Friday, March 14, 2008

another COSMOOOOOO cosmo cricket page .. hehe

I sing that like DAVEEEYYYYYY davey Crocket.. just so you know... hahaha I dunno why that is so funny to me. maybe its the meds im on. ok ok ok.
I KNOW yall remember a while back.. My giyulls as Bella says came over. I HAD THE BEST TIME! NO THEY DIDNT put me in the hospital that was just a fluke. I was already sick. Ijust told them and John I felt ok so they would still come over. BUT I have to tell you IT Was the best time. I haven't seen them in forever and Never have I gotten to see Josie and Simone In person. SOOOOO many laughs so much fun was sooo worth it to me! I still am playin in all that cosmo cricket. I tell ya I have had fun with it. When I feel up to it. This medicine I tell ya. SOmetimes I feel so normal and ok and then I blink and I feel nauseaus and cant think who the heck is this little girl running around I knwo her I know IM her mom but wtheck is her Name. I tell you I hate this stuff but.... It is saving my life so I cant complain. I went on a rant with John this morning about it and how miserable I was and I felt so nauseaus and one minute I feel so stupid and The next I feel fine and how crazy this stuff is he said AND WHAT IS DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE???
smart ellick he is! He reminded me how much better I am than almost a month ago today and that we know more now and can limit things and know to not do this and stay away from that. IM resting more (have no choice actually this medcine knocks me on my tail) so anyway THANK YOU all so much for the continued prayers. I did scrap a VERY SIMPLE layout. I am still having problems with motor function lol I cant cut with scissors too good :( so I did jut a plain pretty much page but HEY! I WROTE ON IT. Its is barely readable but I wrote on it.
so there ya go.. more cosmo cricket, If your looking for this awesome product and DONT WANT TO PAY THE HIGH PRICES. yeah I know people we are in this horrible financial funk I know we all are OURS IS MEDICAL BILLS imagine that. But Tracy is doing the 35% off everyday at her store. so if you want some of this coolio paper you can get it there. HERE Is the link. GO buy it. and SHow me what you can do with it Link it back show me show me show me! I wanna see!