Sunday, June 10, 2007





Don't FORGET..

Today is the last day to VOTE for your favorite layout in the Scrapbook Lifestyle viewers challenge So If you haven't made it over there to vote (pick me pick me pick me) be sure and do that today. I am not exactly sure what time the voting poll will close err.. might better check on that huh?
Thank you SO MUCHHH to everyone who voted for me so far. I hope to make it to the next round.

I had a good time tonight Playing with this Kelli Crowe kit from sis tv. I had so much fun coloring in the papers and doodling with it. I need to rephotograph the page so you can see it its hard to see in the photo I have so I will get that up later today. IN my previous post is one of the ones I did.

I also will have Bella draw the name for the blog rak today also.

I would like to thank everyone for praying for our family this week and over the last several days.
Your kindness thoughts and prayers are so much appreciated. Id like to ask you to continue to pray for my uncle, he also has shingles and is suffering greatly with them. Aunt Ouida is his sister and was the last living sibling he had. He I know wants to attend the funeral but is just not physically up to it yet. IM praying he may be able to by Monday but if he is anything like what I have been going through... He won't be able to. As morbid and strange as it may sound... my cousin and I talked about maybe if they could video it so he could kinda feel like he was there.. I dunno. ANYWAY.. keep him in mind as well.

I hope to get to do some more scrapping today. I have alot of projects to catch up on. It is also very good to keep my mind and hands busy when so much is going through my mind and my heart right now. We will all miss her very much. I will be back later with the photos and with the winner of THis weeks RAK.
Hope you have a beautiful Sunday.