENTAL RECONSTRUCTION FIRST. I REFUSE to have pics made while I look like a redneck jack o lantern. THANK YOU DR anesthesiology dude. I know they saved my life and all but dang did ya have to knock out all my teeth or portions of them?
FINISH MY SCRAP ROOM, or at least put a bigger dent in it..... I have to finish painting in here and get it organized. I am going with the WINNIES WALLS pallette. LOVE IT! My FAVORITE PAPER OF MEGA ALL TIMES.
Wanna pull up the carpet and put down pergo also. or at least something besides carpet OK that one can drape over to October November as well cuz IT aint gonna happen ,all that, this month yall!!
I want more pages published! I got to get my mo jo goin!
Keep up with bloggin'
and I dunno that is enough for now.
What about yall what are your progressions for this past month? what goals do you have for next month?

Here is to a GLORIOUS next Month!!

HOW EXCITING... I JUST got my confirmation... The new cosmo cricket, My minds eye, 3 bugs, and maya road will be hittin my doorstep any day now. SO I begin to stalk the mail man! Cannot wait to play with those beautiful papers those delicious chipboard accents and rub ons for days!!
Also My box from scrappy chick goes out Tuesday.... AHHHHH this is going to be a glorious week. HOw can you not have fun creating when awesome product like that is in your hands. Keep it coming you guys cuz YOU KNOW I CANNOT wait! You keep sending I will keep creating.
I got the new Close To My Heart book from a friend of mine earlier in the week and I am about to die to buy something out of it. Stupid Dr bills. BUT that is ok.. Im happy to be getting healthy So no complaints. I am getting enough new cool stuff in left and right so I shouldn't complain anyway. I do need those Christmas stamps for a project I am working on. May have to get those anyway. We will see. I fell in love with so much in that book. IT IS so hard to choose!!!! OH well I am not complaining. Soon as Im better and can work.
They do have some gorgeous papers and stamps. WHO KNEW they were getting so big time! THEY EVEN HAVE TEXTURED cardstock!!!!! I think my new colors are going to be the light tourqouisy blue and the browns That is what we are doing our bedroom in with the mahoghany furniture. CANNOT wait. Gonna be so pretty. GOt to start on that some time... been putting it off too long. SInce it is now official we are staying in Mobile.. No Colorado, No florida, I guess I can redecorate.
I finished my basket with the basic grey I cannot wait for you to see it. BUT... IT will make its grand appearance on scrap that moment. So don't fret now ya hear. I still have a list of projects to get done so Time isa wastin' Nothin more fun! Ta ta for now.

Happy Sept 1st

NEW MONTH ALREADY?!?! WOW where did August go! Seems like it just started. THis is the time of year I love. It is almost fall. When the leaves start to turn, the air gets a little hint of new smell to it. The kids are running around in their new school clothes STILL fresh cuz they are new. DId you get back to school photos of your kids? I missed Bella's I was in bed. BUT I will get a photo of her and her new teacher soon. SHE LOVES her new teacher. I can tell also by all the things she comes home doing and saying. I cannot wait till I am better and can be more involved. You know men.. They tell us nothing. I have to find out whats going on from Bella or wait for a note to come home. THey just don't ask the same questions lol. I can't wait to get better and be the room mom. I can't wait to do the crafts with the kids. I just have to get the ok from my Rheumatologist I can do it. So we are praying hard about that.
We have alot going on at The Untamed Scrapper. The VIEW just came out. we have a wonderful edition this month I think you will really enjoy. We are getting a back to school one ready and with it I am doing alot of projects. My kid isnt even in school well REAL school she goes to pre school ( amazing what they teach these kids so young she can count in spanish and write her name I am just amazed) Makes ya feel dumb as a brick when you cant help your kid with homework when they get to 3rd grade cuz they passed your education level of college credits!!
Mama is coming down this weekend. THE huge anniversary of our church that I grew up in was this past sunday. SHe wanted me to attend but I just couldnt ride that far yet. THey also had a dedication service to my great aunt. SHe is one of the oldest living citizens/members of the church. Mom is bringing the photos and articles and we are going to do a book on it. THat is goign to be fun and I know she will love it. I love looking back at our church history and seeing all the names from many generations.
Well I still need to go work on my CHristmas entries for scrappy chick too. STILL not getting my groove on that but I had some inspiration earlier so I better work on it while it is still clicking.
Happy Sept. 1st