Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Minds Eye

Here is the latest creation with the bohemian line from My Minds Eye. (I am lovin' this paper line) If you haven't gotten any of this paper yet RUN DONT WALK to get some! IT rocks! I KNOW this photo of this page kinda is overexposed but it was the best I could do till I get a new scanner (insert frown here) Hopefully soon! John has a meeting this morning online so Im dressin mini me and getting her ready for school. MAYBE I can get that first day of school photo I was too sick to go take, today. I really want one of her and her teacher Mrs. Angie for her scrapbook and also to do some school pages with. I have some awesome product ON ITS WAY HERE ( I am stalking the postman as we speak several hours early .. OK IM PRACTICING for when she really gets here) I cannot wait to get my hands on that box! I know some other ladies that are just as excited and are stalking the postal service people as well lol Thank GOD they know we are harmless. Well I need to go figure out breakfast The sun is not even up yet (insert smiley with eyes bugged out here) but that is ok.. does the body good to watch a sunrise in Mobile (or Nomeal as Bella calls it) occassionally. Hope you all have a wonderful day ( and our boxes come in today stm chicks lol I will be stalking with you!!)

PS: Jeanne I hope this wasn't the same photo you were talking about... I TRIED all the other ones I printed but didnt jive with the paper. I couldn't remember if it was this one or the one of her looking over the bench... sorry if it is the same but Im sure your will rock much harder if it is.. so do it anyway!!!!