Monday, February 26, 2007

AMERICAN IDOL is a lupus survivor

All of you I believe know the battle we have been fighting for years now with lupus sle/nephritis. I found this an amazing story and am definitly voting for this girl. KNOWING what I KNOW about this illness as a fellow sufferer for her to get on that stage under those lights and do what she is doing is A MAJOR ASTOUNDING accomplishment. So please read her story and think about it while watching Idol

Leslie Hunt Advances to the Top 20 American Idol Finalists

The lupus community is cheering for Leslie Hunt of Chicago, Illinois as she advances to yet another round of competition on American Idol. Hunt is now one of the top 20 finalists. She will perform again on Wednesday, February 28, and the Lupus Foundation of America urges everyone to tune in and vote for Leslie as she seeks to become the next American Idol.

Hunt was diagnosed with lupus at a young age and includes on her American Idol profile that living with the autoimmune disease was the toughest obstacle of her life. Now 24, she has a new passion for life and is taking a proactive approach to overcoming the limitations she experienced while growing up with lupus.

Leslie is making everyone who is touched by lupus very proud as they watch her on national television. Her efforts are creating plenty of goodwill among all who are greatly impacted by lupus and who struggle on a daily basis with the debilitating and disabling consequences of the disease. Best wishes to you, Leslie.

Read Leslie Hunt's biography on the American Idol Web site

Read a Chicago Tribune article about Leslie

Remember to vote on Wednesday evening. Here’s how to vote for Leslie.

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PS: if you are a praying person even if your not please say a prayer tonight for Trevor and his family. (the co owner of treasures to scrap) Trevor is her son in law and is 30 years old and is in kidney failure. He is having complications and its not looking good. They are praying tonight for a miracle so please just remember them in your prayers please and also to bring comfort and peace to them. They are going through so much. It is so helpless to sit and watch someone you love sick and not be able to do anything. SO just keep them in your thoughts and prayers please. ALSO remember Traelyn and her daughter Gabby (we are having the auction for) they left for cincinatti yesterday I think it was or maybe this morning. This is another surgery for Gabby she is 4 years old. SO just remember all of them please.

Happy Birthday bro. AND still spinnin!

MY head is still spinning from all the WONDERFUL news I had this weekend. Im so excited to work on these new teams. I have been hard at it today working on projects for March. I forget February is a short month so I gotta get done with it now.
TOday is my BROTHERS Birthday. YOU ARE OLD just want to be sure you know that bro. Bella has been singing happy birthday to you allllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lonnnnnnnnnnnng. HOpe you have a good one and make time to count those gray hairs OH WAIT you only have 10 fingers and 10 toes so dont bother. hehehehehhehe muuuuah.

Tonight is the weekly chat over at Treasures To Scrap. We have a lot of fun and play some cool games. SHe gives out prizes too! SO you should stop in and say hi.
Tell em Nancy Sent ya!

Also excited about getting started at Chalet. We have busted our buns to get our numbers looking great and as of now they are at 80 for the top 100 scrapbook sites on the internet. HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK! Laura is so proud because her numbers have never looked better. I can't wait to get started on the challenges! SO much fun!

I have all kinda ideas flying around must start writing them down.

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