Friday, February 29, 2008

im home

I got to come home today.All we really know is I have vasculitis on my brain (fancy word for the blood vessels are swoll up) and I have these white and werid looking lesions on my brain,,, no stroke no aneurisyms thought just lesions but these can happen with lupus when you get brain involvment we have been praying this would never happen. my spinal tap came b ack clean so that was a blessing. They sent off my scans of my brain to get another look at them before they make a final diagnosis Yeah they are thinkign it is someting else to go along with all this other crapp but IM NOT even gonna say cuz If I say it migt betrue and i dont dare wantt his to be true, Ic ant imagine. anyway I passed a freakin kidney stone in the mri machine.This little dude couldnt speak englishe and I was wavin my foot at hima nd he was saying wat wong wiff U I said GET ME OUT i need to p HE SAI i ALMOS FRU i SAID well you gon ahve to wai tim passing a kidney stone HE SAID WAHT i SAID rock comin out my buttt dude HANG YOURSELF ON FOR A FEW. SO A FEW MINUTES OF SCREAMING AND BLOOD I GOT IT OUT i TOLD HIM YOU NEED A CLEAN UP IN THERE CUZ I TRIED. HEWAS SO CONFUSED. I TOLD HIM iM OK NOW STICK ME BACK IN THERE SO HE WAS LIKE OOOOK. HE SAID you have a BABY? I siad NO A ROCK. he was so confused. finallyh someoen explained to him and he said OH no wonder your little button didnt work I said I KNOW THIS THAT IS HWY I WAS WAVIN MY FOOT AT YOU, dummy anyway... im sure i left an impression on him...

Im really tired and sorewhere they did the spinal tap hurts hurts hurts but other than that I think im gonna be ok. I can feel the left side of m face more than i did going in so that is good It still feels weird and m legs and feet feel weird. but i can feel them so That makes me happy. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE PRAYRES.
we will know in 3 weeks more about this so Im gonna have to keep my mind off this or I will go nuts...seems liek a good time to get those pages scrapped I wanna get done for bella. My mom is here she can help tell me who these peopel are kwim. so Im gonna get on that some gtomorrow as I can do it.
Thank you all SOOOOOOOO very much You dont know how much i appreciate it. esp John as well he is so upset and worried whent he dr said what he thought this ws he just dropped and said NOPE we are nto doing this it cant be tat we wont accept that so there ya go. I just right now feel bad for bELLA SHE has no idea I just pray it is something fixable. and we finally find out what caused it and make it go away I hate not being able to hold my little girl cuz it hurts.tank you again

Monday, February 25, 2008

In need of bling, my next altering project ~~ updated

~~~~~~~~~~~~ They just called me back told me not to wait till 3 pm for my appt they are admitting me now so they can get the iv in and get me started on this medicine through iv.

Well I got good news and bad news. what you want first? it has been a suck day in a bad way. i have cried a thousand tears that this day would never come and Im really not a happy camper. the shingles in my ear have caused me to have a condition called bells palsy where my face is numb and i cant feel my nose or move the top part of my lip. but that is the good news. yeah i know im not happy abpout this either. I also knw that Im probubly butchering the spelling of this post in a bad way but they have me on alot of medication right now and im in bed. but Let me introduce to you my new best friend. The walker. yeah it has come to my attention that i cant walk too good and that im in need of this real beauty. yeah aint it cool. this is the ugliest thing i have ever seen in my life. it wrenches of nursing home and old peopel sorry if you are either one of these. but what im so upset is im 38 years old and have a 4 year old daughter that doesnt understand why her mama catn walk too good right now. my kidneys are doing some kinda number on me and messing up my legs; I am in a MAJOR lupus flare up so IF yall dont see me online that is why. I have stepped down from all my design teams for now or actually just put everything on hold parying this day woudl never come. the medicine they have me on is turning me into areal bitch even more so than normal. The dr offered me a cane and John was thinking hmm they got her on that medicine ... that may not be a good idea cuz it will extend her reach and she may beat the tar out of one of hte nurses or someone. Im probably going to be going back into the hospital tomorrow. He wanted to put me in today but we didnt have anyone to keep bella. My neighbors have the flu adn also bella is a very sensitive child. she instead of getting upset about stuff will wet her pants at school and act out and have night mares so we are trying to help my little girl come to grips with the fact that mommy is not doing good and may have to go in the hospital for a while. That mommy cant walk and her face is paralysed.

