Monday, January 28, 2008

say aprayer

Not feelin' so hot. so If yousdont see any newposts.. sorry. Not sure if lupus is flaring its ugly head or if its shingles or kidneys or what but.. something is wrong so just say a prayer and Ill be baack soon. xoxoxoxo

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow what...

Yesterday I worked with the Heidi Grace line of papers that had snow designs on them. I couldn't stop touching these papers. They are all flocked with felt on them (say that fast 3 times lol) and they just feel so good to the touch. HOW perfect it was to use this photo of my Neice dog, Indy.
I used the flocked papers and I cut out the snowflakes. I added some jewels to jazz things up. I cut the title out with the cricut and used the doodlebug sugar to jazz them up a bit.
THe journaling says: OK, SO it snowed. I see it. Its all over the place. It is even on my nose. I get it. This doesn't happen very often here. You human people wanna go play in it. WEIRDO'S. We have come out here and seen this "SNOW" so can we PLEASEEE go back inside where it is warm now?????
INDY and the snow of 08.

NOTE she is sitting on TOP of the picnic table so her feet wont touch the snow rofl. Can't say I blame her.

I still am organizing and working today. Still getting my thoughts together and figuring out what we are going to do. It is coming down to the fact I am going to have to figure out how to juggle and do online designing and bring in the money. I can focus on the money aspect which is the publishing and the behind the scenes work that I love, OR leave it in someone elses hands to if I get paid or not. Whichever way it goes I know God will lead me in the direction I need to go. He is making it PRETTY OBVIOUS what I need to do. I hate not having guarantees and we know stress = shingles. Which in turn... cost more money. More money for meds, more dr appts, and not being able to do the studys where my lupus treatments and tests are taken care of. SO.. with that said I still have to keep praying and just do what I gotta do. BUCKLE DOWN and FOCUS. Which is hard for me. I am easily distracted. Part of adhd/ocd I dunno but I do have a hard time with it. It could even be medication related. BUt what do you do.. You have to take the meds. So anyway. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the prayers and thoughts and sweet emails and phone calls from my family and friends. Thank you for supporting me and trying to help me figure all this out so things can settle down. MUCHO LOVE TO YOU! I know one thing. I will be so happy when Flu season is over and I can get out in the world without having to do a MONK hand wash routine. I know.. its part of my life and I have to deal with it but I miss interaction with humans other than my kid and hubby. THank GOD for the internet.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

YUP Still organizing, but I need your help

Still on my organizing frenzy. That is how I think. It is also how I make decisions. I have alot on my mind today, as I have for the last week. I have an UNBELIEVABLE opportunity that has fallen into my lap One that can remedy alot of things for our family. One that I can't make assumptions or THINK I know what I am getting into. I like things clear and concise. I want to know what Im doing. I like schedules. I hate change. I like routine. YES IM BORING. Yall know that already, yall read my blog ROFL.
This is a real deal. Not a play around decision. Yeah its big.
SO Im asking you right now. You, that are reading my blog. TO help me. HOW you ask. I want you to say a prayer, I want you to light a candle, I want you to do whatever it is you do. BUT I want you to pray I do the right thing. THis is not a small thing Im thinking on. This is a future decision. NOT JUST MY future. Its not a I get to be on a design team or I get to have my layout published decision. I am not a scrap somebody, I don't care about that or have a desire for it.. I only want to make enough money, to pay the difference in what my hubby is making to what they changed on our insurance. That has been my goal since we found out it was changing. That is my desire, my goal and my objective. So, THIS is a LIFE ALTERING Decision that is pretty big. I hate to dissapoint people. I don't want to let down anyone, that is why I have such a hard time with decisions. I want to do the best thing for everyone. SO that is where I am today. Praying, thinking, organizing, got my head on straight yesterday now I got to make sure it is facing the right direction. SO please, say a prayer... This is a decision that will effect everyone. Thank you to my family and my friends for helping me with this as well. I love you guys more than you know and YES I DO KNOW you will always be there for me. Thank you to my hubby, I love you and yes Im listening to you. YES you know I will do the right thing.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting my life back

I have been on an organizing frenzy to say the least. Im getting all my stuff organized and separated. Getting my calendars organized and set and getting my head on straight. I have so many things that need to be done. BUT I spend my time spinning wheels sometimes. So I am going back to my list making. THAT is how I can get things done and remembered. After forgetting a VERY IMPORTANT THING and almost effecting allot. I refuse to let this happen again. SO ORGANIZED I WILL BE. Im separating out all my things and getting things in order. EVERYONE STAND CLEAR.. she's goin' in rofl.

Here are some things I have made for the challenge blast and other projects. I have been scrapping up a storm getting things accomplished. I have projects due all over the place. SO bear with me as I check things off my list.

