Wednesday, May 16, 2007


OK SO I TOOK THE CHALLENGE on the ONE LITTLE WORD blog. SO here she is in all her little spoiled rotteness (Im sure you notice the same photo up there on my header but i had to use this) She is so funny! THis pretty much explains her right now. WILD. She is like on kid crack or something.SHe was VERY happy to see her Grand ma today (and of course Grandma doesnt SPOIL this kid one bit ::insert major eyeroll here::)
SOOO I just let them BE. LEt them play let them do their thing and snuck off to the back of the house (thank you GOD it is big enough I can get some quiet occasionally) DId get some much needed work done but still got a long list over here.

THE FED EX man came today.. I notice how he drops my packages and RUNS now like he is scared im gonna attack him and smooch his face off for bringing me things. BElLa thinks he is related to Santa Clause and wants to know if his "reindeers are in the back of that truck".. could she pet them? Do they like carrots? ughmm, yeah ok. (my kid remember?)
SO ,I KNOW yall are all wondering what AMAZING package did the FED ex man in his lovely red white and blue sleigh deliver.. WELL good thing, cuz IM GONNA tell ya.
OK maybe not, ILL SHOW YOUUU! SEE! That is my page in SCRAPBOOK TRENDS magazine page 124. Im so excited ESPECIALLY since it is the page I did about my daddy. SO exciting to see it in a magazine. YEs those would be cool goodies that they sent me along with copies of the magazine and my page back (THANK YOU GOD) so It has been a VERY GOOD week. GOD Knows I NEEDED some good something to happen. Here is the page a little closer.
THe journaling is hidden behind the photos.. it says:
This is the road that was named after my daddy. My daddy was killed 11 years ago. He was a sherriff deputy pulling a suspect over in a stolen vehicle. The guy got out and stabbed him to his death 15 times. This is the first page I have done on it. This is the road where it happened... His road... Named after him now. This is the first of many pages that will help me deal with that day. That will maybe help me mentally get through it... somehow. Yeah it has been 11 years, but to me... it might as well have been yesterday, or the day before.
This page is helping me leave a leagacy for my little girl about her grandpa. What a wonderful man he was and how he sacrificed his life, no telling who he actually saved that day. It was premeditated. The person that came in contact with the escapee first... well My daddy got there first. WE have heard so many stories , Possibilites of who that person COULD have been instead of daddy, who it almost was or the narrow misses, Other people that we loved in our community, or other people traveling that day on the highway. My daddy is and always will be a hero. Now, I have a page to go in that book.Yeah I know ONE page but, Maybe the other pages will come a little easier now.
Nancy Jones

SO Yes I am very proud this got published. They didn't print the journaling in the book because I had it hidden. I thought I would share it with you here since a few of you have asked.

NOW, if you wanna see the magazine, you better hurry. cuz my mom is like buying up every copy she can find... I guess she thinks it wont ever happen again bwahahahahaha so she better get one while Im published! TOo funny huh?

I thought Id leave you with a conversation I had with Bella bug last night. For most of you that read my blog yall know my hubby is out of town doing some training seminars. so Bella comes piling up in the big bed with me last night. We were watching her "BEAR MOVIE" (open season) and I have NO CLUE where this came from but here goes our conversation..

BElla: Mommy!
ME: Yes Bella?
BElla: WHen I was in yours tummy... :: my heart sinks 4 inches lower in my chest when those words escape her 4 year old mouth, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT will follow::
Did I have legs?

ME: Legs?
Bella: yeah LEGS? see, like these? ::holds up leg::
me: ughmm YEAH you had legs
BElla: OK.... DId I have arms? ::waves around her arm::
me: ughmm yeah you had arms.
BElla::GRINNING:: what about a head?
ME ::laughing looking at her crazy:: YES silly you had a head.
BElla : a neck? fingers?
me:: YESSS BELLA you had a neck, fingers all the right parts.

THEN silence... for the longest time...
I thought she was asleep
THen she pops her head up and looks at me
Bella: MOMMY!!!
Me::startled:: what bella?
UGHMMM NO you were not wearing socks.
bella:: Well, HOW did My feet stay warm?
Me: thinking OH DEAR LORD HELP! .. "You didnt neeed socks then, cuz you were all warm and cozy where you were." :: so proud of myself for having a good answer..

Bella: ::giggles:: looks wide eyed and says " YEAHHH and NeeKKKEEEEDDDDD"

Hope you have a Happy THursday!


Tracey said...

Saw this, Nancy, and was SO excited for you! Congrats, girl! :)

Tracie H said...

WOW! Love your Go LO and congrats on being published....thats a mighty fine stash pile you have there.

Lynn said...

first of all, love your header, totally cute, great layout and congras on being published!

one little word

Becca said...

*My Fed Ex man does that too! But I think he's afraid that I'll ask him to carry the box an extra half a step into my entry.

WooooooooooHooooooooooooo about the layout in ST--aren't their goodies boxes the best?!?


Adriann said...

Congratulations on getting published. Nice layout and wonderful journaling. I'm sure your dad would be proud.

Children's perspective are so funny and innocent. Don't cha just love it...

Annette said...

OMG I am so PROUD of you! I know you are proud of that one publication more than any! But listen up that conversation with Bella had me laughing my butt off. How funny! Katie Ann LOVES to be neeeekeeed and says it just like that too! Aren't these girls a hoot?! Don't know what I'd do without them! Love you bunches!

jessi said...

wow!!! love the funky-ness of your GO that photo!!! and a big congrats on getting published!!

one little word

Di Hickman said...

congrats Girlfriend! I know how hard its been for you to part with that layout so huge hugs!
Bella is too funny!
luv ya!

Ann(i)e said...

Really LOVE that layout!!!
I am in that mag with you...YEAH!!! I haven't gotten mine back yet (with the mag) so don't know what pages and such...but HOW FUN FOR US!!!!!!!

NancyJones said...

IS it the motherhood layout anne? I SEEE YOU page 61! Marking your page whehew YOu GO GIRLLL! I see so many familiar faces in here and people i Know! THIS ROCKS!! (Im gonna have to get your autograph hehe)

Gigi said...

nancy what a little firecracker! LOVE all the bling & the scallops & the just amazing COLOR & ATTITUDE!!!

awesome awesome...

& omg...the "when i was in your tummy" convo...hilarious!

Jamie said...

LOVE your GO lo girl.....Have fun with that loot.

Greta said...

congrats nancy...if i cry one more time today i am going to beat someone's bootay!!! lol

so proud of your dad and you! YOU ROCK SISTA!!

Chelsea said...

Nancy...congrats on your pub! It looks awesome, girl! Love your conversation with Bella!!!

jan williams said...

WAY TO GO GIRL!!! I am gonna have to get this mag.. and save it in my keep forever box..
Love Ya

Adriann said...


You are the absolute greatest!!!!! We rec'd our goodie package today. All of us are sooooooooo excited. We really scored!!!

I'll post pics on my blog tomorrow.


Angel said...

Congrats on this publish!
I'll look for the copy in stores tomorrow! WOW!

Paula said...

Fabulous pages. Your GO Wild one is so zinging with colour it is fab!!

Lis said...

Fantastic layout!!
Congrats on being pubbed :)

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Nancy
I so love that layout. Bella looks absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on being published.
Best wishes

michelle said...

love the colors you used and this picture is so awesome!