Monday, June 23, 2008

Ready or not... here we come.

Well that month went by ... REALLY FAST. I thought it would creep by and I think it zoomed. Birmingham here we come!
We verified our appt with Dr Bashire at the M.S. clinic. Got all my stuff notarized. Got the rest of my medical records to take with me (mri on disk etc) to pick up in the morning on the way out... Ready to change my life forever.
This will be the ticket. This is what we have been waiting for. Prognosis and second opinion for suggested treatment therapy. Sounds kinda ughmm scary. (fancy word for here give yourself these shots) But in a way Im looking forward to it. Knowing there is SOMETHING FINALLY they can do. Something that will keep me walking and make me feel better and hopefully stop all these freaky infections.
Its kinda a blessing in disguise. Nothing was working with the lupus and that was really scary well duhhh it was because that isn't what was attacking. kinda like putting out a forest fire with waterguns. Just wasn't cutting it. It has been a very long and scary 4 months for us and the answers weren't neccessarily what we wanted to hear.. but, we are happy to get answers.
Thank you all so very much for all the prayers and the well wishes you do not know how much your support has meant for me and my family.
I will let ya know when we get back what they have me doing. I know the dr here told me it would be one of these shots. Not sure which one but.. we will see.

I scrapped yesterday! 1 is with the cosmo cricket papers they sent me and the other is with this months kit from scrapbook obsessions.
You can find the cosmo cricket papers at TREASURES TO SCRAP. She has a wonderful collection of them there and awesome prices as well. This is the fleuriste line.

Bella says this every time someone leaves the house. It is her way of saying be careful. In an effort to not swear in front of her (or swear period) when someone would do something really crazy like slam on breaks for no reason, pull out in front of you, go 2 mph in a 55 mph zone or anything of the sort we would go "AWEE DUDE!" OR "DUDE COME ON WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?" So one day when John was leaving for work she looks up at him points her finger and says "DADDY! WATCH OUT FOR DUDES" omg we laughed so hard. SO this layout had to be done. What could be more perfect than telling her that when she was on her bike (riding in the driveway of course)
The chipboard letters are an assortment of left overs I had from basic grey, COSMO CRICKET, paper studios, provo craft, and some stars from maya road.

THe next layout is this months KIT from SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS. GCD STUDIOS is the paper line that was used this month.

THe swirls on it reminded me of the waves Bella was riding in the photos. (my photos of these layouts didnt do so good it is terribly cloudy like it is going to rain) I used the JUST THE EDGE bazzill pieces that were in the kit with pop dots to make it look like waves. I used basic grey chipboard capital R and the Maya road chipboard in the kit for the title and added some bling I had on hand. I just love these photos. YOU can see just how much fun she is having. This kit was tooo perfect for them.
The Journaling says "One of the wonderful things about living in Lower Alabama has got to be the beautiful beaches. Bella loves to play in the rolling surf and ride the waves coming back in to shore. She loves to splish splash asn see how far they carry her up the sand. (Daddy is always close by to make sure it doesn't wisk her back out as well...) Gulf Shores, Alabama 2008"
I had to add that last part in there so my mom wouldn't call me spazzing out because Bella was playing in the waves... you know how mom's are.

Sorry the photos of the layouts weren't so great it has been raining here every day. It was cloudy now but right after I took the photos the sun came out.. I pulled out my camera.. well it got cloudy again.. so .. Anyway.. I will try again to get better photos of them. LATER! (before I call the weather man a dude!)

Hope everyone has a good Monday and I will see ya when we get back from Birmingham!!