Monday, December 31, 2007

The last post of the year

We have come a looooong way this year folks. I have had alot of accomplishments. got published all over the place, got a job as design team coordinator, done a few new scrappy adventures, got lots of pages and projects scrapped.

We have had a few set backs.. shingles, lupus flare ups, Kidney stones and other sorts.

But here is wishing 2008 and is alot better. I hope all your dreams come true and your adhesive stays sticky :)

We are going to stay in tonight I plan on getting my scrap room cleaned up (HAHAHAHA isnt that funny) and watching the Ball drop in Times square on television while listening to what sounds like a war outside while fireworks go off.

What are you planning for your New years eve?
Please Be safe I know alot of people will be out at parties tonight.. Please dont mix your drink on with your drive home!!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

finally an update

My friend Tammy Gray gave me a shout out on her blog. ALSO she has a big RAK give away on there so GO CHECK HER OUT!!! Tell her I said HI!

I KNOW I Know, I have read yalls emails IM sorry I haven't updated. I have once again... I am sure your shocked, been sick with this shingle crapp. Wasn't so much the shingles as it was the medication they had me on for it. It makes me bad bad dizzy and nauseaus. Any thing scrolling or flashing just made it worse so I haven't been online much at all. I took the last dose of it and the shingles SEEM TO BE GONE so hopefully the dizzy and headache/nauseas will wear off soon. My mother in law was down all through Christmas helping us out so much I just am so Grateful for her. SHe was a HUGE help and played with Bella the whole time. I am not sure who enjoyed it more Mom or Bella haha. SHE LOVED getting to spend the time with her since she doesnt get to see her as often.

My brother and his family well some of them. came down. I was so nauseaus and head hurting I think I was a fixture on the couch most of the time. I really did enjoy them I just was so sick I was not very hospitable, They brought Bella an AMAZING dollhouse she has been GLUED TO ever since, I will be taking photos to show you soon. I think they liked their gifts I made them. Christmas wasnt that great this year as far as me making them all stuff, I did them all mini albums and frames. I had to kind throw them together I felt pretty crappy. BUT I did enjoy making them. I am doing my brother a better one soon I HOPE In time for his birthday of His Bronco, HIS PRIDE AND JOY. He has rebuilt it and completely restored it. I have some great photos of it and the trips he goes on with it, SO I HOPE to get that done when Im feeling more human.

My mom is coming down later in the week after new years (my Birthday) man I cannot belive IM gonna be 38. Where did 28 go man! I sure dont feel 38 Ok well today I do last week I felt more like 88 lol.

I will leave you with a couple pics. I havent been very good at taking pictures this Christmas. It is hard to when your ailin' IM JuST SOOO HAPPY this medicine worked and maybe for the new year we can put this behind us and move on as a family. I have so MUCH I want to do and cant and it is MISERABLE. I havent driven my car in I CANT TELL YOU HOW LONG!!! someoen asked about the gas mileage on it and I said it gets GREAT gas mileage if you leave it in the garage and dont go anywhere hahahaa. serious it doenst have but like 5 thousand miles on it!! I GO NOWHERE. HOPEFULLY 2008 will be the turning point. New meds and hopefully this will do the trick. THNAK YOU soooo much for the continued prayers for us! we remain optimistic, IF you know anyone that has shingles and cannot get rid of them.. tell em to email me. I can tell them to tell their dr about this medicine cuz let me tell you we spent a y ear on the WRONG ONE!

OK on with the pics:

here is Bella and her Nana playing games. They had sooo much fun!

Bellas house she got from Uncle Windale and Aunt Karen. She has had a BLAST with this thing. She has arranged and rearranged the furniture and keeps going through the house (OUR HOUSE) looking for tennants for HER HOUSE.. YET she charges them to come look at it hahahahaha!

Blogger is being a pain I will try to upload more later... I didnt get as many pictures as I wanted this year, I am going to take some more before we take the tree down. We still have to do Christmas with my mom so. Maybe I will get a few more up before its over.

Hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

FINALLY I can load more pics

Bella LOVED her BIKE santa got her for Christmas. IT has princesses on it and she said FLUFFY THINGS ON THE STEARED WHEEL. I CAN DRIVE IT WATCH!!!

