Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BLog challenge Thursday (ok i posted early sorry)

yeah I know it is early... but got alot to do so I just said id go ahead and post it.
so here ya go you guys!!

1.What's your name spelled backwards? eman rouy
2. What did you do last night? made a mini book cube thingy and watched deadliest catch and after the catch with John
3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?photos of gretas new layouts..
4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? yup my brother used to get me to when i was a kid (THANK YOU WINDALE)
5. Last time you swam in a pool? last summer
6. What are you wearing? a smile on my face.. hahaha johns t shirt and some boxers
7. How many cars have you owned? CARS? 2 TRUCKS on the other hand....
8. Type of music you dislike most? what my daddy used to call long hair'd music, that stuff they dont play the words to in elevators...
9. Are you registered to vote? why heck yeah
10. Do you have cable? oh yes
11. What kind of computer do you use? Dell
12. Ever made a prank phone call? yup
13. You like anyone right now? ::blush:: yeahhhh
14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? NOt on purpose
15.furthest place you've ever traveled? las vegas
16.Do you have a garden? nope
17. What’s your favorite comic strip? garfield, dilbert, close to home,wizard of ID,
18. Do you know all the words to the national anthem? yup
19. Shower, morning or night? depends.. most of hte time morning but if it is summer sometimes both
20. Best movie you’ve seen in the past month? De Ja vue with denzel washington
21. Favorite pizza toppings? supreme no mushrooms from pizza hut or dominoes
22. Chips or popcorn? popcorn
23. What cell phone provider do you have? cellsouth
24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? WHAT??? why would I do that?
25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? yup
26. Orange Juice or apple? orange
27. Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? Annette and Christine
28. Favourite chocolate bar? dont know the name of it but it was one that my brother and sis in law brought us back from disney. that ws THE BEST chocolate I have ever eating in my life.
29. Who is your longest friend and how long? Susan williams.. since 1976
30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? today
31. Have you ever won a trophy? yup
32. Favorite artist? leslie Ashe
33. Favorite computer game? oh gosh war craft I am addicted I cant play it cuz it becomes like a transe and I wont get up for days.
34. Ever ordered from an infomercial? i dont think so been tempted before when i had shingles and was on demrol and watched one that was on for like 4 hours and was finally like MAN I NEEEED THAT cant rem what it was now..
35. Sprite or 7-UP? sprite
36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? no
37. Last thing you bought at the store? which store? milk
38. Ever thrown up in public? oh yeah
39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? finding true love and him being a millionaire woud TOTALLY ROCK but i found my true love, Im the millionaire BWAHAHAHA (too bad it is just on paper man ID LOVE to send that boy a bill)
40. Do you believe in love at first sight? only if it were george strait
41.Can exes just be friends? ....ex what? ex husbands... why would you want to be?(unless you have children that is different)
42. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? wow cant remember I have to steer clear of them so i dont catch everything... I think it was my mom.
43. Did you have long hair as a young kid? y up
44. What message is on your voicemail machine? LEAVE A MESSAGE
45. Where would you like to go right now? hmmm snuggle up my hubby on the couch.
46. What was the name of your first pet? benji
47. What kind of back pack do you have, and what’s in it? coach. It is my purse hubby got me. ITs got all kinda crapp in it.
48. Last incoming/outgoing call on your phone? tracy
49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? That I have the most ROCKIN' FRIENDS EVAHHHHH!!!
50. What do you think about most? what is BElla tearing up, she is quiet.

OK answer the questions and link me back so we can put your name in for the drawing at TTS.

BE SURE AND STOP BY TREASURES TO SCRAP TOMORROW. We start our NEW GAME and it is gonna be SOOOOO MUCH FUN! LOTS of cool things going on. LOTS of prizes to give away.

Bella: (after getting water ALL OVER THE FLOOR from filling up a gallon zip loc bag with water) "It waddnt me mommy, da frigifrater dided it."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TUesday Challenge

Wanna talk to you today about something and see if yall can help me out. Im really trying to focus on positive. YES we all have bad days and memorial day is a sad day for us and many other days with some of the crapp we all go through called LIFE. I know everyone has crapp they have to handle. Not to sound selfish but,I really need to stay focused on POSITIVE. NOT complaining, not whining, not every thing in the world to worry about that COULD possibly go wrong. Shingles is stress related and IT keeps coming back for over a year now, even while on medication. I was on chemo therapy for lupus and was subjected to chicken pox and broke out and It hasnt been right since. It will not stay gone until this changes. SO Im not worrying or listening to negative stuff anymore. I am putting this here on my blog so YOU guys can help me with this. I want you guys to help me focus on positive. I know you can, cuz yall are my pals and my family. I mean if your not.. why would you be wasting your time reading my blog right? :;wink:: SO with that said. I want to issue our challenge today On Treasures To Scrap . Have fun and link me back.

10 things I have learned from my friends:

1. YOUR true friends are there for you when life totally sucks. (like take off work and sit through the trial of the guy that killed your dad Thank you Frances You will always be my bestest friend)
2. IF you dont understand something get together and toss it.
3. That you can find a reason to smile and laugh no matter what life throws at you.
4. karma... nuff said.
5. That you can find a discount coupon for almost ANYTHING
6. NOt to sweat the drama and BS it is what it is and well go back and see number is way too short.
8. That I am the bling queen of the universe. OKAYYyy With robin runnin a closeeee race but I still win neener neener neeeeeennnerrrrr
9. You have never truly laughed until you have had your beverage come out your nose in one of our conversations.
10. That they are there for you no matter what and will always be supportive no matter what.
I tell my friends Like my daddy used to tell me .... LOVE YA, MEAN IT.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Happy memorial day. IN between the picnics and bar b cues today, I hope you take a few minutes to remember what today is really about. WHY we celebrate Memorial day. Please join me in a moment of silence for all the ones that gave their lives to protect what we hold so dear.

Thank you,

Today I am dedicating my blog post to my daddy.

