Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday was a busy but exciting day. I got my first official check for my layouts whehewwwwww. My books came in from Pinecone press with my layouts and my check and some goodies. SO EXCITING! NOW im just waiting on my other box... an order I placed to come. THen Im gonna be doing some serious scrappin'
Well BElla is rearin to go and wants some "pink honey chocate milk" so that is my que. I will blog more later. GOt a big day today.

WE went to NEIGHBORS resteraunt to eat last night (THEY HAVE THE BESSSTTTTT FRIED CHICKEN EVAHHHH and awesome pie) THe man that owns the resteraunt I cant recall his name now but he was talking to Bella. HE asked her "how old are you young lady"
Bella puts her hand on her hip and looks at him like his face was on fire and says " I WILL NEVER TELL, LADIES DONT TELL THEIR HOW OLD ARE THEY"
MY jaw drops... THe man is ROLLING LAUGHING and says " well can I GUESS?" she tells him " SURE you can guess but I dont think you will be right" I was ready to BEAT her cuz she was being so smarty but IT was soooo funny at the same time. I told her that yes he was laughing and it was kinda funny but TO NOT BE RUDE. Ladies are NOT to be rude. SHe looked at me and said " BUT mommy I JUST ugh LITTLE GIYULL"
SOmetimes it is hard to remember she is only 4. Man where does she get these things!!!
WELL IM OFF to go pick up my new fancy schmancy Dryer. My neighbor is gonna help me get it and install it. SO NOW I dont have tiny princess and dora panties drying all over my house... WE look like a tent city with all the bed linens hanging around today. DONT EVEN ASK. DOORBELL whehew wonder what the mail man is bringing today!!!

OH it was just my layouts from hobby lobby. But that was good. They are so good about sending my stuff backa nd they package it so careful. Just love Dena from there they are so sweet. OK I got work to do and MY GIYULL are comin over in a bit. ::waving hi greta and lizbeth!!:: maybe my dryer will be here before then and they wont think IM in a indoor tent city... bwahahahahaa. THey woudl just smile and laugh cuz nothing I do surprises them anymore.


Adriann said...

Oh Guiyll that was too cute!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! I wish you could video tape every moment. Can you imagine the money you would win with those tapes??????


Angel said...

Okay, checks in the mail! fame AND fortune AND scrap goodies for getting published! I want in on some of this!!! Congrats! See, some rewarding "haps" ( happenings)
after the big, ugly dryer " mishap"
Have a good weekend!