Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today's Blog challenge


Ok so what prompted this your thinking? WEll My mom (nuff said) is on her way here and while talking to her and me getting VERY ANNOYED at all the crapp she was saying she had to do and blah blah .. before she could leave (while bellas nose is pressed against the window saying EVERY CAR that doesn't turn in our driveway wasnt grand ma and ARE YOU SURE SHE IS COMING TODAY? as tears are streaming down her face YET ANOTHER DAY) She tells me.. "You mean you don't make sure your house is "company clean" before you leave?" Im thinking ???what???? "if you died and people had to come in and get clothes for you and stuff THey would think you were a total pig."

WHAT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I would NEVER go anywhere if I had to make sure my house is company clean before I left. I have a 4 year old. If we make it out of the house dressed everyone with shoes (that match) teeth brushed, hair brushed, everyone has gone potty, whatever appropriate baby doll that gets the pleasure of accompanying us that day.. I FEEL I HAVE MADE A HUGEEEEEEE accomplishment. IF I have not forgotten to turn off the tv the oven and all the lights I GET extra credit.. better yet any dishes in the sink, Bellas stuff strowed through out the house and the beds made.. YOUR KIDDING RIGHT?
SO my reaction was.. "I WOULD think We would be so grief stricken and distraught that our first thought was not OH GOD YOU DIDNT MAKE YOUR BED. LETS GO BEAT ON HER HECK SHE IS DEAD ANYWAY..." of course that went over like a screen door on a submarine... not very well.
" I AM JUST TRYING TO SET A GOOD EXAMPLE" ughmm ma? "TO WHOM?" I asked. "YOU" she replied. "WELL I WONT SEE IT CUZ IM THE ONE YOUR COMING TO SEEEE!" and "You are sayign you will be dead so why would you care?"
SO dont go to any extreme on my account will ya. JUST COME ON SO MY KID WILL UNLATCH HERSELF FROM THE WINDOW. I think she could feel my TENSION cuz she said OK Im getting my oil changed IM on my way.
(do you change your oil every time you go anywhere?)
BUt again I dont go anywhere much and barely have 4 thousand miles on my car and it is over a year old. I hate going long distances with my kid cuz well.. potty training ya know.. Ill let you use your imagination.
she lives in her van and on the highway going EVERYWHERE so yeah her oil DOES need changing but she had to do all this NOWWW. I guess cuz I have a screaming kid begging for her grandma it makes me just a LITTLE MORE ANXIOUS.

SO OUr routine when we leave the house is as follows.
Make sure shoes match, underwear is on, and CLEAN (yes ma I got that one from you!)and not on backwards or inside out... clothes match and are clean. (she likes to dress herself these days)
teeth brushed, hair brushed, hands are clean, lights turned off, doors all locked , tv off and get in the car with whatever creature or baby doll is gonna ride with us that day. Seat belts on and THAT IS IT... NO oil changes before heading to the grocery.

SO what about you?


Greta said...

oh girl that is old people syndrome....promise....

Di Hickman said...

hhahahahahahah! ok too funny! So my mum calls me on Monday to say she's all packed and ready to on vacation. Er is she coming to see me? no! They are going to Tenessee.... so why do I care? I have no idea why I need to know they are all packed and ready. Not like I can watch the house or feed the goldfish when I live 8000 miles away! sheeesh! mothers!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

awwww poor Bella... I think that I can understand this.. Dh's mom is more concerned about going traveling and seeing the world than seeing our kids and that has definately been hard for my kids while growing up.. My dad however, makes his grandkids top priority now and that is such a blessing to them and him. I say to you.. learn from your mom what you dont want to do when you are in the same position.. sometimes we learn what we dont want to do more than what they want us to do!!
chin up girl and give Bella and you a hug for me!!

Jolene George said...

You are so funny! My house is rarely company clean...and especially not sleep here company clean. Sure we all LIKE a clean house but people live here....messy people. We clean it...we mess it up. It's a vicious cycle. That's life! I hope your mom shows up soon to make one little girl very happy!

Suzie said...

My mum's exactly the same! Loving your blog (found you through SIS!) ... btw where did you get that My Mom Rocks t-shirt your daughter is wearing in your header? So cool!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Ummm *L* Well if my house even was 'company ready' when I left it wouldn't be that way when I got home!! *LOL* With 13 furbabies living here, it is anything BUT company ready when we get back from a trip!!! I need a couple days just to clean it all up!! *L*

Oh and you are supposed to make sure your undies are not on backwards before you leave the house? I ummm have discovered that when at work before!!! bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!