Friday, September 01, 2006

Here is to a GLORIOUS next Month!!

HOW EXCITING... I JUST got my confirmation... The new cosmo cricket, My minds eye, 3 bugs, and maya road will be hittin my doorstep any day now. SO I begin to stalk the mail man! Cannot wait to play with those beautiful papers those delicious chipboard accents and rub ons for days!!
Also My box from scrappy chick goes out Tuesday.... AHHHHH this is going to be a glorious week. HOw can you not have fun creating when awesome product like that is in your hands. Keep it coming you guys cuz YOU KNOW I CANNOT wait! You keep sending I will keep creating.
I got the new Close To My Heart book from a friend of mine earlier in the week and I am about to die to buy something out of it. Stupid Dr bills. BUT that is ok.. Im happy to be getting healthy So no complaints. I am getting enough new cool stuff in left and right so I shouldn't complain anyway. I do need those Christmas stamps for a project I am working on. May have to get those anyway. We will see. I fell in love with so much in that book. IT IS so hard to choose!!!! OH well I am not complaining. Soon as Im better and can work.
They do have some gorgeous papers and stamps. WHO KNEW they were getting so big time! THEY EVEN HAVE TEXTURED cardstock!!!!! I think my new colors are going to be the light tourqouisy blue and the browns That is what we are doing our bedroom in with the mahoghany furniture. CANNOT wait. Gonna be so pretty. GOt to start on that some time... been putting it off too long. SInce it is now official we are staying in Mobile.. No Colorado, No florida, I guess I can redecorate.
I finished my basket with the basic grey I cannot wait for you to see it. BUT... IT will make its grand appearance on scrap that moment. So don't fret now ya hear. I still have a list of projects to get done so Time isa wastin' Nothin more fun! Ta ta for now.

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