Friday, February 01, 2008

Check it out...

Sorry havn't posted. This shingle break out wasnt as bad as they have been. We caught it early and thank you huge to my Dr.and Nurse Deb, I feel mucho better! Still weak and some nausea, tired tired but NOTHING like before. I was ready to start pulling my teeth on that side of my head. Miserable. SO thank you all for the prayers. IM bouncing back pretty well. Still look goofy (whats new huh) but not so much like an extra in Micheal Jackson's thriller video. (ALthough I do have the dance moves down pat!) hehe

I have kinda put on hold my big thing I have been praying over but I HAVE NOT set aside my plans. Thank you all for the support as well on that even for not knowing. Sorry to be that way but I just want to be sure I do the right thing. My hubby has been on me and talking with me about it and I have consulted a couple of experts so.. we will see. Just gonna put it in the good lords hands.

HEY if you are out and about Pick up a copy of SOMERSET MEMORIES FEB/MARCH issue and thumb on over to page 41, 42 and 43 and see my article. IM SOOOO EXCITED!! THis is my first BIG article. Thank you so much Jana for working with me on this. YOU ROCK SISTA! I have some more things that are gonna be out soon but that is the big one right now.

I have several things in this issue of Ready Set Create as well. I stopped counting at like 19. Totally shocking Im tellin ya!

I have alot of scrapping to catch up on. IT is so easy to get behind. I got 2 boxes in the mail in the past week IM just dying to rip into and play with. So more on that when I get some stuff done. IM just happy to be verticle today for a bit and out of bed. BUT.. I think I have been up long enough now so back I go. Hope you all have a blessed day!!