Wendy this is just for you John said be sure and show her my hat Santa got me hehehehehe IM sure your cringing right now. I hope yall get to come for a visit soooon!He said he MIGHT not wear it if yall are but he wont make any promises haha.

She was very excited to get lipstick hahahahaha

Dad said he couldnt remember the last time he had gotten a stocking for Christmas. Bella said "You musta been a good boy this year then Papa!!" hahaha

Santa put these in nana, papa, John and my stockings.. no one won anything but it was fun!

Bella had so much fun unwrapping.

She wrote a letter to Santa and Drew him a self portrait haha, HE WROTE her back she was SOOOOO excited he WROTE HER A NOTE!

well a few of the photos anyway...

I promised a few photos then Blogger decided it would go on vacation and not let me upload photos but I DID get a few in before it did that. I HOPE to get the rest of them up soon I AM SORRY FAMILY!! It says they are working on it though (???)

Bella is still coughing but DOES SOUND SOOOOOO much better. NOt down in her chest with that barking sound anymore. She has a dr appt at 6:40 TONIGHT. Yeah and JOhn called at 5 minutes after they opened today that was the soonest we could get in.. obviously alot of sick babies right now. IT didn't seem to slack her up none yesterday or today so she isn't too bad. I will show you the photos of her riding her bike through my house (yes it was almost scary) as soon as Blogger is back up.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

She loved her island princess doll and told me LOOK MOMMY an ISLAND baby just LIKE NANA! how sweet is that!

After a hard day of opening presents she sacked out up against her daddy CLUTCHING HER NEW CAMERA.... She is her mommy's child after all haha. SHe played hard and was exhausted. we let her sleep sitting up for a while because that way she didnt cough (my poor baby!!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I know a little girl that is VERY happy this morning. SHE MUST HAVE BEEN A VERY GOOD GIRL when I wasn't looking hehe I will have photos uploaded later. I hope you and yours have a wonderful day today. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 24, 2007

May you Believe.

THis has to be one of my favorite photos from last year. I scrapped this page in no time flat. The photo just inspired me so much. That is how I scrap though.. from my heart. It's not just about the paper and glue, although we love that too. IT is about the memory and the moment that is standing still in that photo. I don't remember alot from last Christmas. The last 2 years actually I have had battles with these shingles and kidneys. SO far after finding the correct medication... I THINK this year may be better. I hope so anyway. I look at Bella's eyes in this photo and it just says everything about Christmas to me. The magical look ina little girls face. The excitement of the lights and the beautiful decorations, the love she has for her family and friends, the anxiousness to open those gifts. ALl of it right there in that little girls face. THAT is what Keeps me going. It is all about the little ones for me. I love watching them when they get to decorate cookies or go to a Christmas parade. I really cant wait till tomorrow morning when she sees the things Santa brought her. Tonight we will read The Christmas Story and go over again the TRUE reason we celebrate Christmas. We hope you have a very blessed Christmas. May you BELIEVE not only with your eyes but with your heart the TRUE meaning of CHRISTMAS.
The Jones Family

For unto us this day is born a savior Christ The Lord.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Prayer Request

It is with great sadness I tell you that Our dear freind and loved one Billy Hall died this past Friday. I just found out so I am just letting you know the ones that have been praying for him and his family on his recovery. I know they thank you so much. Please remember them in the next few days as well since I KNOW it will be so very hard for them. He was a very fun person I can't remember a time not knowing him or his family. We all grew up together and were like family. It is times like these I hate living so far away. My heart goes out to Ladora and Jamie and Christopher. His grandson and his many neices and nephews, Also To Billy's parents and brothers and sisters. They are a large family. That really needs our prayers and our love right now. So please just say an extra for them and light a special candle tonight. Thank you.
We will miss you Billy Hall.

Baking Cookies

John and Bella did some baking today for our Goody boxes we are giving this year. Bella made cookies for Santa and John decorated some for hte boxes lol.
Bella had a GREAT TIME and loved every minute of it.

SHe concentrated really hard and wanted to not miss a spot!

What are you doing fun this Christmas?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Christmas Tree...

