Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday monday...

How can you not smile when looking at these photos? I took these this morning of Miss Bella-bug. I was telling her jokes and making faces. LOVE that smile and how her nose crinkles when she laughs. I just have to smile when I look at these.

I posted the MY LIFE challenge at today. The theme for January is Cool Change. SO I chose the topic "The last 10 years then and now" show how far you have come over the last 10 years. The Journaling is as follows: 10 Years ago we were a couple. A couple of kids
embarking upon a new adventure. We wanted to
be married but I had not long been diagnosed with
Lupus and was having a lot of health issues. We
Had canceled our wedding 2 times because of my
Health and I desperatly wanted to WALK down the
Isle. Through therapy and Intense steroids WE DID
IT! We bought a house, in Goshen Springs Mississippi.
We had 2 doggy children Chester and Baby aka “stinker”
We lived a few miles away from both of our familys.
Life was good. We had a lot of trials but came through
Them not only as Husband and wife, but best friends.

So much has happened in the
Last 10 years. Not only did
Our marriage grow in love,
but in size as well. We so
Desperatly wanted children
But my health was against us.
FINALLY when I hit a remission
In 2002, The dr said Now or Never,
with little optimism we would have
A child. Boy did we prove them
Wrong. We had a difficult pregnancy
and delivery but we have a
Very vibrant, beautiful daughter.
John took a Job in Mobile, Alabama.
Out of remission, it took a year to
move us there with him there.
It was hard, but we made it.
We can not have any more children
but we feel We are now a family.
Just what we always wanted we now
Have. I can’t wait to see what the
Next 10 bring. (2008)

I also have a very special prayer request. My friend Tracy, I know you have heard me mention her son in law Trevor, the one that finally made the transplant list. Well he is having trouble today and they asked us to put out a call for prayers. He is having seizures and was in some trouble. He is in icu at the hospital. As for now they have stabelized him somewhat but he is not out of the woods yet. Please pray this family has the strength to endure the journey they are on. All of them. Especially Trevor.

Also they are still searching for the other 2 bsbies that were thrown from the Dauphin Island bridge. They had recovered 2 as of yesterday but still searching for the other 2. (4 total) Please pray for the family of these 4 babies, especially the mother. The tragedy was brought on by the father, for unknown reasons, he is in jail. look at my previous post for more details if you would like them.

That is all for me today. Getting more work done and John is BACK in POPLARVILLE.... hope he gets to be home at a decent time today.


jan williams said...

These are the best pictures!!! Everyday life!!! I love the Life challenge layout!!!!

Di Hickman said...

Great photo's of bug! Hoping Trevors pulls through this! lymi!

Kim & Crew said...

Nancy-those pics are adorable, they make me smile too!

Betty said...

You definetly got the right moment!
I need to get a picture like this of Delany. Love your new layuot.

Peta Boardman said...

Love the new lo chick, just gorgeous!! Those pics are adorable too..

Greta said...

ohhh i could eat bella up!!!

love your layout and that is a great to get my thoughts on paper that is the challenge..bwhahahaha

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

First, Bella is even more beautiful than I remember!!! What a cutie smile :)
Second..... Love the whole 10 year concept! Amazing idea and gorgeous page :) You still rock!