I made this card with product from Scrap-Diner design team.
The coluzzle embossing template from my own product and inks etc.

I am using up some of my stash of older product as well.
This is from Chatterbox a line called love shack. I hand cut the cover for the mini book from a template I made from scanning and upsizing a matchbook.

THis page I did for Scrap-Diner's Challenge blast. This is the multi photo challenge.

This I made with Moxxie product from my stash.

This is another one I made from product from scrap-diner for the challenge blast. Well most the product.

This is a card I made for a friend. With some stash product.

I have had another thing picked up for publication also so I tickled about that. My ultimate goal is to bring the difference in in what hubby makes to what we need since the insurance change and so far... its working. I am realising that alot of times things are not always as they seem. A big star no.. I have no desire. I just need to do what I can do with my health issues from my house. God has given me something I can do. Scrap. IF I WERE HIM I would be insulted if it were not used to the best of my ability. So IM getting off here so I can finish getting organized so I can do just that. Take care of my family and achieve that.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Webster's Pages

I received these AWESOME products From Terri Conrad, She is a Designer for Webster's Pages. I just have to say this paper is gorgeous. I used almost 2 whole packages of bling on this page to accent with. One pack had pearls (so pretty) and then some teeeeniny bling on the end of the sprays that are sticking out of the flowers. I added dimension and inked it all up, I cut my own scalloped paper since I hoarde my scalloped cardstock so bad.. I use it as a template to cut my own.
I had a fabulous time playing with these papers and there are some more projects I will post when I am finished with.
Check out Websters Pages website and also Terri's blog. SHe is the sweetest person.
Thank you again for the opportunity to use your designs.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Have you MET ME????

HELLO. Im Guido. PRONOUNCED GWEEEEEEEEE DOUGH. Or as the oldest man who visits sometimes that the little blonde haired child calls papa calls me.. dorito or as the blonde haired child called me.. dough dough. Whichever way you pronounce it.. I RUN things around here. See that cute little blonde haired child in the blog header? she really Belongs to me. I just let the him and her of the house borrow her. But, mine she is. I am the one that checks on her constantly by peeking in the window. I make sure she is getting enough sleep by barking loudly outside the window. When they reply HUSH "SHE" is asleep. I know I have done my job.
I am her protector. I won't let her past me no matter how hard she tries. I go back and forth in front of her when she tries to walk.
I lick her face when she walks outside to show my love and peek in the window when she giggles, or cries, or screams, or yells, or makes anything that resembles a sound. I will bark and paw the window till she tells me DOUGH DOUGH IMMM OKAY! THen I have done my job.
I just wanted to let you know who runs the show around here just in case you get confused. HE and SHE think they do but its REALLLY ... HER AND ME.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nana To the Rescue?

A conversation over heard yesterday...

Bella: "Daddy, will you fix me some Hot chockolit'?"
John: "In a minute Bella ... are you going to drink it?"
Bella: "Yes, will you make me some?"
John: "In a minute I am working here."
Bella: "DADDY! I WANT some hot chockolit!!"
John: "Bella your not gonna drink it.. you will just waste it I have made it before."
Bella: :SIGH: "DADDY! IM callin' my nana. IM gonna tell her on you!"
JOhn: ::snickers:: "You do that..."
Bella: (dials on her barbie Telephone) "NANA, Diz is Bella, DADDY IS BEIN MEAN! HE WONT FIX ME SOME HOT CHOCKOLIT!! COME BEAT HIS BUTT."
John: ::laughs::
Bella: "Daddy I called Nana and she is coming to beat your butt cuz you are being mean." ::gloats::
John: "MMMHMM I know who is about to get in trouble.." ::gets up to go into kitchen::
(as opposed to how good it would contact nana IF IT DID HAVE BATTERIES)

Hope your weekend is going great!
Today we have another rockin challenge up at for the Challenge Blast. Be sure and check it out!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Bama? OH......

MELTED SNOW... I GET IT.. YOu mean THE KIND of snow that is also known as RAIN????
BElla wants SNOW very badly. EVERY morning she looks at me and says.. "is it snow?" I say "Nope baby its sand" Im awaiting the day she looks at the sky and exclaims "its sanding mommy its sanding!!" I try to explain to her
we don't live in a "SNOW FRIENDLY" climate. That we live in a "SAND FRIENDLY" climate. You know the one... that is close to the Gulf of Mexico?
Being 4 she hasn't learned that quite yet but we are working on it. YES we do get the occasional flake and I DO MEAN other than your weekend wander at walmart people watching kinda flake.. falling here in Mobile, Alabama but IT AINT REAL OFTEN. Matter of fact in the 3 and 1/2 years we have lived here, it snowed 1(ONE) uno yes singular TIME! Luck would have it we went home to Mississppi and it didn't snow there.. just here. WHY? cuz that is how our luck ussually works. Its ok she was too little to really understand snow yet anyway.