I have to tell you though as I sit here typing through the tears. How much I want to thank all of you for your prayers and to my friends that caem to visit me yesterday; That meant more to me than you will ever know in a million years. If I died tomorrow I would be so proud I had that day and KNOW these women along with my family and close friends will help me get this scrap book finished for my little girl and have her know her mommy loves her more than anything in this entire world. That she is the reason I am still here. HEr and my husbandl. which i love more than anything. I will fight his really hard and get all these picutres scrapped so help me. So any of my local friends that would like to come if your not sick, Im talking you cannot have a cold a sniffle anything, and help me scrap tehse pages I would love you forever. my goal right now is all these old photos whiel my mother is here we are going to write down who all these peopel are. so I can scrap this for Bella. IM not saying IM gonna die right now. but this is very scary to me and making alot of things more real and I know right now that I have to work hard to finish this either direction. So if any of you want to come scrap with me I cnt get out but IF YOU HAVE NO COLD NO FEVER NO SNIFFLE you can come here :)I want bella to know all about her mom. I know she is 4 and "know me" but I want her to KNOW me how I grew up who my parents were who my grandparents were everything all my cousins what i love my favorite smells. everything.

So this is my goal right now. NOT the perfect pages that get published NOT THE pages that are hanging on walls in my house. IF I happen to have one I think is really good YEAH I woudl love to send it in. My goal is and has always been to have a page in each magazine. I have accomplished most of that. but ya know what.... THIS is the real heart of scrapbooking people; THIS IS THE REAL REASON I STARTED THIS IN TEH FIRST PLACE. IM SICK and IT IS ALL FOR MY LITTLE GIRL AND MY HUSBAND AND MY FAMILY.
SO Im gonna leave you right now with this thought. IF YOU SCRAP... why do you scrap. what is the REAL REASON that you scrap. and HOW IS IT WORKING FOR YOU?
MIne isnt working so good so im gonna go crawl in my bed. Im gonna have my little girl come crawl in bed with me and we are gonna watch cinderella for the 495th time. WHY? because I LOVE to hear her sing the songs and say mommy YOU are beautiful like the fairy godmother (KNOWIN I LOOK LIEK SHREK AND SOMETHING MORE LIEK AN EXTRA IN A MICHEAL JACKSON VIDEO RIGHT NOW)

so anyway. I may not update my blog so much. I may not be on the message boards, I may not be online too much in the next while since IM undergoing all this treatment; but please pray for my husband and pray for my little girl and my mother (and that I dont get mean and hurt them because of this medicine I DONT MEAN IT I SWEAR everythng gets on my nerves with this med IM on) but they are the ones that are gonna suffer the most right now. so please keep them in yoru thoughts and prayers and well if you feel liek it I woudl appreciate a prayer for me too. Thank you all so much my online friends for keeping me distracted when Im in pain. for laughing with me and my sillyness and my boob jokes and the funny antics of my child. Thank you for crying with me when liek right now I dont understand why this is happening to me and how UNFAIR it is to my husband and little girl and my family.
If I have offended you, I hate it and im sorry. There is probably nothign I can do about it right now. But I will be honest with you. RIght now, in the grand scheme of life, THIS is just scrapbooking yeah I love it and it helped me through alot of times, but spits and spats over the little things are not important to me right now. spending time making memories with my family adn trying to fight this horrible disease so I can see my little girl grow up for if I can get just another year or two Ill be happy. but with lupus who knows I coudl have 20 nore years or I coudl have 1. it is a horrible misunderstood disease and my dr is scratching his head and chewing me out saying IM NOT TAKING TH IS SERIOUSLY AND ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GET SERIOUS OR YOU MAY NOT BE AROUND MUCH LONGER. so Im gonna get serious and fight this as hard as I can. Cuz I have this HUGE box of photos to scrap and I have to get it done for BElla cuz honestly if truth be known, ALL OF THIS is for her and to make her proud of her mommy, cuz even though IM SICK, THIS is the ONE THING I am able to do, I CAN SCRAP, I want her to be proud that her mommy did somethign besides just lay n bed and complain and cry.
so there you have it people. there is my heart laying out on the table. I have just been gods honest and told it liek it is. NOW IM gonn alter this bad boy before I get too sick to do so, PASS ME MY BLING AND MY FLOWERS WE HAVE A WALKER TO ALTER (thinking a horn and a sign that says get the he** out of my way would look groovy on teh front)
THank you all so much

Sunday, February 24, 2008


OR as BELLA said WE HAD A GIYULL PAWTY! I have to say we had SOOOOO MUCH FUN! IT felt sooo good to see them again and finaly meet Simone and Josie. I have talked to Simone online for a while, I had never talked to Josie before but had heard so much about her. I have to say omgosh they are just as sweet, funny and cool as they are online and as Greta and Elizabeth have said they were.
