Saturday, March 31, 2007


OK maybe not ultimate but well we are redoing mine. We ok maybe not we JOHN, Painted my room last night winnes walls green YUMMMM its sooo pretty will show photos when my computers is unearthed. It is buried in a pile of stufff in the guest room right now. We are going to do the stripes today. ONe orange one pink. winnes walls colors. DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOOOOVEEEE the colors from SEI paper line WINNIES WALLS? John just shook his head when I showed him what I wanted and said Hmmm OOOOk. BUt it is turning out rather COOOOL. HOW DARE HE DOUBT me. hehe. SO today we are going to be putting up the tape so we can do the stripes at the top. THEN start moving the stuff back in. WHICH KICKED OUR BUTT yesterday moving it all out. We called the Mill co again and NOW my countertop is to be ready Monday or Tuesday.(they better hope) Im kinda glad we had this big project this weekend. It has kept me from worrying if my page made it to the next round of competition. I wont know till tomorrow. You have to pick your 10 favorites. Everyone votes then they have a panel of Judges that vote. and they average the score. SO nahhh Im not nervous. I just wanna throw my guts up in anticipation THATS ALL. THIS IS WHY I NEVER enter those contests.
I scoped out the competition and well OMG they are all fabulous. so yeah Im nervous.
SO Bella is helping us with the scrap room.... a little too much. Her little friend that she was going to play with today fell through. SHe is not feeling well so we decided ahhhhh we will stay home. And the weather is rather crappy but that is a good thing. WE NEED SOME RAIN. My eyes are so swollen up with allergy and sinus pain right now i look like i havent slept in weeks. Even though I slept very sound and hard last night. Im so excited. John has really planned this out and worked so hard on my room. He is so good to me. We have been planning this a long time and collecting things to do it with along the way. A friend of ours does reconstruction work. He fcund some things they tore out of some houses for us to use as well so it is coming along nicely. John is going to paint a couple other pieces of furniture for me and we will be all set. The counter/island is going to be bigger than we thought but Katrina and annette should have plenty of room to scrap now hahhahhaha! So get ready for some weekend scrappin to come up soon. SO MUCH FUN! GOtta go pick out some curtains. Im thinking ORange to pull from the orange in the paint. NOT loud orange more peachy orange. gonna be ROCKIN OUTLOUD ON FIYAHHHHHHH COOOL!
WHen my computer is up I will show progression photos. Yall come seee!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


What is so great about Thursday you say? well it means its ALMOST FRIDAY! Got ALLLLL KINDA COOOL STUFF GOING ON. ONe IM in a cool contest and the new challenge comes up on Fridays. SO that rocks so much fun!!!

BUT THE BIG thing is that we are doing a NEW CONTEST at Treasures To Scrap. IT is sooo much fun. A member has to team up with a design team member. One DIgi and ONe paper. and the design team had to pimp themselves to get the members to vote for them. IT was truly funny. Teri lynn chose me as her paper scrapper so Now ME and TL gonna kick some some serious scrap boooty. WHEHEHEW. THIS is gonna be so much fun!

THere are still a few paper scrappers in need of a DIGI PARTNERs. SO IF you are interested GO SIGN UP at TREASURES TO SCRAP.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sassy (Lisa) was asked to join the Treasures To Scrap Design Team!

IM so proud of you my sassy girl (lisa)

DOES AMAZING things with punches. Check out her blog as well

She has some incredible work and IM SO JELLIN OVER HER SCRAP ROOM!!! Thats ok sassy MINE IS ON ITS way to being a quarter as cool as yours. ID so much rather just come play with you though hahaha! Congrats again girl and welcome!!

