Friday, October 24, 2008


ITS FRIDAY! There are several things Im happy about. Happy its friday of course. Fall festival is this weekend but also THIS:
LOST! I LOVE that show! So they are continuing it for 2009! YAY! HEY little things ok! I have been so nauseated lately with this medication so it doesn't take too much to ammuse me. I did get a couple things made for the AUBURN basket to auction at the Fall festival.
It is a check book holder, 2 little notebooks, and a book marker if your wondering. That is what you do when You are broke and can't go out and buy anything with the team logo on it but want to contribute! I had some Auburn scrapbook paper so it worked out. I wanted to make a Christmas ornament but couldn't find the clear glass ornaments I have. I have no clue what I did with them. THey will turn up probably about what... JULY? Oh well. My mom is coming she is bringing some of the jewelry she makes. She just had a craft fair and has some left over so she is donating it to the country store at Bella's school to sale. Proceeds all go to the school. How much does that rock? YAY MA!
Bella is so looking forward to her coming down this weekend. I am on this medication that makes my nerves so wacked out I hope it goes well. I might need a drink or seven before its over. Too bad I can't do that on this medication huh? oh well

John has taken Rolio helenwheelz to get lowered. We took it to the little fall festival at St Elmo Baptist church and realized it needed to be lowerd, IT was causing me to get leg cramps. so. HE is doing that today so Maybe tomorrow wont be so bad. I hope tomorrow is a pretty day. Tomorrow is a bigg fall festival and much lowder so I dunno how well I am gonna do at it. I will have to see. Praying I can do it. Bella so wants me to go and I want to be there.
so saying prayers crossing fingers and all that stuff. I have a box of brownies we are going to make to fix for the cake walk. (everyone makes something to donate for the cake walk give aways)
Hope you all have a great weekend. Check back by tomorrow for photos maybe. If im not too exhausted if not them maybe sunday.
OH and if you think about it if you would be so kind as to do so.
Cosmo cricket is having a contest. you have to post on their blog and tell them that I sent you. then I can win their 3 new lines. I would love you forever and 2 days if you would just take a second click on the link and tell them I told you to post there. tell them nancy jones @ sent you! THANK YOU!