Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ok im happy Now

Today is like Christmas and my birthday and all the fun holidays from when your a kid all wrapped up into one little shiny package and delivered with a big cute puppy on top!

I was so happy last night it was like the ultimate. The only thing better would have been if I were in Glendale at the actual game on the side line in the confetti doing one arm confetti angels with Aubby. (and taking photos for my scrapbook)
This had to be THE BEST GAME. IT was so intense. I love lovve LOVE college football.
BUT I love Auburn even more! Thanks you guys for a wonderful year and for entertaining us and playing your heart out.
Oregon played an amazing game last night. IT really was up to the last second and anyones game.

I just knew Michael Dyer had it with that touchdown where his knee went down... I was on the chair in Tom Cruise on Oprah form... then... they had to evaluate the play...
it was still exciting but the rush of that play for Michael a freshman man.. YOU ARE STILL DA MAN in my book!!!!
Dyer and Newton have been it all season.
love em. This girl loves her some Auburn Football.

Here are all the covers of the newspapers How cool is this!!!HERE is Toomers Corner all decked out with its traditional toilet paper rolling hahaha! War Eagle!
and HERE we are on the cover of Sports Illustrated (again)

I don't have a lot to do besides scrapbook in between being sick so I tell you THIS has brought me a lot of pleasure!
I am happy now! Auburn won a national Championship! I know there are a lot of happy AUburn people out there today and I am one of them!!
I can check this off of my Things I had hoped for, well besides getting to actually meet Cam and Dyer and Zach but Maybe next year (maybe some day) Im just so happy for them right now and Proud for them and of them! Only thing left to say I suppose is WAR EAGLEEEE!