Monday, February 26, 2007

PS: if you are a praying person even if your not please say a prayer tonight for Trevor and his family. (the co owner of treasures to scrap) Trevor is her son in law and is 30 years old and is in kidney failure. He is having complications and its not looking good. They are praying tonight for a miracle so please just remember them in your prayers please and also to bring comfort and peace to them. They are going through so much. It is so helpless to sit and watch someone you love sick and not be able to do anything. SO just keep them in your thoughts and prayers please. ALSO remember Traelyn and her daughter Gabby (we are having the auction for) they left for cincinatti yesterday I think it was or maybe this morning. This is another surgery for Gabby she is 4 years old. SO just remember all of them please.

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Tammy said...

OK, You've got my prayers. I love your blog updates. Loooookin' good!