The journaling on this page is as follows:

This is the road that was named after my daddy.
My daddy was killed 11 years ago. He was a sherriff
deputy pulling a suspect over in a stolen vehicle. The
guy got out and stabbed him 15 times. This is the first
page I have done on it. This is the road where it happ-
ened. His road. Named after him now. This is the first
of many pages that will help me deal with that day.
That will help me mentally get through it. Yeah it has
been 11 years but to me.. it might as well have been
yesterday.. or the day before. This page is helping me
to leave behind a legacy for my little girl about her grandpa.
What a wonderful man he was and how he died saving the
life of someone else... it was premeditated and the person
that came in contact with the escapee first…well daddy got
there first. We have heard so many stories, possibilities of
who that person COULD have been, from other people that
we love in our community, to other people traveling on this
road that day. My daddy is a hero... he always will be.. now,
I have one page to go in his book.. maybe the other ones will
come easier now.

Journaling says:
August 28, 1995 12 :18 pm rings through my memory like a freight train. The day that changed all of our lives forever. This kid that ws hard up for a fix escaped a druge rehab and stole a vehicle. You happend to be the first one to spot the vehicle. WHen you pulled him over he stabbed you till yoru death. That road now has your blood on it. but it also bears your name. SO much was taken from us that day, fromt he world, our family, our community. THe Sherriff's Department lost an officer, many lost a friend, many lost an uncle, a grandfather, a brother, a husband, and yes a daddy.
You were so much to so many people. It is easy to see that that day, that you died, Part of me died too daddy. I had no idea the road that lay ahead of us. HOW much things would change. You truly were the glue that held us all together. We all seemed lost and unsure what to do after that. SO many would come up and say OH I KNOW just how you feel I lost my dad. or brother or whatever, they had cancer or heart failure. How do I explain yes Im sorry but NO its not the same. We went through a trial, a long grueling trial. waiting years for justice to be served for your murder. We fought the drug rehabs for better security and more chaperones and possible dangerous patients. We fought for stiffer penalties in drug related crimes. we succeded on a few we have endured the fact it happened less than 3 miles from where we call home. A road we were forced to drive every day to get anywhere. I eventually would move because it was just too much for my heart to bear every day. Some ONE took your life. You didnt just die. HE killed you. NOT ONLY did that kid kill my daddy that day. HE TOOK away my sense of security and yeah he took "my GLUE" Its been 11 years now. People want to move on but how can we move one when we dont want to forget what we all loved so very much.
I miss you so very much daddy!

Nancy Jones ~ 2007

Letters that were written during sad times, good times, happy times and when I went through therapy, inside the book of this layout. It opens to hold as many letters as I want to write to heaven.

Hope you remember today those that died giving us the freedoms we have today. Remember all the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice.
May you have a blessed Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

ok ONe down...

OK so here is one that I can show you that I did today. The others you can see when the newsletter comes out at TREASURES SHe is such a monkey! Hamming it up for the camera. Those pictures I thought were perfect for that paper by Creative Imaginations. LOVE that paper so fun! I Thinnk IM going to emerge from my scrap room a while and see if I can get the feeling back in my butt. ITs going numb from all this scrappin I did today whehehew!


TOday is a chill out relax recoup day for us. I had the most HORRIBLE headache. SInus stuff nothing would make go away yesterday and this morning. BUT I THINK after a hot hot hot shower it is finally loosening up. SO tired from the last two weeks. SOOOOO happy to have my hubby back home. As I sit here right now I can hear Bella and Eva caroline (her best friend from acros the street) Playing in the pool (kiddie pool) in the back yard. THey are squealing and giggling. IT is music for my soul. NOTHING is sweeter than hearing them playing so happily and having so much fun in the coool refreshing water. It is such a blessing to live across the street from a little girl the same age as Bella. They love each other so much. THey play so good together.

I am locked in my scrap room today getting my Design Team projects finished for TREASURES TO SCRAP. WE have an awesome sponsor this month and I am droooling over these papers. SO MUCH FUN! SO I guess I better get back to scrappin time! YALL have fun today. WHat are you guys doing on this beautiful SUnday? link me back so I can be sure to comment on your blogs :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007


MY HUBBY IS HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HE made it in last night around 1 a.m. Safe and sound but very tired. SO ma you can rest easy now.

ME: WHats the magic WORD?
ME: close enough baby.

Friday, May 25, 2007


THANK YOU LORD! FINALLY IT IS FRIDAY! WE survived another week whehehwwwwwwww!!!! THe sun is shining and SANTA POST MAN/UPS MAN is supposed to deliver ALL KINDA SCRAPPY GOODNESS TO MY DOOR TODAY so let the stalking begin! MY HUBBY will be on his way home yeeehawww!

Bella has a birthday party to go to tomorrow. I have A TON OF scrapping to catch up on. I got to get Bella to pick up her toys in the living room (GRRRRRR.. that is always a fight) BUT DID I MENTION TODAY WAS FFRRRRRRIIIIII DAYYYYYY!

We need to go get her something for her Birthday today too. Bella wants to go to the DONUT store so I guess I better get ready. She is sitting at the back door with my keys. THINK SHE I READY TO GO MAYBE?

WHAT is making you happy today? WHat are you looking forward to on this Friday? ANY big plans for this weekend? BLOG ABOUT THEM AND LINK ME BACK to it here. DOn't forget when you participate in the TREASURES TO SCRAP blog challenges your name is entered into a drawing for a rak.<

OK we just got back from our running around. Here are our pics from the donut store as she calls it lol.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

SO what is she tryin to say here?

BElla: "Mommy! I fink I could go to sleep easier if you sang me a lullaby."
me: "A LULLABY? who sings that? Not Georget strait... KID ROCK? OH I KNOW!! Rascal Flats?"
BElla::: rolling her eyes::: "NO MOMMMY! JUST sing me a lullaby."::deep dramatic grandma sigh::
me: "OOOOK" ::clears throat:: "LULLLLLAAAAAAAABYYYYYEEEEEEEeeee and GOODDDDDD NIiiiigghh"
Bella:: putting fingers in ears::: "MOMMYyyyyyyyy! stoppppppppp PLEASEeeee DONT DO THAT...."
me: "What?! I thougth you wanted me to sing you a lullabye."
Bella: "I did! but I changed my mind" ::rolls over in a huff

me:" WHY did you change your mind? I can sing somethig else.. I KNOW! wanna hear some "You are my susnshine" or some "Amarillo by morning?"
Bella: :: pretending to snore:: "shhhhhh mommmy! IM JUST ASLEEP already."