Lotd and a tribute

I wanted to thank Becky for Choosing My page for Layout of The day At Scrapbook Chalet. THis page means alot to me. IT was going to be published in the book with the other but since it has some memorabilia in it that is precious along with newspaper clippings I can't replace if something happened to it.. I wasn't comfortable mailing it in. SO the Editor said how about this other layout instead. which worked out perfectly. You can see those layouts the end of APril in the new book by pine cone press called NEVER FORGOTTEN. I thank her for giving me that opportunity and putting some closure in my life by doing those pages. It was very difficult but I feel better and the fact they will be in a book makes them that much more precious. If you know what our family went through those 11 years ago and well still mourn today you will understand the honor it is. I would like to thank Jamie and Pine cone press for that opportunity. I am TRULY HONORED. I can never say Thank you enough.

I also wanted to add... a valuable lesson. ASSUME. What does ASSUME mean? Break it down. ASS u ME. Knowledge is power.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Just great....

Havnt been around much Bella has some kinda stomach virus. has been LOVELY to say the least.

a little good news though. Just got an email today that 2 more pages are being pub'd.

Got the email yesterday .. but I just got it today. Hope Im not too late. whehew.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


DO you like contests? You think you can BRING IT? LIKE A STAR?
Well there is a new contest up at THE CHALET
DESIGNING LIKE A STAR. There is 250.00 in various products from participating sponsors up for grabs. IF You know laura (I know laura and she rocks outloud and on fire) YOU KNOW ITS GONNA BE AWESOME STUFF IN THAT PRIZE BOX!



THATSSSS right... He is painting my cabinets :: jumping up and down yes yes whehewww alright go hubby!!!:::: Im so excited can you tell???? Minor set back though. He went to the SUCKER section at home depot. and they told him 450.00 for my counter top UGHMM WHAT??? THAT COST MORE THAN THE CABINETS DID HELLOOOOO! SO I told him after my friend Jeanne got through laughing and pointing... to go to the BACK where the ones that were cut that people didnt come get or were wrong size etc and GET ONE OF THOSE.... 20 to 40 bucks. SOOOOOOOOOOO it is gonna be ssooooooooon and very sooooooooon my room is gonna have a scrap island whehewww!

My computer almost crashed this week. SO if you notice I havent been on alot well that is why. We had to get rid of AO HELL. IT keeps corrupting files and making my computer go freako. I still can check my mail I just cant have the program on my computer. SO after several days on the phone with them while they blamed EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN and denied the UPGRADE they just advertised they did.... (every time they upgrade their program it seems my computer crashes why is that) anyway... I changed my email to another addres for a while. BUT you can still contact me through my blog and my old email. My old email just may take longer for a response. We now conclude this internet interuption.. goodbye HAPPY SATURDAY!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


OK so it is warm in Alabama... ALmost 80 but ughmmm... NOT quite swimmin weather yet.
FINALLY we compromised. She could go swimmin but she had to swim INSIDE... in the bath tub. That satisfied her till she pulled out her floats.....
AInt happnin .. NOT TODAY!
SO we blew up the floats......
yeah she is rotten what can I say. She is very convincing when she wants something NOW! IF ONLY the rest of the world were so cooperative. I keep telling her just be patient dear soon it will be so hot you will be begging to stay inside where it is cool,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Look and see if you Recognise anyone (ME) as the FEATURED SCRAPPER for the MARCH APRIL Ezine for SCRAPPIN TRENDS. (ITS A HUMONGOUS FILE AND TAKES A WHILE TO LOAD BUT BE PATIENT IT IS WORTH IT. YOU MAY RECOGNISE ALOT OF THE PEOPLE PUBBED IN THERE WHEHEW) ELISA YOU ROCK OUTLOUD GIRLFRIEND! SHe has the coolest stuff and so much rockin stuff in her store too (yeah I could get in big trouble easy there hehe)
She has all the pre order Elsie stuff tooo (DROOOOOOOL)ALso COngrats to my Jeanne who made the cover for the Ezine as well WHEHEHWWWWWW LOOK GIRLY WE BOTH ON THE COVER OF A MAG TOGETHER NOW THIS IS TRULY ROCKIN OUTLOUD!!!! BY the way STOP by Jeanne's Blog and look what she did with Bellas picture (THIS IS GONNA LOOK SOOOO AWESOME IN MY FOYER IN A FRAME HINT HINT) I took last week. Your gonna have to pick your mouth up off the ground it is sooo gorgeous!! TELL HER HI FOR ME!!