I had such a good time.

I was terrified how it was gonna turn out. I had a "sinker" (a not feelin' so good spell) right before they got here. I was getting dressed before they came over and put on my make up.. you may remember how Bella decorated herself with my make up and her school uniform and I had to rebuy make up. well.. I have shingles on my ear and a little on the side of my face and neck still not real bad they just look like bumps sorta. so I just didnt put it on that spot and put it on the rest of my face. OMGOSH SET ME ON FIyahhHH and it swoll up and turned blood red was itching. omgosh it was horrible. so I had half my make up on, seriously like the dude on Batman.

It calmed down after gobbing on this cream I have that I put on my shingles so that worked out thank god. I am just glad it wasnt in my eye and me lookin like quassimotto.

I have to share some photos with yall. FIRST I wanna show you, Yesterday while we were cleaning what I found. Some of you have already heard this story so you can just skip this part and get onto todays headlines if you want ::wink:: I have this antique sewing machine in the foyer, well I had a entire crop of dust bunnies under it and they had had babies and grand babies and neices and nephews and were just partying up a storm, family reunionin' under there. so IT was time to bid them farewell with my super hand dandy swiffer thingy. SO I bend down and am gonna swiffer it and I see THIS:
OK if you are going HUH? what am I looking at.. that is an Angel that is fiber optic (lights up) and obviously my daughter thought she needed some decoratin'
here are some close ups of how she "altered her"

she used to have a violin in her hand and was playing it. Well thats gone.. so is her hand... and she has a car under her wing. She is also holding a ball bearing and playing with a yo yo.....
So I call her over and ask her what was up with this... "what was the car under her wing for". She cops an attitude with me and says "MOMMY! For her to RRRRRRRRRRIIIIiiiidddddeeeee" ughmm OK.. just wanted to clear that one up..

so anyway that cracked me up and I had to take a picture. YUP I foresee a scrapbook page on that.

Back to today, We had a blast. John cooked hot wings (3 different kinds) and a pork loin (or if your my mom its called a "pork lion"). GOt the little subs to go with, Then I made Cilantro dip and cause it's my giyull 'Lizbeths birthday on tuesday and she is RURRRNNNT! (southern for ruined) I made her some without cilantro... yeah I know, all I made was salsa with some shredded cheese in it huh hahahha. We had that, John was a sweetie and cut up all the stuff to go in it cause of my hands. How much does he rock!! PLUS he made some crunchy bread and this stuff that goes on it. I can't ever 'member what it's called.
so we stuffed ourselves sick on all that goodness and get this, he cleaned the kitchen while we chatted it up. Yeah they almost fell OUT. Couldnt believe it wanted to TAKE MY MAN home with them. Sorry giyulls he is mine. I love ya and all but would have to kill ya. Im too spoiled, so yall cant have him. Besides I kinda worship the ground he walks on and stuff. hehehe I mean wouldn't you???

We all chatted and had a great time dug through albums and mini books and hung out for a while. Bella started breaking out in hives (she had petted Guido but wouldnt admit it) and was all red and splotchy. She was getting into everything so they saw first hand how "quick" she is rofl. (dont worry no hair was harmed)

SO Max, Simone's adorable and funny son whom I would steal in a heartbeat from her, toook some pics.

Here are my girls Greta and Elizabeth. THey crack me up. You say let me take your picture and they just fall to position in 10 secs flat and snap .. perfect photo. We were tryin' to get a photo of us and it was like: ok, your eyes are closed. Oh, wait it's blurry. Oh wait! You were gettin a string off your boob,,, errrr... don't ask but ughmmm I AM SOOO KNOWIN' that picture will be up on a blog soon enough bwahahahaha....