I know really we are not prepared for it to snow. I mean think about it. We have a following of old people here that flock as far down south as you can get without actually leaving America, to get warm. So just think ... all those people.. plus everyone here that is not used to the cold, attempting to drive in the snow. DID YOUR BRAIN JUST EXPLODE? yeah you get it then. It brings back memories of driving in central Mississippi in the snow. Its about the same. Not used to snow much there either. I remember my mom sending my brother to the trading post.. what yall don't have a little store called Tommy's Trading Post there? Ok well hang tight.. well you have to go around this GARGANTUOUS S curve then hang a sharp left kinda back down a little hill while turning left and there is a HUGEEEE drop off ditch... RIGHT THERE. THE one that when my brother turned the wheels for us to go to said "Trading Post" we were staring at thinking "THIS IS IT Lizbeth We comin to join ya!" Well being 8 years old the first thing that came to mind was Oh crapp freak out but instead of that coming out my mouth I said " WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee" The look of shock and disbelief on my brothers face was well worth it. Of course the fingerprints I left in the oh crapp bar on the door you hang on to when my mother was driving.. are probly still there.

Having all that said.. I guess Im kinda glad its not snowing in Mobile. It's raining. Its cold and that magical glimpse of OH IT might just SNOW is in BElla's eyes today. Even though I have told her that the weather man said ITS NOT gonna snow its just gonna rain. But when your 4 you still believe in the possibilities of the maybe.. MAYBE it will snow, MAYBE mommy will let me sleep in THEIR BED TONIGHT.. MAYBE I can have skittles for Breakfast.
so... Maybe just MAYBE... It will snow in Mobile.

NO matter if it is raining, or Snowing.. or as Bella says SUNNING.. You can still come by today and check out our day 2 of the CHALLENGE BLAST. Yesterday was GREAT FUN and today there will be another AWESOME CHALLENGE PUT UP. SO come play with us and win some fabulous prizes and have a BLAST! Here is the page I did for yesterdays Challenge. You can see the tutorial and the challenge details right ....> HERE<~~~
and MAYBE ... JUST MAYBE..... well ... You already know hehe.

Friday, January 18, 2008


TODAY starts the first day of the CHALLENGE BLAST at Scrap-Diner. GOnna be alot of fun and some GREAT challenges. We have been working major hard to come up with some fun ideas and prizes.

IT IS COOOOOLD here this morning. My joints feel like IM about 80. I could be an advisor for the weather center. It never fails I get sooooooo tired Swollen joints and just fell crappy when it does this. BUT FUN THING... THE MARDI GRAS PARADES ARE STARTING UP!!!
GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN! Last year we had sooo much fun going to the parades even though it was mighty cold. The parades are a blast! Bella got really good at saying "THROW ME SOMETHIN MISTER!" so good infact when we went to the Christmas parade she yelled it there too hahahahahahaha!!!! WAS SOOO FUNNY! SHe had so much fun though. I have a huge bag of recyclable beads and things for this year. Writing note to self to get those in.

The kids will be out of school down here to enjoy some of the festivities but that is later. Today they get out half day for Teacher work day.

They are talking there MAYBE SNOW FLURRIES up near Birmingham and back Home near Jackson Mississippi. Bella wants it to snow soooo bad. I keep telling her we just don't live in a snow prone area. NOT making her happy right now hahaha!

John got my phone yesterday so Im back in business. Its charging now as we speak.

Dont forget to come check out the challenge blast. Lot's of fun challenges and prizes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


OK sorry I didnt post yesterday having AOL issues and and also working my tail off getting ready for:


We are doing a challenge a day with tutorials and samples!! (so Im having to make the pages do step by step tutorials and photos to go with) so Yes I have been VERY BUSY!
JOHN just sent me and EMAIL with a PHONE IN IT HE CAN GET A SCREAMIN DEAL ON WHEEWWWHEWWWWW! I know most of you know my phone won't hold a charge and sometimes it works most times it dont.. MAKES ME CRAZY!! THE OLD ONE I HAD was dropped 9 thousand times till it died. This one is Johns old one and it was fine but then the little connector thing to charge it is not working right. AND the power wont stay on.
SO hopefully by MONDAY.. that will be remedied! BElla LOVES my phone. She gets it and pretends she is talking on it and will put it in her purse or her shopping cart... I don't know how many times I have had to ask my pals online to CALL ME SO I CAN FIND MY PHONE!!! well that doesn't work anymore... I need to when I can get the power working good get all my numbers off of it and print them off, sad huh I dont know the numbers I just know that I hit J and it calls JOHN. I know bad huh!

