Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My friend Tara Rented us some lanes at the bowlin alley so we had us a little celebration there. It was soooooooooooo much fun. Since it was her sister Debbie's birthday today and my birthday new years day it only seemed appropriate.
So here are some photos:

How cute is she??!!!

I HATE taking pictures of myself but since my friend Beverly died and earlier this year my friend Aleida died I vowed I would take more photos with my bella and well.. I havent so I took some tonight.

Here is the bowlin alley

Bella had an AWESOME TECHNIQUE for throwin that ball rofl!

she tried to move the ball over with her body to make it get all the pins (after she had thrown it hahaha)

Bella and Brayden (her boy)

Brayden Bowling.


Taras Victory Dance. SHE had it goin on, Chick can bowl.

Bella and my honey.

Some more of our crew!


SO what did you all do for new years eve?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January pages for Scrapbook Obsessions.

This month at Scrapbook Obsessions we had the caaaautest kit from my little bicycle.

January 2009 Kit
Little Yellow Bicycle Vita Bella Double Sided Patterned Papers
Tim Holtz Grungeboard Nature Alphabet & Shapes
Making Memories Paint
Little Yellow Bicycle Vita Bella Ribbons
BoBunny Buttons
Heidi Swapp Foam Stamp Diamond
Don't miss out on the upcoming January 2009 kit by Pre-Ordering TODAY!

ITs about GOOOOONE so if you want it you Better HURRRY!

HEre is what I did with the kit!

I made THIS:
(forgive my layout photos... My computer crashed I got that virus from facebook and lost my photoshop cs3 and I cannot find my disk anywhereeee or my reg number so Im using picassa and well. I cant figure it out yet so My layouts are not looking as good with it so bear with me ok)

This was a gift for my neighbors David and Diane they do sooooooo much for us and they saw one of these that I had done a while back and she wanted one. sooooooo I had to do one fo rher for chrismtas. so. I made it without the photo of their house so when the weather gets pretty they can put their own photo on it.

*THE Canvas is not included in the kit.

THe journaling on this one reads:

Life is not always fair you see,
It can really break your heart.
Sometimes you will ge bumps and bruises,
you have your mama's luck for that.
Keep a brave face forward and a tough sense
to get back up and try again. But,
if the tears come, and they will,
Don't be afraid to shed them.
It's ok to cry sometimes.
and Mama will cry with you!
It is hard to see in the photo but I used tiny pearl bling all the way across the top and bottom. I will try to get a better photo to put up of this.

Bella played Mary in the church play this paper was perfect to use I added stickles and some flowers to make it more girly and kinda go with I also stamped with heidi swapp harlequin stamps (included in the kit) with lavendar and peach inks in the back ground and used glimmer mist to make it sparkly to give it a more christmasy and vintage feel.

I had fun with this kit. I got some layouts done and a Christmas gift made. I have a few more I want to do.

I also want to show yall the NEWEST ADDITION TO THE JONES HOUSEHOLD!
Her name keeps changing. It started off as Mindy lou now it is Barbie after a horse Bella rode at the Fall festival....

MY BROTHER and SISTER IN LAW DID THIS TO US I MEAN GAVE THIS TO BELLA. ;) SHE LOVESSSSSSSSSSSS IT. she talks to it constantly first thing she did this morning was run go see it it was ok. for those of you that dont know, this thing really moves it's head around to the sound of her voice or the noise in the room, if you pet her she will wag her tail and whinney, when she gets on her she will make galloping sounds and bounce up and down, she really makes chomping noises like she is eating the carrot, she wiggles her ears and blinks her eyes when you talk to her. Its kinda freaky but amazingggg. SHe was flirting with Guido (our austrailian shepherd)through the window... Guido stares at it through the window wanting to know why that "dog" gets to be in the house. rofl. we splained to him it was not a real dog. but he aint buyin it. poor guido. I wish Bella wasnt allergic to guido so he could be an inside dog but... my child would be a big ol welp.
Im thankful for the horse actually Im thankful that she didnt get ROCKBAND for the Wii!!!!! (He threatened me I mean told me he was thinking of getting her that so yeah I was happy to see the horse instead SHOCKED to say the least but ya happy it wasnt drums... we already had a set a drums whens he was 2 but luckily she sat on them a couple weeks after she got them)
so anyway. Bella had AN AMAAAAAZINGGGGGGGG CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. Thank you again to EVERYONE> I will be working on Thank yous soon. I am trying desperatly to catch up on design team Projects and everything I have been sick most of the month of December and part of November so Im sooo behind.
these shots are still no fun but tolerable.
Hope you ahve a happy new year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

So hard to say goodbye to a dear friend

How do you put into words what is going on in your heart. How do you say goodbye to someone when you just are not ready to.

Beverly Todd was taken from us way too soon. December the 23 she had a brain bleed (aneurysm) and was taken to the hospital where she went into a coma and never returned. on December 24th after many prayers and dr efforts were made she was taken from life support. Her organs were donated as Beverly would have wanted done on December 25th. She is survived by her husband and 4 boys.
How do they deal with this? How do you begin to move on?