Yeah I know some of them are blurry and funny faces etc, but that is ok. I know Greta and Lizbeth are taking more for me lol ALso cant wait to see the photos that Josie and Simone took. Max was taking some as well. He is so cute. Bella liked him she said HE was funny Mommy. I asked her if she still liked Brayden she said yes he was her boy. But maybe when she is older she can like Max I busted out laughing I said well Max will be older too.. she said OH.. well I willjust have to like Brayden then.. so .. sorry Max.. she is spoken for. hahah I think he has 2 OTHER Little 4 and 5 year old girls after him as well (lizbeth's Bella and Greta's Malena) haha Watch out Simone he is gonna be gettin coloring pages in the mail from his women down here. ::grins::
WEll dunno about you but IM SOOO exhausted. I had a great time today but IM so tired. IM about to settle down for some "Rock of Love 2" and then hit the bed.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Highlighted scrapper!

Robin aka TQMNURSE chose me as her highlighted scrapper of the week for her blog. Check it out Here.

*** Edited to add *** OH MY GOSH. I just got Layout of the Day at Create my Keepsake!!!! COLOR ME SHOCKED! My mouth is on the floor! There is soooo much talent over there I am just floored and blown over. Thank you guys sooo much This made me just about turn a flip this morning!!!

Today is going to be a BUSY day. I have got to get my house cleaned up because IM HAVING COMPANY TOMORROW. Yes you heard me correctly. Today is my pal Elizabeths Birthday party that I was supposed to go to, but her daughter (also named Bella hehe)Has Strep throat. So Im not going to get to go because fo that. I hate not being able to be there for her party but, we compromised. She and Greta, are bringing Simone and josie over here tomorrow! YAYYYYYY! IM SOOO EXCITED to get to Meet Simone and Josie. It is awesome when friends you meet online that you blog with and scrapbook with get to meet In real life. I am so excited. So We are company cleaning. I got to get my scrap room cleaned up too. Looks like a bomb went off. Mainly because I was scrappin last night. I got my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions Omgawesh it is GOOOORGEEOUS! I had so much fun with it.

These photos didnt turn out so good... I will play with them some more later. I got to get up and get to cleaning before John and Bella get back from Wal-mart.

Hope you have a good day.
PS: Please continue to keep Brooke in your prayers, THis is going to be a very difficult time for her and everyone. Thank you so much!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Today has been awful day...

Please keep my cousin Brooke and her family in your prayers. SHe is the daughter of my cousin Jan. She is pregnant and lost the baby today. THey are inducing labor as we speak. It is really hard on the family and is very sad. Please all of them in your prayers please.

Feeling really sad and wishing I could be with my family today. It stinks to live so far away at times like this.

Challenge and a card

Today is my day to do the challenge over at Iscrap so if you need a boost to scrap check it out!!
The weather is being all icky here. Rainy and thunderstormy and just blahhh.
I got some good news though! Bella is gonna be in the July Scrapbook Trends Magazine. Whehew.
I got an email last night from them, so I had to do some rearranging on my blog and on my slide shows.
Be sure also to pick up the Next Quarters edition of Hobby Lobby magazine. It is called scrapping, stamping, and Stationary. You can find them at all the hobby lobby stores. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby, You can get it online HERE. I have pages in there also.

I worked last night on submitting some things I can't show yet because they have to be not posted before, in order to submit them. I am finishing up on 2 yes TWO made from scratch mini albums and also working on my brothers birthday present (that is gonna be late by the way bro..) The flu kicked us back. I could go ahead and mail it but IM THINKIN you would not like it right now hahahaa. Ahhh he is getting old that brother of mine. Just had to share that with yall. I still love him though...Oh man I must be running fever I admitted that in public UGHHH!

Did any of you watch lost last night? OH MY GOSH that is one show you have to sit and watch or you can get yourself lost on it quickly. It comes on RIGHT at Bellas bath time and I had to threaten her to not sing QUITE SO LOUD and make a tsunami come through the bathroom as she swims in the tub. Im glad I got to see it though. OMGOSH the BABY!!! I cannot wait to see where this story leads, every time I think we have it figured out something else happens!

I made another card last night. I am loving this Rusty Pickle Lucky set of papers. I have made all kinda fun projects with it so far. LOTS of cards.
A guy that worked with John Recently passed away from cancer. It is really sad he leaves behind a wife and a 7 year old little girl. John talked to him alot in Dayton he was the guy John called to find out info with his calls he had to run etc. SO It hit him pretty hard. He wasn't much older than we are. IS very eye opening and heart breaking.