SO ANYWAY.. sorry if yall called. I have it on now. but ... IT is not holding a charge :(
Bella is all excited today is DONUT day at school. Tomorrow they are out half a day and then out of school on Monday. So she is pumped! I am going to be scrapping my heart out! I have all my challenges done but I really wanted to do a few more samples for it... we will see. I have one more tutorial to write and IM DONE!!!

I have some submissions to get finished up that I got call backs for so that is good. Don't get too excited mama I get called now but they dont come out till like JUNE. I have some sooner than that but I did the work for them like last year haha. That is one of the hard things with this scrapbook stuff. It is hard to get excited and then wait for 6 months BUT THAT IS OK it is worth it. The good lord has been good to us and helping us make up for the additional medical stuff that this LOVELY INSURANCE that we have (DO NOT GET ME STARTED AGAIN) since Johns company changed and so did the LOVELY insurance ::insert major eyeroll:: THe worse part is the medication I have to take. ITS SOOOOO EXPENSIVE. THAT IS why we stay in. I cant get out much. He said ONE bout of the flu can wipe me out. So we are being germ freaks and washing the hands like monk and I stay in. I have picked Bella up a few times from school but I stay in my car, I do not get out around the kids. AND YES LIKE MONK. I have wipes in my car and wash bellas hands when she gets in. hahaha I KNOW crazy crazy but you do what you have to do so you stay out of the hospital! I have after Friday 4 more weeks!!!! Till the worst is over and I can get out more. (ok so maybe that is a warning hahaha)

I miss my friends really bad BUT I HAVE GOTTEN ALOT OF SCRAPPING DONE!!! (to keep sane!!!)
(if you can call me sane. oh shut up Windale)

COME ON To THE CHALLENGE BLAST WE are doing a fun challenge every day and a Technique so to speak. IT is really going to be fun and we can't wait for you to come play.
WE have a ton of cool prizes to get out and fun things to do. SO come on and have a great time with us, get some pages finished and win some great prizes to boot!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wheewwhewww for UHU!

I received a sample in the mail not to long ago, of some UHU products to play with. One of the samples was a UHU GLUE STICK. Im not a big glue stick user but I though what the hey I will try it. LET ME TELL YOU, I was very impressed. SO IMPRESSED, I USED IT to make THIS PROJECT. The only place I DID NOT USE IT was on the inside pockets where I needed some liquid glue. BUT, IT EVEN HELD THE RIBBON! I was totally amazed at the power of this glue stick! Check out the UHU PROJECT BLOG they do some sample give aways as well and you can get some great project ideas. Id like to thank them for letting me play with their products and yes I will be using them :)

My Shopping Organizer

This is a handy little organizer you can keep in your purse or you storage compartment of your car. You can keep your grocery or shopping lists, coupons, sale papers, and even receipts in it. It is very simple to make and makes a great gift to give friends or family members.

You will need:
12 x 12 sheet of cardstock
matching patterned paper (you can use scraps)
coordinating ribbon
a good holding glue
(I used UHU glue stick) on everything but the pockets.
Letter stickers or chipboard
Ink or chalks
Cardstock scraps (or another sheet that will match your patterned paper)
3 pens or pencils
Bling or other embellishments

Step 1.
Fold your cardstock 1/3 over (you can use a bone folder to help make the crease really well)

Step 2.
Fold OVER right to left 1/3 (just a little bit OVER 1/3 )

Step 3.
Fold from LEFT TO RIGHT the remainder piece over the piece you just folded (will look like this)

it will be a little bit short from covering it all. THAT IS OK. YOU will see in a bit what we are gonna do with it 

Step 4
Unfold it

Step 5.
Use your adhesive glue on the creases JUST on the creases. Then on the outer right edge
Then on the outer left edge ONLY.

Step 6.

Fod it back over and try to press the outer right and left REALLY good. Then the creases try to leave a bit of a pocket. When it will hold some. Place your pencils or pens in the pockets so it will have some space there for you to put your lists and coupons etc.

Step 7

Flip it over onto the back when the glue is dry. Adhere your ribbon onto the BACK. On the left 2/3rds of the paper. DO NOT glue it all the way across. THAT piece will fold IN and then it wont tie correctly.

Step 8

Flip it back over to the pocket side facing up.
Measure the fronts of your pockets and cut your patterned paper you selected
Accordingly. Ink your edges all the way around the patterned paper.

Step 9.

Cut a coordinating pice of cardstock in a stip approximated 2 x 12.
Use your stickers or chipboard letters (whatever you selected to use for your
You can trim around it after you have adhered them on the cardstock. and cut
Them into labels.
Ink the edges.
I took a zig writer and outlined my stickers so you can see the letters better.

Step 10.

Fold the LEFT side to the middle
Then the right side OVER that .
Tie your ribbon so it will hold.
Measure the front (right side you just folded over)
Cut your patterned paper accordingly and ink the edges.
Adhere to the front.

