Wednesday, May 16, 2007


IT IS WAYY to flippin early for anything to be alive right now... why is my child jumping on the bed... YOU MEAN TV IS ON THIS EARLY? WHO put coffee in her honey chocate milk? Im serious WHY IS SHE JUMPING ON THE BED. DOESNT SHE KNOW It isnt time to get up yet! IS IT DAYLIGHT? OH dear GOD make it stop. SHE CANNOT be awake SHE hasnt been asleep near long enough for me to recoup. DOesn't she KNOW I don't get any work done until SHE goes to bed. WHo gave her that dadgum bear that sings happy birthday I officially hate you whoever you are! YES!yes yes... I know hate is a bad word.
I will be back later when the sun is up to post the blog challenge.. I have to go like, find something with caffeine ..

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Becca said...

Oh no! : ( Hope your day's getting better!