So remember their family when you say your prayers.
Here is the card I made for them:

There are online crops going on all over the place this weekend. I know Create My Keepsake is having one, also Treasures to Scrap is having one. IM not sure IM gonna make any of them. You see Simone and Josie are coming down for Elizabeths 30th Birthday (TOMORROW) so IM hoping and praying my sweet hubby will take me over there for a little bit so I get to see them and take Elizabeth some birthday happys. I know I KNOW.. all the flu is going around and all that. Im still considering that enviromental protection agency hap hazard suit. THEN MAYBE I can GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!! That is how You know I am feeling Better when THis house starts driving me bonkers. IT GETS VERY VERY OLD sitting in this house day after day after day going nowhere Im telling you. But the thing is I caught the flu anyway.. so Im thinking what difference does it make. I dunno IM still trying to convince him to let me go. I think seeing my girls for just if I dont get to go but an hour would be VERY HELPFUL to me. ITS NOT LIKE Simone and Josie come down every day ya know! Id love to meet them in person finally. So anyway we will see. I will let you know what happens. If you see crazy photos sunday you know we went hahahaa.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Im scrappin' MY Crapp

So my buds Greta and Simone are doin' a challenge blog called Scrap Your Crap.
and IM ALL OVER IT cuz I gotta put a dent in my stash.
so here is what I did....
I used some Christmas paper from basic grey and soem other older basic grey and some creative imaginations pp that is valentines...
I used buttons from making memorys and some doodlebug sugar (LOVE THAT STUFF) on my basic grey wilma letters (LOVE THAT FONT. Also some liquid pearls (whehew love that too) oh that prima butterfly that I pop dotted. YEAH I KNOWWWWW I left an L out of the title I just found it... so Im gonna fix that if I can.. if not then ooops..

St. Paddys Day is or would have been my mom and dad's anniversary. It is a depressing day for my mom since daddy got killed. soooooooOOOOOo I always flood her with cards and stuff that week for ST. Paddys day to kinda make her smile a little.
here are the ones I have made so far to mail her.
These are from the Rusty Pickle LUCKY LINE I LOVE me some Rusty Pickle lately. Their stuff has rocked this past show. I like a couple of the new lines coming out but not as much as the last cha releases.

I am still working on them so I can start mailing them all out.

Some good news: Bella's hair actually doesn't look that bad after we washed it and stuff. when I pull it back in a barette you can't really tell it was cut up just like maybe we layered it in spots .. sorta. The bangs is the worst part. I have this fear she is gonna have this big STRAIGHT UP piece like Dennis the Mennis in her Easter Photos.

Other news.. I got my box back yesterday that I had sent over seas for a pub. I had several layouts coming out in a well known over seas magazine. I DONT THINK this is their fault I think it is the LOVERLY US POSTAL SERVICE..... I have had MANY GRIPES with them and OH lord do I have a big one right now.
My box looked like literally a herd of elephants played soccer with it. or do you remeber that american tourister I think it was called luggage commercial where the gorilla jumps up and down and throws the suitcases all over tarnation? well ughmm YEAH that is what my box looked like. MY HEART SANK. My layouts were dinged up a little nothing that some adhesive won't fix but man I could just imagine them CRUMPLED to the max in side that box holy cow. I know one of them is gonna be in the September edition of the magazine more info on that later when I get more info.

I have been scrappin like crazy trying to catch up on some things. I was looking through Bella's books and noticed that I have been slackin on some of the eventish type pages like for Easter and things.. I dont do pastels well.. that is my trouble area. so Maybe that is why I always put those to the back. BUT I KNOW we have a big field trip coming up next month for Easter with her class I CANNOT WAIT to go on.
Maybe I can borrow that hap hazard suit from teh EPA so I can start getting out some... Im thinking a motorcycle helmet and leather gloves and stuff woudl be cool lookin I mean if you gotta go and do stuff at least you can cool it while ya try to stay germ free.. Oh well was a thought... guess Im stayin my butt home since we all just had the flu but THAT IS JUST IT... I have been staying home 'cept going to the dr and STILLLLLLLLLL got the friggin flu!! so ya cant win.