I worked my tail off today getting my last two projects finished boxed up and mailed for the book that is coming out end of April with Jamie Tharpe called NEVER FORGOTTEN and will be published by PineCone PRess. IT is going to be an amazing book and a dream come true for alot of people. (praying none of my pages get cut double finger cross) This was a very emotional and difficult thing to do since the pages were on my dad and his death. I had to do alot of in depth journaling. The pages are completely of my heart and I cannot wait to share them. THis is a total dream come true and Im so thankful to Jamie and everyone that made this possible for me. ESPECIALLY after my page got cut in the scrapbook trends journaling book (MAJOR HEARTBREAK) but then it got picked up for the magazine (can you see the rollercoaster emotions going?) SO Im very excited and cant wait to see it in print.
IM EXHAUSTED I literally Missed BUNCO tonight and have MAJOR making up to my friend Katrina to do since this is the second one I missed, but I worked on these last pages literally ALL DAY today until a few minutes ago when I got my box taped shuta nd the shipping labels ready to go, the product lists typed correctly (yeah we have to type them exactly the way YOU see them in the book, so wild never had done that before) SOOO worth it!
SO Im about to go crash out. OH Bellas Mosquito bites are ALOT better today. They look like bruises now but at least not swollen the size of her head and not fever in them. That was sooo scary. I think there are just 3 but with the way they swoll up it looked like at least 6.
Anyway I THINK she is gonna make it lol. she was back to her Mischievious self today so I BELIEVE she is fine.
Thanks again yall and keep your eyes peeled for good things coming!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

How cute is she...

How cute are these two photos of my Bella bug?
I snapped these this afternoon for a photo challenge on scrappin trends. Using the afternoon light we were to capture a quick snapshot. Bella was outside playing and stopped to think if she wanted me to take her photo ... or not... so I clicked really fast and got these two VERY SCRAPPABLE (is that a word?) photos. You will be seeing these on a layout soon hehe.
Had a busy weekend getting dt projects finished and scrapping with Bella. John got grass cut finally. FIRST cutting of the season. I think it broke his heart to have to cut the grass again.
BUT the best news... MY CABINETS CAME IN FRIDAY!!! SOON AND VERY SOOON I will ahve my scrap island in my scrap room. IM JUST a tad bit excited! They just have to be painted and now we aer waiting on the counter top to come in. Feels liek forEVER. I ahve only been waiting... 3 years I guess what is a couple more weeks AHHHHH!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Un toot and a RE toot

Hey yall! I was a little dissapointed that my layout got cut from the Journaling your stories book. I received the book in the mail with a cool box full of goodies. I was so confused when I couldnt find my layout in there about them naming the road after my dad. I got the sweetest COOLEST email today from Pam Baird, The editor in chief at Scrapbook trends, explaining the cut and that it fit the May issue better and DID I MIND ( ugh HELLO sure I mind hahahaa (NOT!!!) AS IF!!! PLEASE, go ahead and add it. Would you like me to tap dance for ya? whehew!
I was concerned because I got this box in the mail with ALL THIS STUFF in it saying I had ordered a kit and of course John was going WHAT you ordered a KIT? How much was it when did you order it where i the check blah blah. and IM going UGH... Maybe .. maybe not I dont remember ordering it.
SO anyway... they had sent the payment on since they were keeping it for the MaY issue and they send the layouts out seperate from the goodie box (which was really coool box of goodys by the way) I got the scenic route laurel pack and a big trio pack of BLING cardstock (whehew) and some awesome chipboard flowers and stuff from plain janes, some rub ons and all kinda stuff in that box it was packed full.. and 2 copies of the book!
SO I untooted but now Im re tooting! CUZ now it will be in the MAY issue whehew! SOooo keep your eye out for that.
So now im not bummed anymore and I got this COOOL email to boot!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bellas new hiar do....

