Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wheewwhewww for UHU!

I received a sample in the mail not to long ago, of some UHU products to play with. One of the samples was a UHU GLUE STICK. Im not a big glue stick user but I though what the hey I will try it. LET ME TELL YOU, I was very impressed. SO IMPRESSED, I USED IT to make THIS PROJECT. The only place I DID NOT USE IT was on the inside pockets where I needed some liquid glue. BUT, IT EVEN HELD THE RIBBON! I was totally amazed at the power of this glue stick! Check out the UHU PROJECT BLOG they do some sample give aways as well and you can get some great project ideas. Id like to thank them for letting me play with their products and yes I will be using them :)

My Shopping Organizer

This is a handy little organizer you can keep in your purse or you storage compartment of your car. You can keep your grocery or shopping lists, coupons, sale papers, and even receipts in it. It is very simple to make and makes a great gift to give friends or family members.

You will need:
12 x 12 sheet of cardstock
matching patterned paper (you can use scraps)
coordinating ribbon
a good holding glue
(I used UHU glue stick) on everything but the pockets.
Letter stickers or chipboard
Ink or chalks
Cardstock scraps (or another sheet that will match your patterned paper)
3 pens or pencils
Bling or other embellishments

Step 1.
Fold your cardstock 1/3 over (you can use a bone folder to help make the crease really well)

Step 2.
Fold OVER right to left 1/3 (just a little bit OVER 1/3 )

Step 3.
Fold from LEFT TO RIGHT the remainder piece over the piece you just folded (will look like this)

it will be a little bit short from covering it all. THAT IS OK. YOU will see in a bit what we are gonna do with it 

Step 4
Unfold it

Step 5.
Use your adhesive glue on the creases JUST on the creases. Then on the outer right edge
Then on the outer left edge ONLY.

Step 6.

Fod it back over and try to press the outer right and left REALLY good. Then the creases try to leave a bit of a pocket. When it will hold some. Place your pencils or pens in the pockets so it will have some space there for you to put your lists and coupons etc.

Step 7

Flip it over onto the back when the glue is dry. Adhere your ribbon onto the BACK. On the left 2/3rds of the paper. DO NOT glue it all the way across. THAT piece will fold IN and then it wont tie correctly.

Step 8

Flip it back over to the pocket side facing up.
Measure the fronts of your pockets and cut your patterned paper you selected
Accordingly. Ink your edges all the way around the patterned paper.

Step 9.

Cut a coordinating pice of cardstock in a stip approximated 2 x 12.
Use your stickers or chipboard letters (whatever you selected to use for your
You can trim around it after you have adhered them on the cardstock. and cut
Them into labels.
Ink the edges.
I took a zig writer and outlined my stickers so you can see the letters better.

Step 10.

Fold the LEFT side to the middle
Then the right side OVER that .
Tie your ribbon so it will hold.
Measure the front (right side you just folded over)
Cut your patterned paper accordingly and ink the edges.
Adhere to the front.

Step 11

Cut some remainder scrap cardstock smaller than the patterned paper.
Ink your edges.
Add the title of your organizer (you don’t have to use the same title I did )
Add embellishments to decorate the remaining space.
And your done.
NOW an additional thing you can do. The left piece that you folded
In and the cover folded over that.
You may make an additional pocket on that if you would like, or adhere a note pad
To it for jotting down notes,


noelmignon said...

Great step by step project! Love it!

Have a rgeta day nancy!

noelmignon said...

lol...I meant GREAT day! LOL!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

I have heard some fab things about the UHU, does it work with vellum? That's the scrappin myth I've heard and have always been curious.
Love this planner!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Fun little project Nancy ! Great ! Hope your 2008 is off to a good start ! Havent had time to look at much stuff at all by way of scrappin' or crafting ! I'm sooo out of touch with things ! lol

Rachel said...

Such a cute idea! Great step by step photos! I'm going to make one!