Step 11

Cut some remainder scrap cardstock smaller than the patterned paper.
Ink your edges.
Add the title of your organizer (you don’t have to use the same title I did )
Add embellishments to decorate the remaining space.
And your done.
NOW an additional thing you can do. The left piece that you folded
In and the cover folded over that.
You may make an additional pocket on that if you would like, or adhere a note pad
To it for jotting down notes,

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday monday...

How can you not smile when looking at these photos? I took these this morning of Miss Bella-bug. I was telling her jokes and making faces. LOVE that smile and how her nose crinkles when she laughs. I just have to smile when I look at these.

I posted the MY LIFE challenge at today. The theme for January is Cool Change. SO I chose the topic "The last 10 years then and now" show how far you have come over the last 10 years. The Journaling is as follows: 10 Years ago we were a couple. A couple of kids
embarking upon a new adventure. We wanted to
be married but I had not long been diagnosed with
Lupus and was having a lot of health issues. We
Had canceled our wedding 2 times because of my
Health and I desperatly wanted to WALK down the
Isle. Through therapy and Intense steroids WE DID
IT! We bought a house, in Goshen Springs Mississippi.
We had 2 doggy children Chester and Baby aka “stinker”
We lived a few miles away from both of our familys.
Life was good. We had a lot of trials but came through
Them not only as Husband and wife, but best friends.

So much has happened in the
Last 10 years. Not only did
Our marriage grow in love,
but in size as well. We so
Desperatly wanted children
But my health was against us.
FINALLY when I hit a remission
In 2002, The dr said Now or Never,
with little optimism we would have
A child. Boy did we prove them
Wrong. We had a difficult pregnancy
and delivery but we have a
Very vibrant, beautiful daughter.
John took a Job in Mobile, Alabama.
Out of remission, it took a year to
move us there with him there.
It was hard, but we made it.
We can not have any more children
but we feel We are now a family.
Just what we always wanted we now
Have. I can’t wait to see what the
Next 10 bring. (2008)

I also have a very special prayer request. My friend Tracy, I know you have heard me mention her son in law Trevor, the one that finally made the transplant list. Well he is having trouble today and they asked us to put out a call for prayers. He is having seizures and was in some trouble. He is in icu at the hospital. As for now they have stabelized him somewhat but he is not out of the woods yet. Please pray this family has the strength to endure the journey they are on. All of them. Especially Trevor.

Also they are still searching for the other 2 bsbies that were thrown from the Dauphin Island bridge. They had recovered 2 as of yesterday but still searching for the other 2. (4 total) Please pray for the family of these 4 babies, especially the mother. The tragedy was brought on by the father, for unknown reasons, he is in jail. look at my previous post for more details if you would like them.

That is all for me today. Getting more work done and John is BACK in POPLARVILLE.... hope he gets to be home at a decent time today.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

a somber sunday

Its a somber day here in Mobile today. The news, the papers, every tv channel is focused on the retrival of the 4 babies that were drowned off of the dauphin island bridge. When that is horrible enough the fact the 4 babies father is the one that did it makes it even more nauseating to think of. It's hard not to think of because it is so close to us here and the children are younger than many of our own,
Our hearts go out to the mother and the family. I know this is a difficult time for all.

Got alot to do today and tryin to stay busy. John took Bella to the store with him to keep her away from the television. It is on every channel and she is asking enough questions. We are handling it with care and prayer.

I still have catching up to do and projects due for Diner.
I also have a crop this weekend at I-scrap. I did a tutorial and a template challenge. IT was alot of fun. I enjoyed seeing what everyone did with it.
Today is the last day and Im doing a word scramble challenge in a little bit.
I still need to clean my scrap room and get my All about Me challenge done for scrap-diner and my samples for next weeks CHALLENGE BLAST.
I have one more tutorial to write and Then I can breathe. I hate to procrastinate it to the last second so trying to get it all done this weekend.

I really need to get out and do some shopping but I KNOW I KNOW the dr said to stay in. BUT man I need to wash the grey out of my hair and get new make up since Bella had a great time with mine: YES that was a while back but I still have to replace all of it that she MADE HERSELF PRETTY with.
YOu cannot take your eye off her for a SECOND!

I hope you have a good day. Please hold your children a little tighter today and say a prayer for the family that is going through so much.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Are you SURE its JANUARY??????

I took this photo yesterday before the storms hit. That is a FLOWER that JUST BLOOOMED. UGHMMMMMM was I out sick longer than I REALISED and IT REALLY ISN'T JANUARY? DID I MISS WINTER? IT would be nice for ONCE to experience all 4 seasons... but NOT IN ONE WEEK!