SO if you remember I mentioned last week how my sweet little BELLA... (grrr) did a DO IT YOURSELF hair cut. Well we went today to get it evened up and straightened out some. ITs cute as it can be but I miss my long haired little girl! I KNOW I KNOW it is just hair and it will grow back. HEre are the pics I took tonight.

SHE PROMISED Mrs Melissa she would NEVER cut her hair again haha.

I hope not I shed enough tears over those locks today. As fast as her hair grows.... it will be to mid back again in no time.. Just broke my heart when I saw hair on the floor where she was playing ::sigh::


THis layout was done By Traelyn (Tracy) Gabbys mommy. What a precious child. THis is one BRAVE little girl!!!!

THE AUCTION STARTED TODAY at THE CHALET THERE ARE LOTS OF AWESOME THINGS UP FOR GRABS and it all goes to help little gabby with her incurred costs during her hospital stay in Cinn. She is 4 years old. and suffers from collea (sp) she will now have to be on a catheter the rest of her life :( but so many prayers have been answered for this beautiful baby girl. BE SURE AND GO BID ON YOUR FAVORITE ITEM. THEY ARE GOING FAST!!!!


lots of altered items. I also have my tray up for auction, my apple basket, a "my favorite items box CHUNKED FULLLLLLL Of product valued at over 100.00. the GIRLS ROCK basket and some other things" there are some amazing peopel that have made things and some that have purchased gift baskets full of stuff to auction off. ALL THE MONEY GOES TO GABBY to help pay for her surgery and incurred costs. So COME ON OVER AND CHECK IT OUT! ALL FOR THE LOVE OF GABBY!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

April at the Chalet.

April is going to be a VERY FUN MONTH at THE CHALET! We have this awesome Kit offering. I had so much fun playing with this kit. SO MUCH FUN I can't wait to order another one! The paper is by paperloft and is soooo stinkin cute. THe cardstock is the fabulous bazzil BLING! I LOVE THAT STUFF and Laura has a fabulous price on it! This kit is schlam full of goodies. Enough that I made this mini album. the purse and the page and STILL have enough left over IM gonna make another page. The chatterbox letters are so cute you can sand them so the embossed textures and scrolls come up. I inked them so they really popped out. This kit will be available april 1st so BE SURE YOU are on ready to get it. THEY WILL GO FAST! You can sign up in advance for kits by purchasing a 3 or 6 month pre purchase so that way YOU will be sure not to miss any of these kits. I had so much fun with this one I cant wait for the next.

The little mini album I made a story to go with the photos. It is based on the actual photo shoot but I made it into fairy tale style.
* The book and purse are NOT included in the kit but are made by 7 gypsies. I also added the heidi swapp (little letters) chipboard words to the cover and the arrow photo turns to show that you need to turn the book over to continue the story.

Everything else is in the kit.

I added the Basic grey magnets to the purse to hold the flap closed. Also the ric rak is from my stash.

On the BELLA BUG page everything is included in the kit except the photo turns and the bling dots. I also added the green cardstock mat.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

wheweew I did it!

I finally got my cubes all put together and my stuff put on it. This is just phase 2. We still have the island to be put together and then the table moved to the corner and the room painted. WHEHEWW. SO excited. Been waiting on this for quiet some time. Hubby found some AMAZING deal on some base cabinets and the countertop of course. I got the rest of the cubes on clearance some for christmas and birthday when they went on sale. been adding to them. Its sloowwwly getting there. as soon as it gets warm enough we can paint and put all that in. THen reorganize and be all set. NOW Im ready to go mess it all up scrapping HEHE!

Saturday, March 10, 2007



Friday, March 09, 2007


If you all remember we are doing an auction to help Traelyn's daughter GABBY.
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE something to be AUCTIONED or if you want to purchase something that is being AUCTIONED. PLEASE just click on the links.

Gabby is doing well and is going to get to come home. A very big answered prayer. SHe still has a haul in front of her and her family. SO please keep them in your prayers and for more information. GO to SCRAPBOOK CHALET. You can just ask anyone there and we can get you any info you need.