YA THINK she is tryin to tell me something?????

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't get mad...

Take pictures????? ughmm ok. BUT IM STILL MAD
The little Picasso.. even signed her name to it. I have tried... magic eraser, baking soda with water made into a paste. but the paint is coming off. GOnna try bleach next. THEN probly just repaint. I asked mama about it and she said OH that must have already been there cuz I was watching her...... UGHmm OK. IM sending BElla to her house with a brand new pack of SHARPIES hehe.

WE interrupt this regularly scheduled program

WITH ONLY 10 MINUTES LEFT OF THE DANG PROGRAM. HOW DARE THEY! SO I have few guilty pleasures in life. YES one of them making these tons of pages to give my child proof we had a wonderful life... The other.. MY TV LINE UP. I spend alot of time indoors (see the part about internal combustion and sunlight meeting my skin) I got to do soemthing besides scrap ya know! Well My Monday night show HEROES is on and IM all into it and it is getting close to the climax. THE SEASON FINALE on top of that.... all of a sudden.. ANT RACES... STATIC SCREEN.. WHAT THE *&^% OH ugh ugh. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. DID SHE KILL HIM? DID he explode? did sunlight hit him and he internally combust. WHAT. ON top of that we have CABLE INTERNET ACCESS (cuz I have no patience and have to have hi speed) SO not only was the tv out MY OTHER lifeline to the world.. THE INTERNET was down. OH GOOD LORD the world must be ending. THis totally sucks. SO YEs after my head spins 3 times to the left. I called Di and greta cuz I was sending them an email at the time. Explaining I wasnt being RUDE just the *&^%$%^& cable went out. POP it comes back on OH YES 2 minutes to spare on my show!!
WHAT .. COMMERCIALS OH ugh ugh! POP goes back off. WHAT is this some little idiot standing on the MAIN CORD AT the cable company goign HEHEHE this will tick them off really bad!
ALL I can say THEY BETTER BE GLAD it was just monday and NOT Tonight or tomorrow night when AMerican Idol is on... IM giving them advanced warning right now!

So what are your obcessions right now? are you as passionate about "your shows" as I am or do you like.. have a life? HEy BElla knows all about Jordin and BLake she has cheered and danced and said GO HOME SANJAYA with all of us. She even called a friend of mine to say WHEHEWEWWWWW when sanjaya got booted! She said he had CRAZY HAIR! ha!
SO tell me about your tv shows you just HAVE to watch?

You can post them in the BLOG CHALLENGE section at TREASURES TO SCRAP ~~~~> there is a link to the site in my links section.
(I would link you but blogger is being a pain in the butt today and not letting me link)
OFF to play group we gotta big day today! TOODLES!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Treats in the heat!

MAN it is hot. SO HOT that when we heard the familiar tune of our FAVORITE treat EVERYONE came running. ITS THE ICEEEE CREAMMMMM MANNNNNN. We almost missed him. I was on the phone with our neighbor she said STOPPP THAT TRUCK SO I run to the door and let out my BEST horse/cattle callin whistle.. and stopped em. YEAH ME! I guess daddy knew that would come in handy some day. Was supposed to be for getting the dogs in or whatever other critters attention your trying to get... BUT GUESS WHAT it works ON men too! CUz the Ice cream truck FROZE in his tracks (BWAHHAAHA get it.. froze in his tracks.. ahh nevermind geez)
Bella held him at bay with her sparkling blues, while I dug out money and OF COURSE my camera was right there so ughmm. YEP we had to take a pic. GEE this one should go in the books ya know! WE didn't have an ice cream man growing up cuz well.. we lived half past the end of the world down on the left. NOTHING there but trees. There was no corner McDonalds, No resteraunts, barely a gas station. THis town livin' is PRETTY cool being that YOU get to order in food (YES THEY BRING IT TO YOU) and the ice cream man drives through your neighbor hood. After Hurricane Katrina.. HE was more welcomed than any of the celebrities that came to help re build. People would gather on lawns every afternoon JUST WAITING for something cool to eat. Bella liked the Spongebob Ice cream cuz.. You could eat his eyes. they were candy... Sounds kinda morbid but hey... SHe was happy and quiet for about 3 minutes till the sugar hit then it was BOING BOING BOING.

BElla looks up at me after the Ice cream is gone and the novelty is about worn off and says "MOMMY"
Me: yess BElla
Bella:"Member How I said I wanted to marry Daddy?"
Me: ughmm maybe.. yeah.
BElla: "I fink I changed my mind"
Me: Oh you did huh? WHY?
BElla: " I fink I wanna mawwy the ICE cweam man"
ME: (a little shocked but kinda think hey that could be cool son in law with ice cream... wonder if he will let me drive) OH really? why is that?
BElla: "MOMMYYYY! CUZ he has that really coool ICe cweam twuck we could wide awound all day eating ice cweam and singing the music"
Me: ::thinking yup that would be MY CHILD:: I think daddy might get his feelings hurt if you marry the ice cream man instead of him.
BElla: "NAAHHHH he wont" gives me the you are crazy woman stare " CUZ you know DADDY LOOOOVEEESSS ice cweam and we will let him drive sometimes.
ME" well that will totally seal the deal for daddy ya think?"
Bella: OH Y EAH mommy