WE made it through the stormy weather last night. BElla was NOT happy about it. John had to get those servers up in Poplarville. He didnt get home till almost midnight. He had to drive up to Collins to Meet another guy that worked with them to pick up an additional server that didn't come in, so YOU GUESSED IT.. he DROVE through all that monsooon of storms.
Bella was NONE TO THRILLED at Bedtime when Daddy wasnt home yet. She said "he was SOOOOOOOOOO gettin' a Time out for bein Late!" I explained that those people at that car dealership cant sale any cars or work if they don't have their computers and daddy has to fix them. She just looked at me. Then replied " but its dark time and THEY NEED TO BE IN BED. Can't dey just do it tomorrow?" WOW the logic of a 4 y ear old. I explained to her daddy had to stay till it was finished SO THEY COULD work tomorrow. SHe reluctantly said OK but still thought it was the craziest thing ever.
He had to go back over there today to do the fine tuning and the guy he met up with in collins drove down to help him since it was such a huge job.
Bless his heart he is A LITTLE STRESSED right now. NOT TO MENTION Sliced his finger and nail open and had to sport a LOVELY DORA THE EXPLORER band aid on it. HEHEHE
HE Is such a stud! ONLY my hubby could make that work with his uniform hahahaha.

I have ALOT of work to catch up on and things due. So Im gonna split for now. GOt to get as much done before school is out as possible. My gallery is looking pretty slim at I got to put some new stuff in it. Everything is out for publication (which is good) but EEEEK! I can't post the ones I have been working on because they are for the Challenge Blast we are having next week. so ughm.. it is lookin slim for now. I guess that is a good problem to have. SORRY SHER! I will add some other stuff! THIS WEEEKEND!

OK got to finish this tutorial and another challenge and get these packages ready to mail the magazine. I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW with another PHOTO!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

OH man lets catch up!

OK Okaay. I KNOW I have totally sucked at this taking a picture a day thing. BUT TRUST ME... The last week... what my life entailed... Kodak not only would refuse to print, you wouldn't wanna look at it. I have to admit, it wasn't as bad this time as times before, even though there were more. Maybe I am getting used to it if there is a tolerance for such. But, I would rather give birth to a 10 lb infant than pass the miniscule droplet dot of sand that is considered a kidney stone. I have been in this horrendous cycle so to speak, of shingles.. take the medication... get kidney stones.. pass them... kidney infection, get shingles.. back to birthin the rocks then repeat. COME TO FIND OUT.. there is a 1% chance when you take the medications they give me for shingles, that you develop kidney stones. WELL Im an EQUAL symptom person and DO NOT want to miss out on a single one, I want to be SURE I have effectivly experienced as many side effects as humanly possible, while taking these medications. Funny thing, most of the lupus sufferers/survivors I speak with have the same issues. They also, once they get shingles, dont just have them ONE TIME and then its done NOOOOOOO we have to keep getting them over and over to be sure we get all the scars that are possible and ruin whats left of their teeth, so we resemble a sherk/quassimotto type creature. So anyway now you know where I have been and why I have not graced your presence online that much. I did take a couple pics yesterday though.
Which yesterday, was a ground breaking day in the Jones household. I DROVE MY CAR for the first time since.... any one? anyone wanna guess? SINCE BEFORE HALLOWEEN. ::pause for the omg your kidding me's:: yes Im serious. Someone asked me recently what kinda gas mileage my camry is getting and do I have it broken in good. I have to just laugh because my reply was IT GETS GREAAAAT gas mileage errr.. if you leave it in the garage!
The medications they have had me on made me dizzy and that foggy feeling where you turn your head and everything kinda goes blurry and trails off in the distance. I figured Mobile, Alabama had enough issues on the road without adding THAT to it. SO I following my dr's instructions. STAYED MY TAIL AT HOME and DIDNT GO NOWHERE hardly and SURE DIDNT DRIVE! I have 5 more weeks I have to stay away from anyone that might even look like they have any sort of cooties and stay Infection free. CANNOT risk getting a cold even with all I have had going on.
Yesterday I had not much choice. John got called out to Poplarville Mississippi which essentially you go to the end of the earth, take a sharp left. go 3 miles past hell and you will see the driveway for it. They had 4 servers go down (hit by lightening) from all the storms that have been coming through. So I tried to call around to some of the ones on the list that are able to pick Bella up. No answer. Well I have been off this medication a day so I feel ALOT better. I think I have passed all the stones, Im sore like after you have given birth to a rock band, but other than that. I think I should be able to drive. Took me 10 minutes to find my keys. I was an OVERLY cautious driver. I have to say IT felt good to get out. baby steps yall baby steps!
Bella and I came home and we FINISHED cleaning up the house. I haven't done crapp hardly around here. The sound of the vaccum on this medication sends me into orbit. Anything loud like if you turn the tv on the wrong channel and the tv volume is up to loud. Omgosh it is like someone is driving 3 foot pins through my ears and brain while freddy krugar drags his nails across a chalk board. The dr said it is a common symptom from having the scar tissue around my ear drum.. things sound different and effect me differently now. My equilibrium is still bad off but I dont get dizzy like before THANK YOU LORD!!
So we did that, got that all picked up. We painted fingernails, we cooked dinner (spaghetti and ketchup.. dont ask , I didnt eat it. she wanted it, That has to be a JONES thing. I don't remember eating weird crapp like that) I guess a better description would be a bowl of ketchup with a noodle or two floating around in it. yeah, you just got the visual in your head didn't you? sorry about that.
So supper was done, we cleaned up, we vaccumed. Yeah I actually vaccumed without wishing death on the makers of hoover. WHY they don't come out with a SILENT vaccum cleaner I dunno. We braided hair and played with barbies. Bella set up a picnic for her babies on the freshly vaccumed field, I mean carpet. Where she served them a hearty snack of Cheetos. I wasn't invited because I was a "people." This party was for hard babies (barbie dolls) animals and soft babies (baby dolls) I told her what if I was a soft people? she wasn't buyin it. OH WELL!
John got home a little before 7 and finished up his tickets for the day. I told him I was going to lay down for just a few minutes I was havin a "sinker" which means not feelin great all of a sudden.
Next thing I know.. IT's 3 30 A.M. I thought it was still the night before. Don't you hate it when that happens. I look around and no John, No Bella. What in the world. They were sacked out in mid sleep on the couch. I hated to wake them up because if you do,' going back to sleep isnt always easy. SO there I left them peacefully dreaming while cartoons played in the background.
I did get a page done for the crop we are having at Iscrap this weekend. I also finished a page for the Challenge Blast that is taking place from the 18th to the 25th at next week. You may want to check out the store while you are there. She is running a massive sale clearing out the store getting ready for CHA next month. If you are a hobby enthusiast you will know that is the craft and hobby associations release of new products. IT is what alot of scrapbookers live for. I am still trying to catch up from last CHA myself!! I have so many things I have to catch up on. Christmas totally threw me for a loop this year. WE just finished our last Christmas party and got our tree and decorations down THIS WEEK. Now I have to get my game face back on and get stuff done. ANYWAY check those 2 places out if your looking for inspiration. LOTS of fun challenges and prizes coming up!
Hope you have a Great day and get to take a photo. Be sure and point me to your blog in the comments if you update and add a photo so I can leave ya some lovin' I am behind on blogs as well as forums ::yikes::
Maybe I can stay caught up for a while and this will be behind us.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Is it Saturday already?

