Thursday, November 26, 2009


This morning while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade My Heart just got so full. You know that feeling you get when you just get your cup full? Some call them the warm fuzzies. I call it getting my cup full. It was close to the end of the parade. I know this because along the parade route and to the amazement of many twinkling eyed children, mine to not be excluded as head "EYE TWINKLER," was the head dude himself all dressed in a GORGEOUS velvet suit of the most beautiful red, with jingly bells attached. He had a real beard of white. NOPE not imitation no sireee omgosh he was THE REAL DEAL. THAT WASSSSSSSSS THEEE ONE AND ONLY. THEEE MAN HIMMMMSELF. SANTAAAAAAAA CLAUS!!

I even felt my heart pitter patter just a bit. I think part of me became 6 again as my eyes misted just a tad watching my little girl stop just frozen in her tracks. Not even blinking, I don't think she could even breathe, Just STAR STRUCK. IT WAS AS IF "DAUGHTRY" HAD LANDED FRONT AND CENTER in our living room and I was front and center listening to "I.m Goin Home" when "SANTA" was speaking. "SHHHHHHHH ITSSSSS HIM ITS HIM THE REAL ONE!!! NOT THE ONE AT THE SCHOOL ! NOT THE ONE AT THE MALL THATS HIMMMMMM!! THE REAL SANTA! LOOOK LOOOOOK!!!"

OMGOSH she was so excited. I have not seen her this pumped about Santa EVER. She just was MESMERIZED. I couldnt help but melt. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT MY FRIENDS. THey say the Christmas spirit is about children. THISSSSSSSS is what I have waited for all my life!!!
To see that twinkle, This sparkle in her little eyes, THis is what I love. I am so glad I didnt miss it. I just do not want to be sick this christmas especially this year. Thats all I want. I want this to be the BEST ONE FOR HER EVER!
I want to keep that sparkle there for her as long as I can forever and ever and keep that 6 year old memory in my heart forever.

We sang Jingle bellls we talked about the fantaaaaaaaaaastic outfit he had on. He had his finger beside his nose. (THAT was the sure give away he was THE REAAAL SANTA YOU KNOW!!) we talked about what a wonderful spirit Santa was. and how we can carry the spirit of giving out every day in our lives and not just at Christmas. YOu know It doesnt have to be material things. we can give a smile. A hug. A thank you. A blessing. most of all we can be a friend. But I wanted to stress to her That we should always give with an open heart. If we have nothing to give we should give of our talent like how we make things sometimes when we can't always afford just to go buy something. (we use everything as teachable moments but you know this is MY LIFE WE ARE TALKIN BOUT PEOPLE IT DONT ALWAYS WORK OUT THAT WAYYYY!!) She just looks at me... she said "SOOOO you sayin Santa is poor too mama?" I just had to stop right there... say go ughmmm chat with daddy for a bit... I need to go check on dinner... shakin my head...
"SHe said santa is really talented he can make tendos and wii's we just make scrapbook stuff.... I said GO PLAY WITH YOUR DADDDDY!!!!"

We had a wonderful day. OMG we have eat soooo much and about to do it again.
GOnna show you some pictureeees.

Tinkerfredisha chillaxin in the dog house...through eatin big Thanksgiving meal.. ready for a nap... me toooooo move over Tink... Im comin to join ya.

You have to be careful when you are at our house TF (we call her TF for short or TINK TINK.. lol) she will jump out of the palms and SCARE 5 years off ya life. so just sayin...

WE did our WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR TONIGHT.... we have been doing this all week.. we have gone through grass trees our house.....

IS THIS not a pitiful face???
he looks like he is about to eat us. He wants to know WHYYYY do you keep putting things on my head?

Hey you reading this... help. they keep putting things on my head.

ok come on... seriously. do I loook like IM enjoying this?? seriously? really now?

Immmmm bout to kick somebodyyyyyyssss tailllllllllllll. You betta leammeea alone betta go on home!!

hmmmph Ima hide out here in my house. I need me some claws yeah thats what it is. its a conspiracy. I dont see them puttin a hat on that blame cat tinker fred (isha) or whatever that thing is. noooo but here that short person alllllllways comes after me. Yeah i do have to say she doesnt jump with me on the hop ball or swing me on the swing set or.. baptize me in the water dish (hahhaah she got yo butt tink tink hahaha that was a good one suckaaa) claws yup they would leave me alone if I had claws.

I asked Bella all this week different things she was thankful for... it has changed so many times from trees to different material items to people to shoes today was the kicker and it also yet again has with out a doubt shown she is yet my child.

it was cool whip.....

in the can no doubt! :)

Hope you had a wonderful TG