Sunday, August 29, 2010

ANOTHER sneak peek

I didn't post yesterday about what I am working on because well, I didn't work on it yesterday. BUT, TODAY... different story. I have been inking and misting and gluing hehe. YES I love this so much! AND NOOOOOOOOO.. I am not anywhere close to through. CLOSER but not through. I WILL as promised show you more hints.

have you figured it out?
ya think?
shush melissa.

I will tell you what I did here... I used this sheet of Websters Pages(is this not gorgeous? this is all from the August unkit except the mists) and cut it out but it needed to be kinda bluish. so anyway....
here is .....
another preview hint.

Theres a big hint in that photo too.

I plan to finish it up if I cant sleep tonight and tomorrow (I am pretty tired.) and show in the aftershow on vokle if we are up to it. so won't you join us? We have a great time at Unkit Live with sudie. Bella loves her some Ms Sudie tv too! Its family friendly and has awesome crafts so come join us on Monday nights!