Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good news and bad news

Good news.. Im ALOT better. Still sniffly sicky yucky icky excrements leaking out my face, but compared to Thursday and Friday ITS ALOOOOTTTTT better. Fever is under 100 whe dadgum whew.
BAD NEWS.. Now Bella has it. :( So trying to keep her hydrated and entertained so she will stay laying down. SHe is pitiful. I feel so bad for her I know how horrible it feels poor baby. Hopefully it will have run its course and left the Jones household and WONT be hitting anyone elses.
Right now I am contemplating a harness, necklace type dealie for my bottle of nyquil with a straw. Why do they make these so hard to get into? when Your sick.. you can't do such difficult things as push down while turning to the whuu??? you grab the bottle and bang it on the counter praying a drop will spew from the top and make it to your sinuses... yeah, lovely thoughts we are having right now. This is some sick joke and I really emphasise the sick part. AS I don't wish this on anyone.

Thank you for all the prayers and get well wishes. Hopefully I will be back to full speed soon. I know IM getting better because IM much more grouchy than usual. You know its bad when you just dont have the energy to argue. BUT this needs to go on away now. RIGHT NOW. see what I meant about the grouchy part? your getting that huh?
I have things due for Iscrap for the new newsletter and tutorials due and pages due and AAAAACK! THIS is why I DON'T PROCRASTINATE as soon as I get a task to do I do it THEN and there. We never know what is lurking around the bend. oH WELL. Tomoorrow is another day, and a new bottle of nyquil. THIS ONE maybe with an easy open lid and collapsable straw.


Teri-Lynn said...

Hope you all feel much better soon Nancy! Miss ya!

jan williams said...

You are a crazy nutty Woman, and I hope this medicine doesn't change that... Get well and come play!!!!!

Amanda Ann said...

Glad you are feeling better. I hope Bella gets better quick!