Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear God.. I need help...

Remember me? well I have a dilema today and I need your help. I have this urge to choke the *&^%^ out of my kid.
ya see she is home with fever and I still have the flu. So I know this is starting out on kinda a bad note. She was feeling better and Me too a little, so I had this bright idea for some Mommy/Bella time you know, like a good parent and all should. Giving myself a gold star for the thought.
I also have an article due for Iscrap, so Thought I could do this with her and get her involved. We would scrap together and spend a glorious moment sharing something. Have one of those moments you know they sing about in meadows on television commercials and dance around in lovely frocks...
Yeah, well... ok that was good.. IN THEORY.

So she cuts out the shamrock she colored to go as an embellishment on her page (the theme is St Paddys day) and Im sooo proud of how good she can cut and how well she does... mmmhmmm I will have to remember this in a few minutes.

She says "Mommy I fink we needs some wibbon to go on here" I think what a GREAT IDEA, SMART ANGELIC CHILD that is so cute to think like me. Yeah notice the sweet angelic part right now in this story...

SO I get up walk to my scrap room and cut off about a foot of ribbon.
I come back and she is all hunched over in the floor and I'm thinking OH NO she is having another sick spell. SO very motherly I walk up and go "sweetie are you ok? "Does your tummy hurt?" and I go to rub her hair out of her face and...
Startled Im thinking WTH... why is her hair falling out. Then I notice the big.. PILE OF HAIR IN THE FLOOR around her. O M GAWESH. I had to take a deeep breath and think DONT KILL HER DONT KILL HER. DIG deep pull from happy places and remember she is just a kid.
I had flashbacks from last year the year of 3 also known as hell. when she cut her own hair and it was it also happened THAT FAST. We gave her a stern talking to and took her to the hair dresser where Miss Melissa whom she idolizes, shamed her and I thought we were over this and wouldnt EVERRRR do again.
I mean I was prepared. I had pre thought this. I had the plastic scissors .. YOUR NOT SUPPOSED to be able to cut hair with PLASTIC FREAKIN SCISSORS.
Tears start to swell up but no NO Nooo Im not gonna cry. ok yes I will. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?"
she says "Im sorry mommy dont cwy."
I said "We talked about this."
"I know Mommy I know.. (SHE IS COMFORTING ME???????)
"I just can't trust you with scissors even plastic ones."
Yes mommy "I know."
WTH? so I tell her how dissappointed I am in her and that I THOUGHT she was a big girl and we could do something fun together but I guess I was wrong. (dont want to damage her so bad Dr Phil cant fix her)
"no more scissors and just, just.. GO SIT IN THE CORNER for a little while and think about this."

So Now when I am more calm. I will TAke a photo and finish this blame article. Yall can scrap with your kids if you freakin want to. But, Im gonna go lock myself in my scrap room for a bit. and rock quietly in my corner as I slobber. Where is the nyquil in the sipper? yeah.. hand it over...

so God, If Indeed you are listening and I know you are. just help me make this a "teachable moment" Instead of yanking the rest of the hair out of her head like my mom would have done me!

Bella's Frazzled Flu ridden mother.
PS: I have included a photo of the up to the scalp section of her bangs and the new layers she put on the side. JUST for reference and oh yeah.. THERE WILLLLLLLLL be a scrapbook page on this. YOu betta believe it!