SO obviously she thinks we can be bribed VERY EASILY with ice cream .... too bad she is right huh!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

dang its hot

WEll we got out in the little pool for a bit but Bella is SOOOOO MAD cuz I made us come in around lunch. SHe doesn't understand mommy can't be in the sun. It sucks I know but I just can't. I will be sick for weeks if I get out there long. HOW do you make a 4 year old understand you will virtually explode if you stay in the sun when you have Lupus. Funny now how It makes so much sense how in the years past in the summer I would go on vacations and trips and when we were outside long periods of time in the sun I ALWAYS got sick. We used to go to the river and ski and swim and Id be sick. IF I was in remission I was fine but IF for some reason this was acting up I got sooooo sick. WHO knew. I guess they just never suspected this crapp till it came to a full blown head after daddy got killed. NOW we know and can prevent those some. ONe of my biggest triggers.. the sun. The other... STRESS. SO IT has been soo hard cuz I LOVEEEEEEE the outside and I LOVE laying in the sun and going to the beach but I just cannot do it until Im off all the meds and into full remission. BUT HOW do you explain that to a 4 year old. Days like this suck. She wants to go outside so bad. Maybe this afternoon when it cools some we can go back out for a while... right now just from being out an hour I need a nap. IM drained. Physically EXHAUSTED. YOU THINK she is gonna lay down and let me rest... UGHM NO I get almost asleep she punches me WHAT ARRE YOU DOING MOM ITS NOT NIGHT TIME! HAHAHAHA. Man do I remember those days.
I guess we will just have to swim by flashlight and bug repellant. A VAMPRIRE I MUST BE! OH well. Maybe I wont have wrinkles and will look ravishing in my old age bwahahahaha ITs too dang hot out there anyway WHO wants to be out there in that (meee OH well. Maybe I can get her interested in a card game. EVEr seen a 4 year old play poker? That is about the age when daddy started teaching me. See how bad this makes wilmaths head spin heehe

Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday was a busy but exciting day. I got my first official check for my layouts whehewwwwww. My books came in from Pinecone press with my layouts and my check and some goodies. SO EXCITING! NOW im just waiting on my other box... an order I placed to come. THen Im gonna be doing some serious scrappin'
Well BElla is rearin to go and wants some "pink honey chocate milk" so that is my que. I will blog more later. GOt a big day today.

WE went to NEIGHBORS resteraunt to eat last night (THEY HAVE THE BESSSTTTTT FRIED CHICKEN EVAHHHH and awesome pie) THe man that owns the resteraunt I cant recall his name now but he was talking to Bella. HE asked her "how old are you young lady"
Bella puts her hand on her hip and looks at him like his face was on fire and says " I WILL NEVER TELL, LADIES DONT TELL THEIR HOW OLD ARE THEY"
MY jaw drops... THe man is ROLLING LAUGHING and says " well can I GUESS?" she tells him " SURE you can guess but I dont think you will be right" I was ready to BEAT her cuz she was being so smarty but IT was soooo funny at the same time. I told her that yes he was laughing and it was kinda funny but TO NOT BE RUDE. Ladies are NOT to be rude. SHe looked at me and said " BUT mommy I JUST ugh LITTLE GIYULL"
SOmetimes it is hard to remember she is only 4. Man where does she get these things!!!
WELL IM OFF to go pick up my new fancy schmancy Dryer. My neighbor is gonna help me get it and install it. SO NOW I dont have tiny princess and dora panties drying all over my house... WE look like a tent city with all the bed linens hanging around today. DONT EVEN ASK. DOORBELL whehew wonder what the mail man is bringing today!!!

OH it was just my layouts from hobby lobby. But that was good. They are so good about sending my stuff backa nd they package it so careful. Just love Dena from there they are so sweet. OK I got work to do and MY GIYULL are comin over in a bit. ::waving hi greta and lizbeth!!:: maybe my dryer will be here before then and they wont think IM in a indoor tent city... bwahahahahaa. THey woudl just smile and laugh cuz nothing I do surprises them anymore.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


OK SO I TOOK THE CHALLENGE on the ONE LITTLE WORD blog. SO here she is in all her little spoiled rotteness (Im sure you notice the same photo up there on my header but i had to use this) She is so funny! THis pretty much explains her right now. WILD. She is like on kid crack or something.SHe was VERY happy to see her Grand ma today (and of course Grandma doesnt SPOIL this kid one bit ::insert major eyeroll here::)
SOOO I just let them BE. LEt them play let them do their thing and snuck off to the back of the house (thank you GOD it is big enough I can get some quiet occasionally) DId get some much needed work done but still got a long list over here.

THE FED EX man came today.. I notice how he drops my packages and RUNS now like he is scared im gonna attack him and smooch his face off for bringing me things. BElLa thinks he is related to Santa Clause and wants to know if his "reindeers are in the back of that truck".. could she pet them? Do they like carrots? ughmm, yeah ok. (my kid remember?)
SO ,I KNOW yall are all wondering what AMAZING package did the FED ex man in his lovely red white and blue sleigh deliver.. WELL good thing, cuz IM GONNA tell ya.
OK maybe not, ILL SHOW YOUUU! SEE! That is my page in SCRAPBOOK TRENDS magazine page 124. Im so excited ESPECIALLY since it is the page I did about my daddy. SO exciting to see it in a magazine. YEs those would be cool goodies that they sent me along with copies of the magazine and my page back (THANK YOU GOD) so It has been a VERY GOOD week. GOD Knows I NEEDED some good something to happen. Here is the page a little closer.
THe journaling is hidden behind the photos.. it says:
This is the road that was named after my daddy. My daddy was killed 11 years ago. He was a sherriff deputy pulling a suspect over in a stolen vehicle. The guy got out and stabbed him to his death 15 times. This is the first page I have done on it. This is the road where it happened... His road... Named after him now. This is the first of many pages that will help me deal with that day. That will maybe help me mentally get through it... somehow. Yeah it has been 11 years, but to me... it might as well have been yesterday, or the day before.
This page is helping me leave a leagacy for my little girl about her grandpa. What a wonderful man he was and how he sacrificed his life, no telling who he actually saved that day. It was premeditated. The person that came in contact with the escapee first... well My daddy got there first. WE have heard so many stories , Possibilites of who that person COULD have been instead of daddy, who it almost was or the narrow misses, Other people that we loved in our community, or other people traveling that day on the highway. My daddy is and always will be a hero. Now, I have a page to go in that book.Yeah I know ONE page but, Maybe the other pages will come a little easier now.
Nancy Jones

SO Yes I am very proud this got published. They didn't print the journaling in the book because I had it hidden. I thought I would share it with you here since a few of you have asked.