OH OH OH.. I have almost forgotten to tell you. Treasures to Scrap has done their re grand opening of the store. HER EVERY DAY PRICES NOW.. ARE 35% OFF every day retail price! YEAh. that is pretty cheap huh. SHe is getting more and more product in all the while I know she has basic grey coming and has cosmo cricket coming I want to say she told me in the next week or so?
She has alot of kits up too that are really cheap now since she is doing the 35% off. THIS IS a great time to stock up on stuff. She has the ranger paint dabbers TONS OF bazzill, doodlebug jewels and sugared stuffs. She has the Tim Holtz crackle paint (not much of it but all of it is on order and will be here soon she says) we all have been DAROOOOLING OVER. but she has limited supplies of the stuff right now.. I know she said she is ordering more to restock with and all but who knows when it will get here. SO ughmm if you have been drooling over that new grungeboard (I USED IT ON THE CARD witht he irish poem on it) she has that too so ughmm HELLOOOOO 35% off IM all over that! so you better beat my butt to it cuz if Im gonna get in trouble IM gonna make it worth it bwahahhahaha.
she has the sugar glitter I used in that layout on the letters too. She has alot of Doodlebug stuff (flowers buttons so much cute stuff)heck she may have that paper she found alot of older stuff and put it online since she is runnin' stuff so low now. OH I almost forgot flowers HOLY COW just put flowers in the search thingy at the top and see what all comes up its insane. SO go check it out. She is clearing out some inventory so get your order in.
If you like for someone else to put your stuff together for you that matches so you dont have to worry about it. BE SURE AND check out the kits

She wanted to get the word out about this fantastic deal so I told her I would put it on my blog and tell all yall. So tell her I said HI!

OK this is gettin' REALLLY LONG and yall have shoppin' to do so IM OUT OF HERE to go scrap some more of my crap! hehe toodles!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear God.. I need help...

Remember me? well I have a dilema today and I need your help. I have this urge to choke the *&^%^ out of my kid.
ya see she is home with fever and I still have the flu. So I know this is starting out on kinda a bad note. She was feeling better and Me too a little, so I had this bright idea for some Mommy/Bella time you know, like a good parent and all should. Giving myself a gold star for the thought.
I also have an article due for Iscrap, so Thought I could do this with her and get her involved. We would scrap together and spend a glorious moment sharing something. Have one of those moments you know they sing about in meadows on television commercials and dance around in lovely frocks...
Yeah, well... ok that was good.. IN THEORY.

So she cuts out the shamrock she colored to go as an embellishment on her page (the theme is St Paddys day) and Im sooo proud of how good she can cut and how well she does... mmmhmmm I will have to remember this in a few minutes.

She says "Mommy I fink we needs some wibbon to go on here" I think what a GREAT IDEA, SMART ANGELIC CHILD that is so cute to think like me. Yeah notice the sweet angelic part right now in this story...

SO I get up walk to my scrap room and cut off about a foot of ribbon.
I come back and she is all hunched over in the floor and I'm thinking OH NO she is having another sick spell. SO very motherly I walk up and go "sweetie are you ok? "Does your tummy hurt?" and I go to rub her hair out of her face and...
Startled Im thinking WTH... why is her hair falling out. Then I notice the big.. PILE OF HAIR IN THE FLOOR around her. O M GAWESH. I had to take a deeep breath and think DONT KILL HER DONT KILL HER. DIG deep pull from happy places and remember she is just a kid.
I had flashbacks from last year the year of 3 also known as hell. when she cut her own hair and it was it also happened THAT FAST. We gave her a stern talking to and took her to the hair dresser where Miss Melissa whom she idolizes, shamed her and I thought we were over this and wouldnt EVERRRR do again.
I mean I was prepared. I had pre thought this. I had the plastic scissors .. YOUR NOT SUPPOSED to be able to cut hair with PLASTIC FREAKIN SCISSORS.
Tears start to swell up but no NO Nooo Im not gonna cry. ok yes I will. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?"
she says "Im sorry mommy dont cwy."
I said "We talked about this."
"I know Mommy I know.. (SHE IS COMFORTING ME???????)
"I just can't trust you with scissors even plastic ones."
Yes mommy "I know."
WTH? so I tell her how dissappointed I am in her and that I THOUGHT she was a big girl and we could do something fun together but I guess I was wrong. (dont want to damage her so bad Dr Phil cant fix her)
"no more scissors and just, just.. GO SIT IN THE CORNER for a little while and think about this."