I know it will be a long time before I can have one of those BEAUTIFUL christmas trees with all the matching ornaments and the beautiful ornaments etc. BUT ya know what. I think I love my tree just the way it is. Decorated with love and so MUCH JOY by my 4 year old. All these ornaments bring special memories.
Aunt Carol makes these ornaments every year. This is one of the ones she sent for Bella. Isn't it precious.
This is the Angel of Fall I LOVE FALL my favorite season.
John collects monopoly games and EVERYTHING Monopoly. SO this ornament was perfect for him.
I was surprised with this one this year from Bella. SHe made this in class. Isn't just precious!!
She made this one this year too. SO CUTE!
She made this one last year in her 3k Class. She didnt go the full year but she did stay long enough to make an ornament lol
And my little angel Bella. This one is so sweet one of the first ones she got as a baby.

SO what makes your Christmas tree special? Maybe you have favorite ornaments or one of those pretty trees where everything matches. Whichever it is. Don't forget to include those in your holiday photos. Check out the list at Scrap-Diner so you dont miss any of the great shots this year at Christmas. Alot of these I had not thought of!! YOu will be glad someday You did a page on your favorite ornaments and why they are your favorites this year :)
I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

PS: Thank you to all of you whom are praying for us. I obviously am on the correct medication now. I feel already so much better. Still tired but I THINK Im gonna make it. NO HOSPITAL HURRRAYYY! Thank you again and Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2007


THis is obviously the right medicien I showed MARKED improvement today so NO HOSPITAL thank you thank you THANK YOU LORD. and thank you to all who have been prayin!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bellas Christmas program at school

I watched the video but i couldnt really tell what she said. But she looked so cute lol
One thing I noticed on the tape were all the peopel hacking and coughing.
so I guess I am glad we didnt try to go. IM happy John taped it for me. Here are some photos from the program and their party as well.

You could tell they had a great time from what I saw and heard on the video they were singing REALLY loud. I THINK they really loved singing jingle Bells hahahaa. it was so cute. My family that will be here Christmas you can see the tape and the rest we will try to convert it so we can email to you or copy the tape. IT is not very long. VERY CUTE Though. I am not sure what Bella said I couldnt hear her. she was really cute though.

Health news.. yeah I know yall are as sick of hearing about it as I am of being sick but we did take a bad turn yesterday. I havent called any of yall to tell you whats going on and its not because I dont want you to know.. its hard to call everyone .. and it hurts. It is easier this way since I know you all will read this and are looking at Bella's program photos. So bear with us the ones that are not interested, nothing personal just trying to do this ONE TIME. We did get the OTHER DR that I had seen once before on the phone. He changed me BACK to the meds that were working. My infectious disease dr, instead of another round of what the hospital had me on (that was working did I MENTION THAT ALREADY????) he put me back on the one I have been on FOREVER. seriously on and off for 2 years now at 47.00 a week... do the math.. (that obviously if I keep getting it, IS NOT WORKING hmmmmm lets find the sense in this. BELLA can figure this out) but the dude explained WHY he kept putting me on it but, that it is possible (hmm ya think) that I may have built up an immunity to it (nooo, your kidding? how much DID THAT COST US TO FIND THAT OUT???) SOrry, Im just totally aggravated at this point that they wait till 4 days before Christmas to decide MAYBE we need to do something.. anyway.. we called tonight when I couldnt FEEL the right side of my face...yeah scared us a little, and they put me back on the meds they gave me at the hospital.(HURRRAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!) I have already taken it several hours ago and I can feel my ear some now. It is still numb around where the shingles are but they are dryer and not got the blister part on them like they did. SO it is obvious this medicine is working. (PRAISE THE LORD) I am supposed to go back in tomorrow and the Dr. told me to bring my PJ's. That they will probably do IV therapy and possibly keep me. (sob, tears and frustration over whelm me) I know they want to get this out of my system but IM praying this stuff will just work and I dont have to stay in the hospital. I asked about an at home IV and he said ONLY WITH a home health nurse... and the weekends are tough...) Bella has suffered enough heck we all have. My poor hubby has been doing everything. This man must really love me Im telling you and Im so grateful to him, I REALLY AM. I owe him so much.
I haven't even finished all of your gifts. With the medicine I have been on (you can imagine the $$$ but that isn't the important part even right now)
Im making all your gifts, well most of them. I have done alot dont get me wrong but there are a few that I still have to do. I also enjoy making them It is a great distraction since pain medicine doesn't really help and he told me to scrap, get online or whatever it took to deal with all this. BUT, I feel they mean more than just going out and buying any old thing anyway. so, Be patient. as soon as Im well I will get the rest done. I know everyone least I HOPE you do. Don't give up on getting Christmas cards either You just may get a real surprise and receive them in mid January at the rate IM going. haha Doesn't mean we are not thinking of you all and don't love you.