NOW, if you wanna see the magazine, you better hurry. cuz my mom is like buying up every copy she can find... I guess she thinks it wont ever happen again bwahahahahaha so she better get one while Im published! TOo funny huh?

I thought Id leave you with a conversation I had with Bella bug last night. For most of you that read my blog yall know my hubby is out of town doing some training seminars. so Bella comes piling up in the big bed with me last night. We were watching her "BEAR MOVIE" (open season) and I have NO CLUE where this came from but here goes our conversation..

BElla: Mommy!
ME: Yes Bella?
BElla: WHen I was in yours tummy... :: my heart sinks 4 inches lower in my chest when those words escape her 4 year old mouth, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT will follow::
Did I have legs?

ME: Legs?
Bella: yeah LEGS? see, like these? ::holds up leg::
me: ughmm YEAH you had legs
BElla: OK.... DId I have arms? ::waves around her arm::
me: ughmm yeah you had arms.
BElla::GRINNING:: what about a head?
ME ::laughing looking at her crazy:: YES silly you had a head.
BElla : a neck? fingers?
me:: YESSS BELLA you had a neck, fingers all the right parts.

THEN silence... for the longest time...
I thought she was asleep
THen she pops her head up and looks at me
Bella: MOMMY!!!
Me::startled:: what bella?
UGHMMM NO you were not wearing socks.
bella:: Well, HOW did My feet stay warm?
Me: thinking OH DEAR LORD HELP! .. "You didnt neeed socks then, cuz you were all warm and cozy where you were." :: so proud of myself for having a good answer..

Bella: ::giggles:: looks wide eyed and says " YEAHHH and NeeKKKEEEEDDDDD"

Hope you have a Happy THursday!

Today's Blog challenge


Ok so what prompted this your thinking? WEll My mom (nuff said) is on her way here and while talking to her and me getting VERY ANNOYED at all the crapp she was saying she had to do and blah blah .. before she could leave (while bellas nose is pressed against the window saying EVERY CAR that doesn't turn in our driveway wasnt grand ma and ARE YOU SURE SHE IS COMING TODAY? as tears are streaming down her face YET ANOTHER DAY) She tells me.. "You mean you don't make sure your house is "company clean" before you leave?" Im thinking ???what???? "if you died and people had to come in and get clothes for you and stuff THey would think you were a total pig."

WHAT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I would NEVER go anywhere if I had to make sure my house is company clean before I left. I have a 4 year old. If we make it out of the house dressed everyone with shoes (that match) teeth brushed, hair brushed, everyone has gone potty, whatever appropriate baby doll that gets the pleasure of accompanying us that day.. I FEEL I HAVE MADE A HUGEEEEEEE accomplishment. IF I have not forgotten to turn off the tv the oven and all the lights I GET extra credit.. better yet any dishes in the sink, Bellas stuff strowed through out the house and the beds made.. YOUR KIDDING RIGHT?
SO my reaction was.. "I WOULD think We would be so grief stricken and distraught that our first thought was not OH GOD YOU DIDNT MAKE YOUR BED. LETS GO BEAT ON HER HECK SHE IS DEAD ANYWAY..." of course that went over like a screen door on a submarine... not very well.
" I AM JUST TRYING TO SET A GOOD EXAMPLE" ughmm ma? "TO WHOM?" I asked. "YOU" she replied. "WELL I WONT SEE IT CUZ IM THE ONE YOUR COMING TO SEEEE!" and "You are sayign you will be dead so why would you care?"
SO dont go to any extreme on my account will ya. JUST COME ON SO MY KID WILL UNLATCH HERSELF FROM THE WINDOW. I think she could feel my TENSION cuz she said OK Im getting my oil changed IM on my way.
(do you change your oil every time you go anywhere?)
BUt again I dont go anywhere much and barely have 4 thousand miles on my car and it is over a year old. I hate going long distances with my kid cuz well.. potty training ya know.. Ill let you use your imagination.
she lives in her van and on the highway going EVERYWHERE so yeah her oil DOES need changing but she had to do all this NOWWW. I guess cuz I have a screaming kid begging for her grandma it makes me just a LITTLE MORE ANXIOUS.

SO OUr routine when we leave the house is as follows.
Make sure shoes match, underwear is on, and CLEAN (yes ma I got that one from you!)and not on backwards or inside out... clothes match and are clean. (she likes to dress herself these days)
teeth brushed, hair brushed, hands are clean, lights turned off, doors all locked , tv off and get in the car with whatever creature or baby doll is gonna ride with us that day. Seat belts on and THAT IS IT... NO oil changes before heading to the grocery.

SO what about you?


IT IS WAYY to flippin early for anything to be alive right now... why is my child jumping on the bed... YOU MEAN TV IS ON THIS EARLY? WHO put coffee in her honey chocate milk? Im serious WHY IS SHE JUMPING ON THE BED. DOESNT SHE KNOW It isnt time to get up yet! IS IT DAYLIGHT? OH dear GOD make it stop. SHE CANNOT be awake SHE hasnt been asleep near long enough for me to recoup. DOesn't she KNOW I don't get any work done until SHE goes to bed. WHo gave her that dadgum bear that sings happy birthday I officially hate you whoever you are! YES!yes yes... I know hate is a bad word.
I will be back later when the sun is up to post the blog challenge.. I have to go like, find something with caffeine ..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i know I KNOWWWW

2 posts in one day.. but this is HUGEE HUGEEE HUGEEE! THIS BOOK. THIS BOOOK RIGHT HERE. Thaat my friend Jamie did HAS MY LAYOUTS IN IT!!!!! The ones of my daddy. ALL that hard work I did for those weeks and yall were all ready to put me in an institution cuz I cried so much well GUESS WHAT HERE IT IS!!!!! HERE IS THE BOOK. IM so excited! Jamie got the shipment today so that meansssss My copies are on their way whehehwwwwww!!! IM so excited I have tears.