So Now when I am more calm. I will TAke a photo and finish this blame article. Yall can scrap with your kids if you freakin want to. But, Im gonna go lock myself in my scrap room for a bit. and rock quietly in my corner as I slobber. Where is the nyquil in the sipper? yeah.. hand it over...

so God, If Indeed you are listening and I know you are. just help me make this a "teachable moment" Instead of yanking the rest of the hair out of her head like my mom would have done me!

Bella's Frazzled Flu ridden mother.
PS: I have included a photo of the up to the scalp section of her bangs and the new layers she put on the side. JUST for reference and oh yeah.. THERE WILLLLLLLLL be a scrapbook page on this. YOu betta believe it!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good news and bad news

Good news.. Im ALOT better. Still sniffly sicky yucky icky excrements leaking out my face, but compared to Thursday and Friday ITS ALOOOOTTTTT better. Fever is under 100 whe dadgum whew.
BAD NEWS.. Now Bella has it. :( So trying to keep her hydrated and entertained so she will stay laying down. SHe is pitiful. I feel so bad for her I know how horrible it feels poor baby. Hopefully it will have run its course and left the Jones household and WONT be hitting anyone elses.
Right now I am contemplating a harness, necklace type dealie for my bottle of nyquil with a straw. Why do they make these so hard to get into? when Your sick.. you can't do such difficult things as push down while turning to the whuu??? you grab the bottle and bang it on the counter praying a drop will spew from the top and make it to your sinuses... yeah, lovely thoughts we are having right now. This is some sick joke and I really emphasise the sick part. AS I don't wish this on anyone.

Thank you for all the prayers and get well wishes. Hopefully I will be back to full speed soon. I know IM getting better because IM much more grouchy than usual. You know its bad when you just dont have the energy to argue. BUT this needs to go on away now. RIGHT NOW. see what I meant about the grouchy part? your getting that huh?
I have things due for Iscrap for the new newsletter and tutorials due and pages due and AAAAACK! THIS is why I DON'T PROCRASTINATE as soon as I get a task to do I do it THEN and there. We never know what is lurking around the bend. oH WELL. Tomoorrow is another day, and a new bottle of nyquil. THIS ONE maybe with an easy open lid and collapsable straw.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I will be back

I have been bad sick still am.. praying this isnt the flu. SO just letting you know im not posting right now. if you call I probly wont answer cuz well Im sick... and I dont ahve a voice (lryngitis) Anyway. thats why I ahvent posted and Ill be back when i feel liek sitting here right now aint it. my email box keeps filling up. but I will get to it when I can sit up longer. thanks for your prayers nad love,


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I wanted to announce the winner of the RAK on for the Daisy D valentines. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS GOES TOOOOO ::::DRUM ROLL:::: ELIZABETH BAILEY!!! WHHEHEWWWW congratulations!! Be sure to PM Tracy at TTS with your address to receive your prize.

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for my Mother in law. SHe is at home and still healing. Her hard headed self tried to go to work Monday (yeah I know I was livid! and very afraid for her and everyone where she worked) SO now we are praying she will stop being so stubborn and do what the dr tells her. Bella loves her nana and so do we. We want her to be here a long time. If she doesn't start taking care of herself.. well. I don't know what we would do if we lost her. I just don't know. So Pray for her still if you would to listen to the dr's.

Here are the valentines I made this weekend for a swap we are doing at scrap-diner.

Also Bella and I did the valentine goody bags for her class.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

love and prayers

I made this for my hubby for Valentines day. (he has already seen it) I love these little books they are so cute and fun to make.

Im a little distracted right now. We just got the news that my mother in law was admitted to the hospital. She has the flu and Pnumonia and isn't doing real good. My sister in law just told me she is doing better than she was but she still needs alot of prayers and for the meds to work. So Im gonna cut this short today. SO please say a prayer for her. The flu is hurting a lot of people this year. (my dr's have pretty much banned me from the public since my immune system is suck right now) so wash your hands alot and if someone sneezes run.. run like the wind lol.

Here is a prayer for mA that she gets to feeling better soon. Wish we coudl be there with her but she knows that well they have banned me from going. grrrrrr.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008



Tracy at Treasures To Scrap is giving away 3 (three) Daisy D valentine kits valued at $7.99 each! Want to get in on this give away? Here is what you do. Make a VALENTINE and post it in the TREASURES TO SCRAP gallery. LINK it back to the TREASURES TO SCRAP BLOG, or to Tracy's Blog Or here on my blog.

