Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I got tagged!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you KIM!!!! hahahahaha thats ok ILL get you back :)
The tag is 5 Random things related to the number 5 and 5 weird things about me.

OK 5 RANDOM Things related to the number 5:
1. It is 10:55 right now.. coincidence I think not Lol (does that count as 2 cuz there are 2 5's in 55? Ok fine!!!!
2. I have 5 things picked out in this new Oriental Trading book I got today :)
3. I have 5 projects due for Scrap that Moment that I am working on.
4. OH this is good one I have 5 toots that will be coming up YIPEEEEE 3 for next hobby lobby 1 for legacy and I cant say yet where the other one is to but you will know it when I can say yipeee!
5. I have 5 outer pieces of the letter l'sin front of me but No inside letter L's so I have the stencil look of it but not the innerds (make sense) chipboard letters. Makes me crazy! Im always runnin out of L's E's and a's

OK 5 weird things about me.. This should be easy lolol

1. I eat black eyed peas with My spaghetti
2. I eat ranch dressing on my pizza and my french fries and anything else that is dippable.
3. I scrap better at night than during the day for some reason
4. I find it hard to throw away magazines esp scrapbook magazines.
5. I love olive juice ... out of the jar of sliced salad olives the green kind but I dont like pickle juice and everyone says its the same but IT IS NOT! ( I discovered this when I used to get hiccups REALLY bad when prego with bella it was the only thing that got rid of them ... still works)

OK I TAGGGGGG:: DIDI, kimberly rae,Anam, staceyface, becky Thackston, Kara, Teri lynn, Jozzy and JEanne (hahahahahaha I know you will call me on this one bwahahahha love ya mean it)