TOdays challenge: Who or what has significantly changed your life.

Wow.. I have had quite a few things that totally significantly changed my life. My father getting killed was a HUMONGOUS one Im a completely totally different person because of it now. Also John has really changed my life. He not only is my husband but he is my best friend..some days I feel my only friend that really gets what it is like to be me and have all the crapp I have. He knows what to say when IM upset to make me feel better, He tells me though when Im wrong and that I need to correct something. BUT, He will defend me to the end when I have been done wrong. He knows what to do when I get sick or start "having a sinker" as I call it. He knows when to tell me OK you need to chill for a while cuz your getting too stressed (THAT WOULD BE NOW HONEY!! HURRY UP AND COME HOME HA!) He is my biggest fan but also my best critique and will tell me "OK that looks weird" or I just don't "get it" when Im working on projects.
Bella Definitly changed our life Not just mine but both of ours. She is amazing. SHe is funny, creative, challenging and some days makes me wanna scream. But every night when I see that little one asleep in there I just think, WOW, aint it cool! WE never thought we would get this experience. Well, John did.. cuz he said he "always gets what he wants" ::eye roll:: also how he knew she would be a girl...::another eyeroll:: sadly to admit but.. he was right. DID I SAY THAT? CALL GUINESS cuz it won't happen again. Maybe I just miss him alot yeah that is it.
We have had to face lots of challenges in our life but they have always brought us closer together. When I pull away he pulls closer when he pulls away I pull closer. Its kinda cool actually. I honestly think I wouldn't be alive today if it were not for him. He is the one that said the dr was crazy and picked me up out of that hospital and took me to Lousiana to Ochner's to get a correct diagnosis. He is still my biggest fan and biggest advocate. He adapted his life because he knew my limitations. WHich has been a HUGE thing for him. HE sacrifices daily for us "his giyulls" he works hard, He provides us with pretty much everything we want that is within reason. HE does whatever he can to make us happy. WHat more could you ask for in a husband?
OK so before his head gets ANY LARGER and the guys where he is training want to schmack him around.. Ill stop and also because Bella is quiet which Usually means Disaster is in the making. I like the changes so far in our life well ok MOST of them. BUT what I LIKE most is that HE is the one who was with me through all of them cuz ya know... IT just wouldnt be the same without him. HE just rocks that is the best way I can explain it and well ... BELLA MISSES HER DADDY TOO! We get to mark another X today whehew!

***************SIDE NOTE:: BE SURE you go check out TREASURES TO SCRAP Store section under PRIMAS SHE got in a TON OF New prima flowers that are SOOOOO OMG SCRUMPTIOUS THAT YOU WILL NOT be able to live without (ok maybe just me but theya re soooooo awesome) GO HURRY cuz they are flyin out of the store!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


WHY do they call it MURPHYS LAW? I think it should be called JONES law. Cuz this crapp ONLY Happens to me, I SWEAR. Have you ever had days where YOU JUST KNOW there is a camera crew hiding in the bushes waiting to come out, saying "YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED" or you are on some Other stupid "we are screwing with you tv show?" I WISH that was how it is Yesterday and today cuz it does somewhat resemble some really lame "I love Lucy Rerun." SO here goes welcome to my world.

SO John goes out of town for some training classes, Well I think he took like all the working atmosphere out of our house when he left. The dryer NOT an hour after he leaves LAUGHS AT ME and coughs. I think it is saying I HATE YOU AND YOUR CLOTHES AND IM ON VACATION. OF COURSE I have 2 loads of wet clothes to be dried cuz My daughter is potty training. so UGHMM yeah we gotta wash em daily or she has nothing to wear.
So I call hubby he says OH IT does that sometimes.. wait a little while and start it again. SO I do that, 4 times, NOTHING."Insert slanderous words of your choice here" THEN we are getting these freak thunderstorms like EVERY DAY and the cable goes out which of course is also THE INTERNET. "INSERT REALLLLLYYYY BAD WORDS HERE" So of course THAT is when Bella chooses to take a nap. (cuz this is JONES LAW) I did get a page made but, I was hot cuz I couldnt log on and get some much needed work done.
WHY? CUZ this is like some freako punked edition of MURPHYS LAW!!!

SO I finally call my neighbor across the street, while hanging up tiny big girl panties all over my house trying to get them dry.. and ask "IS YOUR CABLE WORKING." WELL YEAH IT IS.... WELL it seems it is just OUR side of the street.. so I call my OTHER neighbor. NO his isnt working either. JUST as I start to cry thinking IM NEVER gonna get anything done WHAMO it pops back on. YEAHHH thank you murphy!

SO I tell him what is up with the dryer. HE says "want me to come look at it." SURREEEE!!! look at it curse it kick it I DONT care just make it dry my kids undies PLEASE! SO he comes over and vaccums out a DOG. I swear it was a small animals worth of lint you could have made a sweater for a big person or a small fuzzy animal had to have been in there. I was shocked. I didnt know you ahve to take your dryer apart and vaccum that. SEEMS it kept turning off as A WARNING that it was GONNA CATCH ON FIRE cuz it had so much of that crapp in there. OH GREAT. SO the motor is almost gone.. toast.. dead. GREAT. BUT WE HAVE a way we can make it work for now.
SO PICTURE... ME with my knee on the little button that the door holds down to make your dryer start. my hand holding the starter button and then the other arm giving the inside a spin to get it started.. ughm YEAH.. THEN when it gets turning.. I THROw The clothes in a few at time while my knee is on the button still. SOOOOOO the inside it spinning and im throwing DORA and CInderella panties in PRAYING TO GOD they dont come flying back at me holding my mouth just righ as I TAKE my knee of the do jigger and SLAMMING the door really fast. AND IT WORKS.

REDNECK engineering or Murphys law? YOU DECIDE. WHICH ever I DONT CARE I JUST WANT A

SO how was your day????