IF you do all three then you have 3 chances to win!! ALL entrants names will be put into a hat and drawn from. HOW DOES THAT SOUND? Get your kids involved! and You can enter more than once. Tracy wanted to share the love this valentines day with this give away and asked me what I thought. HEY Im always up for a give away. SO go ahead and get to work on those valentines!! I can't wait to see what you make.

NOW she does have a few rules that apply. The Daisy D Valentine set give away is for USA PARTICIPANTS ONLY.. UNLESS you would rather have a gift certificate to her paper store instead of the prize give away (sorry you can understand shipping is a huge factor in this) Unless you would like to pay the shipping yourself.
IF you enter and win and your not in the U.S. Then you have the option of paying the shipping yourself or taking a gift certificate in the same dollar amount to her paper store. Make sense? She has alot of non U.S. Members so wanted to give everyone a chance. SO lets share the love and SEE THOSE VALENTINES!!!

The drawing will be held on Monday February the 11th at 12:00 pm Eastern time. GOOD LUCK and lets see those valentines!!

Monday, February 04, 2008


I know call guiness! IM SPEECHLESs haha. IM sooo excited! GO look HERE ON Terri Conrad's blog!!! She named me one of her FABULOUS Designers she featured! I am so excited!

I am not sure you can get the grin off my face right now! Terri is the FABULOUS designer of Websters Papers THey have some of the most gorgeous papers. Some you just wanna look at. It was hard cutting these papers Im telling you but man what gorgeous scrapbook pages they make!
Im so excited! THANK YOU SO MUCH TERRI! Did I tell you today how much you ROCK!!
Here are the pages that I made with Terri's designs.
Bella is ready to paint frames so errrr. I gotta run We will show what we create later on. Have a great monday and HAPPY MARDI GRAS!! THank you for looking XOXOXOOX

Sunday, February 03, 2008

THe Soup or bowl?

Ya know I just love how literal kids are. You always know where you stand, you always know what they think. They are born as honest as can be. If it is ugly they will say so. If it tastes yuck then well you will hear about it.

So in honor of the super bowl being today, John has cooked some things for us to snack on. Bella wanted us to make a few more things to go with our spread.

John asked well what else do you think we need? She said "I fink hmmmm. some mashed tatas and some soup."
With a very perplexed look on his face he asked her "Why do we need mashed potatoes and soup?"
She looks at him like omgosh are you crazy or what.
she said "Daddy! ughh its the SOUP BOWL aren't we gonna have soup????"

Hope you get your feel today of Soup er bowl Sunday!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Check it out...

Sorry havn't posted. This shingle break out wasnt as bad as they have been. We caught it early and thank you huge to my Dr.and Nurse Deb, I feel mucho better! Still weak and some nausea, tired tired but NOTHING like before. I was ready to start pulling my teeth on that side of my head. Miserable. SO thank you all for the prayers. IM bouncing back pretty well. Still look goofy (whats new huh) but not so much like an extra in Micheal Jackson's thriller video. (ALthough I do have the dance moves down pat!) hehe

I have kinda put on hold my big thing I have been praying over but I HAVE NOT set aside my plans. Thank you all for the support as well on that even for not knowing. Sorry to be that way but I just want to be sure I do the right thing. My hubby has been on me and talking with me about it and I have consulted a couple of experts so.. we will see. Just gonna put it in the good lords hands.

HEY if you are out and about Pick up a copy of SOMERSET MEMORIES FEB/MARCH issue and thumb on over to page 41, 42 and 43 and see my article. IM SOOOO EXCITED!! THis is my first BIG article. Thank you so much Jana for working with me on this. YOU ROCK SISTA! I have some more things that are gonna be out soon but that is the big one right now.

I have several things in this issue of Ready Set Create as well. I stopped counting at like 19. Totally shocking Im tellin ya!

I have alot of scrapping to catch up on. IT is so easy to get behind. I got 2 boxes in the mail in the past week IM just dying to rip into and play with. So more on that when I get some stuff done. IM just happy to be verticle today for a bit and out of bed. BUT.. I think I have been up long enough now so back I go. Hope you all have a blessed day!!