Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let the stalking continue....

OUR challenge today on STM blog challenge was name the cartoon character we most resemble... I kept thinking RESEMBLE as if IN looks? hahaha her teeth look too pretty to be me right now.... She does kick some serious butt, is a princess and is in love with a big oager (love you honey) so me huh? ha!

I am stalking our mail man... we have a new one.. he does the route backwards from the other mail person we had.... I check out mail then have to walk to all the other neighbors houses to deliver THEIR mail that we get... then collect ours.. It is quite ridiculous. I am hoping he will get adjusted soon. I want to run out and search the truck and see if my box is in there... Until then I suppose me and the spider will sit on the porch waiting haha! I hate procrastination and want to get my projects done. I like to get it done then kick back then upload them when their due. I always have hated procrastination it drives me nuts and is one of my biggest pet peeves. THe only time I do procrastinate is when I do not want to do something. Im too excited about all this to procrastinate.
We got Bella a little flag so she can entertain us for hours saying INDIVISIBLE and the pledge of allegiance. It is hysterical. I MUST video it cuz she is so stinkin cute she gives us the instructions of Hand obers your hearts... I put mine on daddy's he puts his on mine.. SHE gets soo flustered YOU GUYS!!! DAT IS NOT how we say da pwedge of aweddent! ERYBODY hand Ober its owns hearts! sooo funny. OUR new party trick to show the neighbors.. HOpe you all had a lovely Thursday I got my fix from Greys Anatomy and from ER ( so happy the baby is ok) See ya tomorrow :)