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Here is hoping everyone has a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY TODAY!! I got my cool bar stool swivel pretty chair for my scrap room. BElla calls it my "cwappin chair" hahahaha. WE had to correct her a couple times on that. YEAH let her scream that one out in target. JOhn is on his way to College Station Texas AHHHHH! Stacey look out for him. I told him that the scrapbook store there wasnt that great so I can spend all the money here while he is gone bwahahaha. Ill share some of my favorite pictures today while I boo hoo that my baby is growing up way too fast. I also would like to say TO my mom and Mom in law and all you other mothers out there:
I thought we could walk down memory lane. SOme of these may not be my BEST layouts cuz some are older. BUT ... They mean the world. SO Im looking back at the 4 years I have been a mommy today.
I have to say it has been an awesome 4 years.
ALot of laughs, ALot of tears, ALot of days I wanted to SCREAM and Duct tape her to the wall.
Who am I kidding duct tape wont hold her up there.. THIS IS MY KID were talking about.
It is hard to believe she is 4 years old now. Seems like she should be 1 and a half. IT goes way too fast.
THis is the reason I scrapbook every second of our lives. Days like today when you can look back at all your albums and laugh, cry and smile at how PRECIOUS EACH and every second we have with these BEautiful people that GOd entrusts us with.
We pray for them, we cry for them we smile at them and laugh. HOW could we ever imagine life any different.
ITs all these little moments that make up for all the late night feedings, the HORRENDOUS diapers after your neighbors feed her cracklins and pickled ONion just to see the cute faces she makes at 8 months old.
ITs these sweet moments that make up for all that.I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day today and thank you for letting me walk down memory lane today.::hands out hankies::
WE now rejoin our regularly scheduled program :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The war is on

OK troops IM GOING IN ... ITs a dirty battle but... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Steam cleaner is kickin my tail... BUT THIS FLOOR WILL BE CLEANNNNNNNN! If Im not back later send EMT's, or chocolate.

Friday, May 11, 2007


THANK YOU DAWNE! I got a rak in the mail from her today another one of the Micheals stamps WHEHEW I dont have that one THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ROCK SISTA! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ALot going on here for a Friday. Had to go grocery shopping we were out of almost everything! My hubby got me this FABULOUS chair from BElla for Mother's day to go in my scrap room. BElla calls it my "crappin chair" which ummm Im thinking not. BUT It is really comfy and cool. A LITTLE TALLER than I realized but I love it. I have to go back later and dont want to. GOt Bella a swim suit and its too small. SHe is SOOOOO long waisted. SO we gotta go up to a 6. GEEZ my kid is gonna be tall like her daddy. IM gonna need this tall "crappin chair" to get up where I can fuss at her and make sure she hears me hahahaha. I will be back and add photos soon we have a scheduled outage today on blogger and wanted to get this up before then. GOT to go get "crappin" GOt projects due AHHHHH! ITS beginning to look like CHristmas in my scrap room and UGHMM can you say IT IS WAYYY TOO HOT to be doing Christmas pages but THat is what was requested so... gotta get it done. HOPE you have a lovely Friday whehew its THE WEEEKENDDDDD!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

a challenge and some photos

I did the BLog challenge today on Two peas. Thanks THIS WAS FUN! NOW I CHALLENGE YOU to do it. Just copy and paste and put your answers in and link me so we can go read your answers as well :)

Two Names I Go by: Nancy and Jones

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: T shirt and work out shorts

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Love and commitment

Two of My Favorite Things to do: scrapbook and play with my family

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: a nap and chocolate

Two pets I have: GUido (and do John and Bella count for this one?)

Two things I did last night: watched way too much tv and made a mini album

Two things I ate today: ritz crackers and a bowl of princess cereal

Two people I just talked to last: John and Tracy

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: Cleaning and Scrapping

Two longest car rides: hwy 98 to hattiesburg, hwy 49 to almost home in Mississippi

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving

Two favorite beverages Sweet tea and margaritas

IM working hard on getting my projects done today. Man It is too hot to do Christmas layouts. I need to turn the air down and put on some Christmas tunes cuz THE MO JO AINT kickin right now. BUT IM ALSO VERY TIRED!
OMGOSH did you SEEEE LOST LAST NIGHT?????? THAT JACOB WAS SOOOOOOOOO CREEEPY. I was on the edge of my chair the whole time. I dont think I blinked the entire episode. IT was sooooooooo good. I CANT wait to watch the next one. Jericho was really good too. IM so addicted to that show as well. AMERICAN IDOL all I can say is GOOOOO JORDIN!! I HOPE SHE wins the whole thing!! SHE ROCKS SERIOUS!! Tonight Greys is gonna be sooo good and so Is E.R. I know I KNOW I watch wayyyy tooo much tv BUT I have these certain shows that I watch and that is it. ::sigh::
I am getting the rest of the raks together from Nat'l scrapbook day (random acts of kindness) So I can mail them out tomorrow. Other than that.. not much going on today. Working on projects and cleaning.
Here are some photos of the day for you:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


BElla LOVES them. SHe calls them HER BUG SHOES. THis is my photo of the day for yesterday but since my camera battery died, IM posting it today.
HOpe you have a beautiful Wed. ITs a gorgeous day here and gonna go play out in it!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


YALL ROCK! GOt a BUSY DAY TODAY. IT IS USSUALLY Playgroup but since they are going to the beach and well I will internally combust if I get in direct sunlight for over 10 minutes.... we took a pass this time. SOOO I told Bella we would do something special..err now tryin to think what we are gonna do but we will do something. Daddy is suposed to be home early so maybe he can go have fun with us!!
Ill be on later.
BE sure and check out our newsletter at TREASURES TO SCRAP. It is really good! GOt some cool info in there this month. check it out and CONGRATS KIDDO'S!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


OK here it goes: My bud Leslie tagged me for this and to do the 7 things. and 5 to 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog... since I already did the 7 things I will do the 5 ways I come up with things for my blog rofl.

