Saturday, September 29, 2007

The king lives!!

John Has stuff he has to do today WORK - work stuff.. and yard stuff you know the STUFF. Stuff you dont wanna do but YOU GOTTA do ::grroooaann:: So Bella and I had some fun this mornin' She told me she did shaving cream at school this week.
So I thought well we can do that and work on her letters and review what she did this week at school. This is when we have our fun conversations and I learn all the ins and outs you know, the "HOT TOPICS" of preschool. LIke, who is datin' who.. who is who's friend and who doesn't like me this day. Yeah I said dating! She has a boy friend ya know. THEY GO OUT! ::INSERT THE EYES BULGING OUT SMILEY HERE:: Seems the playground is a big playin field for the pre K match makin. Is pretty funny. THANK GOD innocent fun. So we talk about all the fun stuff she learned this week. What all they are going to do next week. And Im trying to get her all excited about the Fall festival coming up. SO.. We are playin' in the shaving cream and she seems to be feeling better. Been kinda not herself and having fitful sleep, nauseau and the tummy issues. SO this should clean her up huh.. shavin' cream .. that is close to soap huh? washes out easy smells like old men but hey SHE IS HAVING FUN.. and we are learning stuff!!
so we are drawing pictures in the shave cream.. smiley faces and doing her numbers and her letters, discussing constonants and vowels, writing her name. She draws a big head on the angels body (we made angels too)
and I said "whoa!! That angel has a big ol head!HA!!" she looks at me like I have 2 heads and says:
BElla: "THAT is NOT a head."
me: "OH really, well then what is it?"
Bella: "It's a crown." ::she adds lines coming out of the top, BIGGG lines::
me: "WOW! That is a BIGGG crown! Is he THe daddy?"
Bella: ::LOOKS AT ME LIKE YOU BIG OL DUMMY with 2 heads:: "ughmm NO! THAT is the KIIING!" :: I detect sarcasm::
ME: "OH! ok. A king like... Jesus was a king?"
Bella: "NO MOMMY! ::eye roll:: BURGGGGERRRR KING!!!

Guess she got me told!