A HUGE thank you to Laura and to Kat and Charlee for doing this for them. YOU GUYS WILL DEFINITLY WEAR GOLDEN BLINGED CROWNS SOME DAY. BIG HUGS TO YOU GUYS!

is the previous post regarding Traelyn and her daughter Gabby.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New creations

WHew, Just got finished with the two pages I had started. I was determined I would finish them tonight. I got this paper from the lss (It's not just scrap) here in Alabama (Semmes) Karla was so sweet and held some stuff for me (and Marcy too big hugs girly) They knew I wanted,so I could make the journey out there (wink) LOVED this Creative imaginations paper and the Imaginisce, the around the block brads are too fun! YOU KNoW IM ALL ABOUT some photo turns too, goes perfect with the photo! Bella is such a little ham! THanks Karla and crew. I guess it woulda been nice If I told you the journaling huh... IT says: KNOCK KNOCK.. WHO IS THERE? IRISH.. IRISH WHO? I RISH YOU WOULD KISS ME. (BElla thinks she is sooo funny and well I think so too haha)

(jouranling says: It was a scorcher of a day in late August. We went to a "back to school" Family day with our friends and neighbors David and Diane Carter. Bella her her first snow cone, a welcomed treat on such a hot day. August 2005)
This is the other new line of paper they got in from Imaginisce. SOO CUTE. YES I cut out all those flowers last night during a 3 hour tv watching spree. You can't see in the photo, but I pop dotted some of them for dimension. I will take a better photo tomorrow.(yes Jeanne I will photo it so you can see the blingage and the Bling cardstock and the flowers better heheh)
My hands are killin' me, but it was worth it. Love the dimension it adds. had to take my pain meds first time in quiet a while.. well I take that back, I had to take it when we had all the "tomatoe washings" haha (tornadoe watches/warnings that is what Bella calls them) My joints were all funky then too. Today it is just from play group being out in the sun (forgot my sunscreen like a dummy) and then all the running around we had to do yesterday, chasing Bella all over the place, then the scrap session I have done all this past weekend and this week getting all my projects finished up. snap! I just remembered I gotta finish my journaling on that other page... I keep putting it off because it is another one of my daddy pages and it just upsets me.. I will have to just sit down and do it and get it over with.
Good night yall out there in blog land. Hope you all have a beautiful fun Friday. I KNOW WE WILL. GOT BIG PLANS today and all weekend! I will tell ya more about it Later and show some photos :) OH I ALMOST FORGOT! GO check out the Chalet, On the design team page! SHe has my bio and my picture up with the other rockin girls (CANNOT BELIEVE MY NAME IS UP THERE WITH SOME OF THE MOST ROCKIN PEOPLE EVERRRRR!!!!) IM SO EXCITED! Be sure and say HI while your there! THis is a MAJOR dream come true and a HUGE opportunity to make a big dream come true!
Thanks for looking.

whats happnin'


Here is a preview of "one" of the pages Im working on for the big project coming up. Im really excited about this and CANNOT WAIT to tell yall all the wonderful news. BUT, I cant yet. I cant leave this page up but for a couple days then i have to take it back down. BUT you can at least see what I have been working on :)

ALSO I made this for Miss Bella Bug:

This is for the Design Team I am on TREASURES TO SCRAP. Three bugs in a rug is the Dt featured sponsor for this month. SO be sure and check them out.

FOr the ones that need to hear it

"Bless your persecutors; never curse them, bless them. Rejoice with others when they rejoice, and be sad with those in sorrow. Give the same consideration to all others alike... Never pay back evil with evil, but bear in mind the ideals that all regard with respect. As much as is possible, and to the utmost of your ability, be at peace with everyone... If your enemy is hungry give him something to eat; if thirsty, something to drink. By this you will be heaping red-hot coals on his head. Do not be mastered by evil, but master evil with good."

So to the ones that need it today I say this....