Beverly was an amazing person. She had an infectious laugh and sense of humor. She kept me cracking up. When I was diagnosed with M.S. at first she said omg nancy then she said "well girl you will do anything for me to come to the states wont you." Again I cracked up!She never got to make that trip...
We talked about the differences between England and Alabama. I told her I would make her cornbread and she gagged at the thought, I would laugh and she would snarl at me.
these are the things I will remember about her.

NOT TO MENTION her AMAZING scrapbook skills. She started a blog with my dear friend Colette. Called Pen Pals. I am so very Thankful she did. It was a journaling challenge blog. NOW HER FAMILY HAS THOSE LAYOUTS. THOSE PRECIOUS WORDS forever. her thoughts on paper of what she felt in her heart and her dreams and feelings and things she wanted for them.

I hope the blog continues. I know she would have wanted it to.
Im at a loss for words right now. I just am still in shock. I have shed more tears in the last 24 hours than I thought I could and I still am. I fell so just full of tears for her children and her entire family. I will miss her. omg will I ever miss her. I knew something was up. I talked to Di she told me she had gotten an email and I told her I had a bad feeling because I had not heard from her. Also her blog had not been updated. She had not responded to emails and had not written me in a while which was unusual. Di said same thing. we both had that pit in your stomach feeling that we just knew she was gone. She talked with Adam and got confirmation it was true. But it still just doesnt seem real. I still cannot find the words to say goodbye to my dear friend. I know she will live on in her beautiful boys. she loved them soooo very very much. She loved her garden.

she loved scrapbooking. she loved her friends. she loved her family.
and we all loved her.

I find it fitting to put her layouts of the things she loved here. and her cards. she was on Di's card sketch team... this was the last card she posted.

All of the pages and cards in todays post were made by Beverly.

I still can't find the words... I don't know what else I can say. I miss her. I will miss her forever. I will miss her scrapbooking her laughing and joking, her friendship her sharing. I am a better person for knowing her. I thank God for bringing her into my life. I don't understand why he had to take her from everyone so soon... I guess the good lord needed some scrapping done up there...

I miss ya Bevvy!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!

I hope everyone got everything they wanted from Santa and had good food and full bellys (I know we did!) Bella had an AMAAAAAAZING CHRISTMAS. SHE got SOO MUCH STUFF (and were not through yet! Grandma McCrary hasn't been here yet so You can imagine we are gonna be doing it alllll again!!) Nana and Papa "clause" were here and omgoodness. she has been having sooo much fun. They are still here I dunno about were duh. I love them so much. Bella is having a blast getting her Nana and Papa time in. She only gets to see them twice a year ussually so she is attached to them like a growth. Nana bless her sweet heart is gonna probly be glad to go home and get some rest. SHe has been in the floor playing from the time she has gotten here and I KNOW she is hurting because the weather has for lack of any other word sucked! its hot one minute storming the next then cold then hot then raining. she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and it just breaks my heart into a million pieces because I KNOW she is hurting and not a thing I can do about it. (but drug her haha we have like a pharmacy between us I know sad huh)
ANYWAY HERE IS an ADORABLE video if you can see it. I dunno how to fix it where it is lighter the photo is sooo dark but they are playing Beauty parlor. Bella got alot (yeah thanks soooo much for that Nana and santa) of play make up for christmas. Most of it was lipgloss but these two set things had eye shadow and stuff in it too and omgosh it is soo funny. Nana is helping her to use it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL UP before she leaves so she doesnt get in trouble with it (like a good nana does)
here is the video

IF YOU KNOW HOW TO LIGHTEN IT UP LET ME KNOWW PLEASE! I have alot of video on you tube of her opening christmas and you cant see any of it because it is so dark. you can hear her fine but not see it grrrr.

HEre are some photos though for those that cant see.
Nana and Bella playing beauty parlor.

The hannah Montana fingernails (yeah thank you nana for THAT! not roflmbo they are sooo funny though they wont stay on so we have to chase em all over the place)

This is 3 of her babies. SHe got the Make me better baby (it cries and has fever and you have to give it medicine and a shot (like her mommy *meaning me) and she smiles and giggles it is so cute) then papa gave her the cabbage patch baby with the pony tails, my friend cand gave her the one with the cupcake sprinkles on her face.

Bella checking out her Easy bake oven, make me better baby and THE STUFFF (stroller and the swing and hi chair schtuff that goes with a baby doll) That is what she asked Santa for. 3 things. Jesus got 3 gifts she gets 3. (yeah notice the pile of presents under their they just didnt say santa on them lol)

This is the stockings lined up after Santa filled them. He made a mess he knocked over the fire place screen and some pictures that were up and had snack cakes thrown all over the place like he made a quick escape. I THINK he must have heard papa snoring and thought it was a bear and took off (hehehe)

Hannah Montana clothes, purse (with her face on it) and pj's)and a sleepin bag.

PROOF she walks all over her nana... hahahaha SHe was walkin on Nanas back! Nana is layin on Hannah montana. Bella has on her Hannah shirt and way tooo much make up after playing beauty shop all day hahaha.