IF I dont get to talk to you all or post anymore before then...Merry Christmas. I HOPE I will be back home this afternoon to update this post :) fingers toes and everything I can cross ... CROSSED :) IF you call and I don't answer.. DONT worry that means nothing. I could be asleep or just be in pain and don't feel like answering. Thanks for understanding. Thank you to everyone that has been praying. We love you and we HONESTLY DO APPRECIATE YOU.

beginning to look like CHRISTMAS

Finally it started cooling off some. We had a HUGE temperature drop that put me in the bed with what felt like broken bones (aint Lupus fun!) but now I think also it was these stupid Shingles coming back. The dr switched me back to the other medicine and IT JUST doesnt work soooo.. now it is back on my face ear and my back. If you have ever had a bad sunburn how it feels when you lay on the bed with a badly sunburned back.. well that is how it kinda feels except on the lesion or bumps that are open it is well.. It just hurts I guess is the best way to say it,. so I havent been on alot. I did before all this started ... AGAINNNN! get some scrapping done. Im gonna call this dr back and tell him this stuff is NOT working today so MAYBEEE this wont look so... FREAKISH by Christmas :( so say a prayer if you would.

Here are the gifts that I CAN SHOW YOU.. That I have made.

I made this for Bella's Teacher It holds Eye glasses. Her favorite team is Auburn and boy is it her favorite. Hope she likes it.
I also made her a Christmas ornament for her Tree. Bella helped! Im sure she has one but not one THat BELLA helped make hahaha.
This is for John's mom's 12 x 12 album she wanted more pages so I hooked her up. I made 11 pages so far to go in it. Here are just a few. With photos from last christmas and this year.
OK so this one the photo is Older but I had been meaning to scrap this to go in her book and forgot it wasnt in there so... scratch that last year and last christmas since Bella was 2 in this pic above, lol
This last year Nana's Sister Stephy and her husband Evans came down for business and Got to meet Bella for hte first time, It was an instant love connection. Bella just LOVES her and asks about her all the time especially when we paint her nails.
Bella was so scared Santa woudlnt be able to find her last year since we were at Nana and Papa's in Mississippi. I told her not to fear that santa always found the children ont he nice list.. BOY SHE MUSTA BEEN REAL GOOOOD! WE had to enlist my mother's van to help us get all of her stuff home hahahahahaa

Ok This is it for now I must go back to bed. Gonna beg that dr to put me back on the other meds that made me well faster. I SOOOO DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS so many more gifts to make and the clock is ticking.. I wonder if this is how the elves feel at Santa's workshop the week of Christmas hahahaahhaaBella has her school program and Christmas party at school today. John is going to take photos and video it for me since I wont be able to go :( BElla is going to look soooo cute in her dress I can't wait to see the tape when he gets back. I will upload the photos to show you after he gets home and I can get them on the computer.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Bella had her play last night at David and Diane Carter's Church. THey were so proud of her. THey said she did a fantastic job. I didn't get to go :( but John took some FABULOUS photos and I know David and Diane are HURRYING to RUSH ME that TAPE so I CAN WATCH MY BABY SING!!! hahahaha. Here are some photos.

we apprecitiate david and Diane SOOO much for Taking Bella to do this. We just love them so much! SO does Bella if you can't Tell!

Here is David lookin' all Mayorly!
Here they are in the homeless scene

The whole crew!!

They collected alot of Canned good and things for some familys that really needed it. I hope you find it in your hearts to donate to someone you thing may be in need or drop something off at a collections place for needy familys. WE can participate in so many ways from the local churches to donating to various charities. I know there are alot of children out there that aren't as fortunate as we are. Im so proud of Bella and how good she did for David and Diane.

PS: for all my pals across the water over yonder in Austrailia and New Zealand. Keep your eyes out in 2008 for BELLA! I have had 6 pages picked up by the Austrailian Magazine Scrapbooking Memories (can I get a WHEHEEWW THANK YOU LORD!!) we going international BABEEEEYYYYY!