Wow this week is FLYING by. Bella is savoring the last few days of no school. Her Grandma is here so she is all full of being spoiled.
She got a cute Miss Patty Cake Christmas video and it has these little present boxes you open, In each one have a different meaning of Christmas... and something to do with the nativity story. It is so awesome. Although she got some little Dora people also and she added them to the nativity. I told her I didn't think Dora and Boots were in Bethlehem that night. She said THEY COULD HAVE BEEEEEEN! so I had to explain how it wasn't in the bible. We may have to touch on that more later lol.

If you don't know who miss patty cake is.. boy are you missing out. She is like ok how can I relate this to something everyone will understand... kinda like The Wiggles. Only, she is 1 person, and she does Christian stuff and tells about Jesus while teaching them these little songs that they sing over and over and over till you want to run through the house holding your head in pain, while ripping out your ear drums, and drooling, BUT ID RATHERRRR her watch that than spongeflippinbob square pants cause he is even more annoying on my list of things that make me run through the house :: see above text ::

so anyway if you have little kids and you want them to sit still and totally be engrossed in something for 45 minutes so you can go shower or something.. Here is her website where you can get her videos but you can also get them at family life christian bookstores and website. SHE REALLY IS AMAZING. its just while IM on this medication her voice just hits that nerve in my neck that makes me wanna well.. see that part about the running and the screaming and yanking my hair and eardrums blah blah yeah that...

OK another thing Bella got yesterday. Well we all got happy mail from Nana. She had to exchange some jeans she bought Bella for Christmas and John's socks because well.. he only wears black socks with his work stuff.. just in case you needed to know that.
Yeah I know .. yall know way too much about us already but if you don't wanna know I figured you woulda done clicked that red x up yonder on the top right corner by now and not be wasting your time reading my blog.. Mainly its for our family and friends that live all over THE WORLD so they can see what all we are doing and my scrapbook pages, BUT IF YOU ARE still reading. HI and Thank you haha.
SO anyway.. nana sent happy mail for Bella. She got what she calls a "neckedluss and muse'get box" translation? its a jewelry box that plays music.
She is totally obsessed with it. I'm surprised it is not in the bed with her right now. She carried it all over the house after she got it.