Monday, March 05, 2007


THis is the page I made with the RAK that CAROLE sent me. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAROLE. I had so much fun making this page! I won layout of the day today at TREASURES TO SCRAP!!! WHEHEW go check it out!I have been working hard on some pages of my dad this weekend and today. Getting ready for a pub. IT is alot tougher than I thought. I remember why it has been 11 years since I have done a page.
Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, March 02, 2007


LOVE these photos of Bella and her Papa last year on her birthday. She just loves her papa sooo much and wants to call and talk to him all the time. SHe is so funny and he is JUST A LITTTTLLEEE TINY BIT crazy about her too hahaha! This is from the IMAGINE CREATE SCRAP MARCH KIT (fancy pants). Where I am a design team member. I had alot of trouble cutting this paper cuz well, it is so pretty! I still have a few designs left to scrap.

I had a rockin COOOOOOL as Snow mail day yesterday. I GOT 36 sheets of the new BLING CARDSTOCK from THE CHALET. She also sent some basic grey I needed to finish a project. Laura YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR WOMAN! I JUST LOVE YA! SO glad I got it before it started stormin too! I would have died if that got wet!

Today I register BElla for school. I cannot believe my baby is big enough to go to school. 4K She is going to love it. I will love it too since I can get some things done, but Im gonna miss her runnin round here up my tail all day hahaha. We have since Im feeling better, had alot of funbeing home together. SHe is my scrappin buddy and loves to help me cook and do things. I have missed her so much while being sick and recovering from one thing after the other this passed year. I feel so bad that I was in bed with her here bored all day. IT doesnt mix well. SHe stayed in trouble. BUT the good thing is she got to spend alot of time with Grandma and she got to spoil her totally rotten. SHe is one of those kids that wants full attention and something to do. we have been goin to play group more since IM not havin to take the medication that makes me sick and not be out and about. I still have to be careful for the next several weeks but dont have to take it anymore so we are sooo happy. it is miserable to feel nauseaus and achey allt he time. I cant remember the last time I felt good that is pretty sad. BUT IT IS GETTING BETTER and IM SO GREATFUL FOR everyones prayers. It got real depressing for a while there. I sometimes think it is worse to feel good and get to do things and become almost a normal human out in society then whamo have another huge flair up and have to be secluded to home and feel crappy all the time and get depressed. IT is truly devastating to the entire family. Nothing is normal anymore everyone has to work harder. It is just not fair sometimes. I hate it worse for my hubby and Bella. BUt Im thankful I have both of them soooo much! This week we have gone To play group and the mall and actually and going again today weather permitting to play with our friends. It is good to be around my pals and so good for bella to get to play.

Speaking of weather I know alot of you are worried because we had so much bad weather yesterday. My phone was ringing off the hook. But my calls kept dropping in and out also. But we are ok. The really bad stuff that killed all the people is North East of us. That was so horrible and I feel so bad for all of those people.Keep them in your prayers.
Hope everyone is safe and survived the storms.

TOnight there is a Celebrity chat at The Chalet with Christy Tomlinson of BHG scrapbooks etc. SO be sure and stop in and hear what great things she has to say about the scrapbooking industry. SHould be so much fun and very informative. ON the front page you will see her photo and the chat room is right under there. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. Hope to see you there.

GOt alot of errands to run today. SO will be out and about with the kiddo. Then home and major scrappin to finish up.

I HAVE a really big publishing gig coming up I cant mention yet but found out about yesterday. 2 actually, 1 is an online e-zine yall will be hearing about very soon and its a BIG DEAL! IM SO EXCITED AND GRATEFUL TO THE OWNER OF THE SITE for picking me. SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS and you will see some advertising on it soon. My mouth is still on the floor. The other one is rockin cool and Im really excited about especially because of WHICH pages it is that are getting published and where they are being published in the media. More news will come on that because I cant say yet and still working on getting details all worked out with the person and the company. DID I mention I get paid for this HOW COOL IS THAT! SO im praying it turns out well. THis is huge, bigger than anything I have done so far or ever THOUGHT I would be able to do and a DREAM come true.I need to go before I start crying again about it haha! So just keep your fingers crossed for me!Don't wanna jinx it.
toodles hope you have a great friday!!