1. BELLA.. she is my biggest inspiration for everything. SHE IS SOOO FUNNY and cute. yes I KNOW everyone thinks THEIR child is the funniest cutest thing ever. MINE really is hehehehe. OK kidding. SHe is the cutest child I HAVE so there. We started this blog to update family and our friends all over the country (since we moved) with updated photos and happnings so I woulndt hve to send out 500 emails and it has evolved from there.

2. Family "happnins".. anything that is going on in the family that warrants notation. AND A FEW THAT DONT :)

3. NEWS.. world events, happnins or anything that bears repeating (an a few that might not hehe)

4. Scrapbookin'~ well this is the main thing that goes on in my life so it is the main thing I blog about. I put up the latest layouts I have done for my family to see and (you know I Scrap in triplicate so each gramma gets pages) I write about new products new events and any cool thing I think yall, my pals would want to know about. IF ya didn't I figure why the heck would you be reading my blog.. hehe
5. Pimpin my Treasures~ Yup, I pimp for Treasures To Scrap all the time. ANy time we have an event or new thing going on You will know it here On my blog. SHe gets in new cool products (she just got in those prima sprites and omg I have to have them) WHehew thank you Tracy for sending em to me.. YOU ROCK SISTA!

6. Accomplishments and set backs. It is a tough world out there and we make strides in both directions with my health. If you don't see a post for a few days my family knows it must be a bad week. My health can go from good to not good at all so fast with this crapp that it gets scary sometimes. BUT Thank GOD we are still here and cruisin along. I love my friends and family and thank you all soooo much for all your prayers. HOPEFULLY SOOON I can get out in the world again. (shingles keep coming back and going in as soon as we think im over it they come back so Im still on restrictions for now. NO GERMS PLEASE hehe)

OK so now I tag LETS SEEEEE.. ADRIAN, CHERYL, Greta, Elizabeth, Tracy, Di, Robin and all My Treasure friends :)

let me know when ya got cha tag up :)

Sunday, May 06, 2007


SO how was your weekend? DId you get alot scrapped? There was soooooooo much going on this weekend with National Scrapbook Day. LOTS of fun for lots of scrappers. Here are a couple pages I did Between the carpet flood cleaning (don't even ask) and the chats, and the contests at Treasures.This was the BLING IT ON challenge.

THis was do a page about hair and I incorporated the pastel colors challenge in with that. The page and journaling is about when BElla cut her own hair and the arrows are pointing to the CHUNK she cut. Miss Melissa made her promise to never ever cut her own hair again.
This one was to alter monograms. This photo is of Bella and of her cousin Brelynn. They are so cute!! They had so much fun this day at the Pumpkin Patch. We dont get to see them as often as we want to :( The other challenge I incorporated was stitching and ribbons. (I used doodlebug rub on stitches)

ANd this one was for the Brad Challenge. SO I DID get a few pages done whehew. NOT as many as I wanted of course but on well.
I hope you got to have a scrappy weekend as well.

Bella is playing over at the neighbors so WE have not drawn for the Prize yet. WE WILL Announce it tomorrow in my next entry WHO WON THE KIDS CHALLENGE WHEHEW. ALL THE PAGES LOOK AWESOME. IM GIVING YOU ONE MORE DAY iF ANY MORE KIDS WANT TO PARTICIPATE.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Nat'l Scrapbook Day and say hello to:

TREASURES NEW "DEDINE TEAMS MEMBUR" BELLA!! Tracy asked BElla yesterday to be on the design team. SHe is taking this VERY SERIOUSLY. THe first thing she said when she woke up today was that "she had PWOJECTS to do and she was CWAPPIN wiff miss Twacy all the day" She had soooo much fun doing the kid challenges and kid scrapping today. SHE INSISTED she wear this dress to scrap. SHE LOVESSS this dress. SO HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY. YOU WOULD THINK it is a huge holiday around here.
so as my friend Heather said "Did the scrappy fiary-clause bring you anything?"
IM sorry I almost spit on my screen when I saw her say that. NOPE didn't bring me anything but we are we having fun. We have had a HUGEEEE weekend crop at TREASURES TO SCRAP and it will continue on tonight as well. SO MUCH going on. very fun stuff lots of challenges. EVEN for the kids. BElla did some challenges today as well, for the kids challenges. Here are her pages:
THis one was to scrap your favorite book or movie, she also did the stickers on it for hte sticker challenge and has her father and herself on it with her CINDERELLA castle playing. (scrap your parents) so she covered several there. SHe loves these epoxy gel stickers also that are princess. HER favorite is the crown and the mirror (are you not surprised? ha)

This one the challenge was to use flowers on a page and a shape so she put lots of flowers and made her favorite shape and oval, also scrapped her mommy on this page with herself so there is the mommy part of scrap mommy and daddy.

The last one was to scrap your school... well she isn't in school so we chose sunday school. DOnt you love the stamping she did here with the beautiful stampin up noahs ark stamps? her favorite.

SO that is what she has gotten done for natl scrapbook day. I will wait till tomorrow and show mine on my blog. Being I am just now really getting to start scrapping, Had to finish my challenge samples and get them up but WE are having a blast YOu should come say hi and have fun with us too at "TREASURES TO SCRAP"

Friday, May 04, 2007

"cwappin" challenge for a RAK


We are having a HUGEEEEEE National Scrapbook Day weekend crop at Treasures to scrap.
LOTS of fun prizes to be given away also. We have a big crop and scavenger hunt tonight that is gonna be SO MUCH FUN and we are giving away tons of prizes and Raks!! Belal is all excited about scrapping this weekend, SHe even made some pages this morning. SHe was having too much fun working in HER scrapbook of her favorite people.

She found some pictures that I had printed off that were just a tad blurry for my taste and I let her work with them. I think she did a fantastic job. What do you think. You can go to the gallery and leave her some love. We posted them at Treasures in the gallery and challenged to see other kids pages they did.

BE sure and link back here and show us your childs pages. YOU COULD WIN A RAK PICKED OUT BY BELLA!!!!