Bella and her boy, Brayden (is ne not the cutest thing everrrrr!) He gave her a watch! with BUTTERFLIES on it! she gave him buzz lightyear crayola color pack thingy. they were soooo cute!

presents Bella wrapped for us (old navy shirts for each of us) SHE Picked the colors and WRAPPED HERSELF!!!

This is the santa plate and cup My aunt Irene (well she is Bellas GREAT Aunt) she is my mama's sister for those of you that don't understand all that.. she is my moms only sibling so she is very special to us. LOVE my aunt reene. SHe gave Bella this santa set a while back for Christmas we use it every year to put santas cookies and milk out on and Bella was sooooooooo excited to see that he ate her cookies she made him!!!

I tell you I HAVE AMAZING friends and Family. My friend Rita, sent this American Girl doll "Josefina" she is the Mexican Princess I cant reme right off the top of my head what year... but anyway and some little ponys because her daughter ABBY loves them so much. Bella loved THIS! THANK YOU SO MUCH I am still just in awe of their thoughtfulness that was so extremely sweet! THANK YOUUUUU! I cant say it enough to all my friends and family this year!
My friend Theresa omg she HAND MADEEEEEEEE these barbie clothese for Bella!!! they are gorgeous. I have a better photo let me go find it!

You can see on here. I was telling her one evening about how expensive barbie clothes had gotten and how my mom used to make alot of ours and how I wish she could still do that. Because frankly the styles now that are on alot of these are ughmm well kinda hooka lookin. lol (kids clothes too can I just say that as my 5 year old is dressed like one with all the make up in previous photos but just know that is just for play she will not be goin to wal mart that way IM JUST SAYIN!) SO dont be slappin me too hard. ANYWAY Theresa said YA KNOW..... I have barbie doll clothes ugh what you call em not recipes...ughh I hate this medicine. I cant think. PATTERN (thank you papa) so anyway she had patterns for them so she said she would make them for her. I said oh girl you dont have to blah blah.. well a few weeks later in the mail thats what I GOT!!! SOOO exciting!!!

My friend Miss Emily and her family sent Bella this sweet baby and clothes to change her into. Bella has had so much fun with her. THIS Was the present she picked to open on Christmas EVE!!! so Miss emily you should feel very priveledged. SHE LOVED the packaging it was in. SOOO GIRLY hahahaha just like my girly girl Bella. DEFINITLY a girly girl! Her aunt Liz and Aunt Karen will be soooo proud of her girlyness!

Nana gettin her ultimate bella make over hehehee

She is just FANCY all fixed up.
OK I will show more photos later. I have to get more of them uploaded. I am working on the videos now. trying to lighten them.
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to all my friends and family I havent started on my chrismtas cards yet so the Thank yous will be late as well but we will get them!!!

Love and hugs and Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas....

Just a quick update to let you know Im doing ALOT better. still a little shingly and the normal ms crapp (the rebif interferon shots have no sympathy for holidays lol)
but compared to a week ago I DONT THINK the dogs would try to cover me up now.
I have some photos also that John took at Bellas Programs that I will share with yall too. I actually scrapped last night a little bit I couldn't sit their long but I GOT part of 1 gift made whhheewhew. This is progress. I have bout got this whooped maybe.
NOW if the weather would figure itself out. My hubby and kid both have the crud. I think Bella's is mostly allergy because she is up at her aunt Liz's and they have a dog and a ferret in the house and well.. Bella is not used to that or the temp change. she is sensitive to both. so maybe by the time she gets back tomorrow she will be better. Cant wait to see my bug!!!

Here is a picture of her at her Church Play (she goes with Aunt Diane and Uncle David to their church they did this kid play for Christmas based on precious memories kids, and the nativity was sooooooooooooooo adorable!) here she is playing Mary. I photo shopped the photo some so it looks kinda aged so she looks just like she belongs back in the bible as mary. (although mary wasnt 5 years old but You "get it")

her face doesnt look red when it printed I dunno why it is so red on here.... anyway

This is everyone. in the play arent they just adorable!!!!

Here she is in her christmas dress in front of our tree. (she is gettin so tall)

Thsi is her play she was in at school.

Thsi is in her class room where they got all their little gifts and had their party.

And here she is with her teacher Mrs Gloria. WE LOVE HERRRR! Im puttin in a prayer now that she moves up to first grade with her hehe. I have a feelin she is gonna stay where she is though but ONE CAN HOPEEEEE! SHe is such a god send to us. she really is.
WEll there are a few of the things she has been doing. I didnt get to go but John took lots of pics and the other moms have sent a few pics also so I got to see most of it. One lady recorded the school play and I cant wait to see it. If you could see how some of the kids were dressed you would understand why I wanna see it rofl. Brayden has a star on his head (literally head wrapped in a cloth stuffed star! it is soo cute! I wont put the picture of him up to save him a little trauma I know he probly wont care but when he is about 14 his parents will threaten him with this photo im tellin ya hahaha!

Ok I need to go wrap some presents and try to get a months worth of stuff done in 2 days... not gonna happen huh? Prolly not but Im gonna put in a half effort.
have a merry christmas! I will return with more phtoosss.