EVEN TO THE BATHROOM. In case you need to hear tunes while you potty and watch the ballerina dance round in circles for entertainment while you errr.. potty. SO here are a couple pics of that. Yeah it is really cute!! (THANKS NANA) she sent me some stamps to go on my new stamp shelf (like my other two my father in law made me THANKS PAPA) and some other buttons and stuff that rock. I didn't take a photo of them... sorry.

On another note. I told you I would show you the updated photo of the layout I did of my nephew. since he was revolted by the flowers lol. Here is the new one with STARS I think that he approved this one so far. so here ya go. I KNOW I KNOW some of you will fuss cause you liked the flowers but.. HE ISSSSSSSSSSS a boy ya know and THEY WERE flowers. I don't want him to have something he doesn't like. Especially if it is gonna be pubbed.

I hope you have a good Saturday. My mom is here so I am not sure how much I will be online. I know she had some places she wants to go and since I STILL can't get out much yet... I will probably get some stuff done I need to. Have a good day!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Photo a day?

OK OK so I agreed to do this photo a day thing this month. I posted the last two days a photo I took that day but forgot to mention what it was for. DUH.. sorry.
Well IM DOING A PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE hahaha. Im also planning to keep my blog up better. IM NOT DOING IT AS A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION cuz those are just madee to break. SO Im gonna do it like a goal instead. Yeah thats it.. a goal. something I can achieve.

so ... HERE Is my photo for today...

YESsssssssssss I still have my Christmas decorations up. I DONT WANNA HEAR IT. I KNOW I KNOW yes I own a calendar. BUT we are not THROUGH with all our Christmas stuff yet. Being sick through Christmas messed it all up so, My mom is coming this weekend. SO then we can take the tree and decor down. Bella insists it stay up, so Grandma can see it. ::insert eyeroll::

OH by the way. I will post later the REVISED LAYOUT of Greyson and Daisy. He wigged out because FLOWERS WERE TOUCHING PAPER THAT HIS PHOTO WAS ON!! SO I took them off and put some other stuff on. I will post the new layout later when I can photograph it with the sun shinging. (it just doesn't look as good if you photo it before the sun comes up when you want to show a layout..) IM gonna go crawl back in bed and get some more rest before Miss Bella wakes up. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY.

GO CHECK OUT SCRAP-DINER for our VIVA LA FRIDAY CHALLENGE! IT is going to be fun. I also want to say congratulations to the NEW DESIGN TEAM for this quarter! Be sure and stop by and give them a shout out!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


well its cold enough but sorry.. Its just not gonna happen. My poor baby wants snow so bad. SHe has never seen snow for real before. so instead she wishes and shakes these up and watches for a moment while her imaginary snow falls in the crystal ball.
Notice her pink Christmas tree... yup that would be my girly girl.

Have you seen the new Grungeboard by Tim Holtz? all I can say is OH YUM! It is fabulous and I had a GREAT TIME Playing with it. Sher at has a ton of it so go check it out!

Here is a layout I did of my nephew Greyson and his Ferret Daisy. Check out those eyes! Steals my heart and makes me smile. I can't decide if IM going to leave the flowers at the bottom or not. It is kinda girly for a boy layout but I dont do them that often. I have a very girly girl so its hard to transition over to whats masculine. ANd well DAISY is a girl... I may end up changing it to some buttons or stars I can;t decide. waht do you think?
The grungeboard was fun. I used markers, distress inks, paint pens and sand paper to get that look. It really was cool to get to play with. Merry Christmas to me! Thank you honey!
Thank you Jan for the kit I had a blast with it! STILL Not through with it I have more left lol HOpe you have a great day today and get to play with some grungeboard real soon!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

savor it while it lasts!

BElla: HAPPY BURRRFFDAY TOOOOOO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ::fwappppppp! throws present at me::

Me: OHHH Thank you baby! OHHH LOOK did you wrap this yourself?!!
Me:: OH its beautiful. I love it.
Bella: good, SO CAN WE EAT YOUR CAKE NOW?????

another PERFECT BIRTHDAY from my baby girl and my hubby. Thank you so much!

Happy NEW YEAR and what an awesome birthday!

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and happy new years! My email was almost full today. was a wonderful surprise. We had a wonderful day. Bella woke me up singing, she had wrapped my present herself and was anxious for me to open it. she was so cute. she also wanted to eat my birthday cake rofl. I told her to have at it.

I got a sweet little necklace she picked out that is an angel and has little bitty diamonds on it. HOW SWEET IS THAT! John said she picked it out all by her self. Totally her idea.

I will post a photo later. Im tired. GOnna go crash out. will post more later!
Thanks again!!