Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Scrap Fairy came today!!

And you know how much I LOVE the scrap fairy!! A BEAUTIFUL PACKAGE arrived in the mail with gorgeous stuffs in it. SAY this with me COSMO CRICKET ROCKS! Those wanted papers THEY Knew what they were doing when they named them wanted cuz OMGOSH I definitly wanted them! They made the cutest fall page You will get to see later on in the week (sorry I can't reveal yet) ALSO GOT the Bohemian line from My minds eye.... ALL OF IT... OMGOSH I have these 5 x 7 photos of Bella that I have been waiting to scrap and NOW the dilema is which sheet to scrap them on cuz they are all so GORGEOUS they look amazing on each one!! I got the basic grey gypsy and flourishes and swirls rub ons and the my minds eye bohemian rub ons too. Also a Maya road chipboard binder book that is so stinkin cute... it is a 6 x 6... I cant wait to play with it.. there was some Tim holtz distress ink ONE I dont have well didn't have he he! spiced marmalade ohhhh aahhhh it is so pretty and looks amazing on the wanted papers. There was some wild asparagus ribbons and I do believe that was it. WHEHEW that should keep me busy for a little while anyway. I am so in love with this cosmo cricket It looks beautiful with these fall photos. CANNOT wait to show you guys! TUESDAY you will get to see that one. SO excited and cannot wait! Happy scrappin!

PS: Wendy J did you see our guys get the living daylights stomped out of them? BUT IM STILL wearin my marroon and white. John has on orange and blue ha! Traitor. What about you? Bella's cheerleader suit is too little now but she wanted to wear it soooo bad. May have to get her one made up. SHe was having a grand time cheering though. SHe wasnt sure what she was cheering about but she was cheering rofl.

One brave smelly cat

so have I mentioned our AUSTRAILIAN SHEPHERD GUIDO.. a rather big dog.... well Smelly cat is in the backyard... and look HE IS EATING Guido's food.... Guido just looked at it like wow that is a funny lookin dog. Looks like smelly cat may be staying cuz animal rescue STILL hasn't come and picked him up and we still havn't found its home.. Hubby thinks someone dumped it off here. Bella LOVES the cat but... We are allergic. SO she has to wash up immediatly after touching it. At least it isnt smellin up the garage anymore..

SHout out to the Bliss`ters today.. That is what My hubby calls us girls that like to go to Scrappers Bliss and hang out, chat, get inspiration from the gallery.. and BUY A TON OF STUFF IN THE STORE... omg they have these and ALL THIS That I am dying for. THey have this CRAZY WONDERFUL link called JUST IN That my hubby hates cuz I LOVE to Gawk at the new stuff then I have to have it... I always drive andrea crazy with the Refresh button when I know she got stuff in and is uploading it to the site (which is VERY OFTEN I MUST SAY) the turn around is amazing ussually it only takes like 2 days to get your stuff and it comes with surprises always.. either a cute little bag of jelly beans or skittles or whatever Andrea chose for that month. She always has HOT new stuff and IT GOES very fast so yOu have to like JUMP ON IT when it comes in. She has a reward policy and you get points to apply to your account. You get a wish list to keep up with the things you want to order "HINT HINT" and she has a cool sale going on right now. She clearances stuff also so she can get new things in so you get some rockin deals on stuff. SO if you want to check out something cool go on over.. tell em Nancy Jones sent ya :)

Also Im finishing up my That Design Team submissions for Scrap That moment. I have been working really hard on them in between recovery. This medication is making my tummy really feel yuck and I still think something is wrong from when Bella Tigger Pounced me. Something just doesnt feel right down there.
SO Im praying my submissions will rock them big time. I REALLY want to be on this team. There are some amazing people that are up for it though so... I dunno and only 2 positions available.(my odds aint lookin too good huh?) Check out THAT GALLERY . If you don't find inspiration there... something is bad wrong with you. Flair designs is the company That design Team is showcasing this month. There are some AMAZING works in that gallery from them. Lynnette works really hard on this site. IT is BEAUTIFUL. You can see the time she puts into it. Just look back through my older posts... You will see what my TWO MOST FAVORITE SITES EVER are... Bliss and Stm... FOR SURE! I just love Lynnette and the whole gang here. They were so there for me when I had my surgery and the cards and chocolates (thanks Feeney you are a rockin big sis) and phone calls and emails and scrap goodies and did I mention all the chocolates I got??? I was so excited and surprised. What a wonderful family to be a part of. Design team or not. There is always someone online there no matter what time of day or night it is. Speaking of family.. Mini me is quiet... she is mesmerized by the cat being on the back patio with guido. She looks out the window like she is watching tv. SO I must go see what she is destroying.
Yall pray for us today Auburn Plays Mississippi state... Yall know that is a stomping waiting to happen so we are gonna get SOOOOOO hammered when we go to church tomorrow rofl. We love Auburn of the ALabama teams but Mississippi state is Home... our first love. so GOOOO both teams lol I kinda feel like that cat in the backyard with the dog...