Monday, September 01, 2008

We are still doing good!

Edited to add:
It is 2:32 pm It is still pretty windy and on and off rain. Our power is going on and off on and off. We are fortunate it keeps coming back on. I talked to my cousin Angela from Morgan City. They evacuated to a friend of her's house in Dallas. THey are ok and are safe. Was sooooooo good to hear her voice. I was worried about her but confident the lord would take care of her. I want to tell the friend of hers that took them in THANK YOU so very much for taking care of our family. If you ever need something and in Mobile... Angela will tell ya how to reach us.

Bella's school is closed tomorrow according to the tv unless they call us and tell us to bring the kids. I guess since it is in ZONE 1 they have to go in and access the situation make sure there is no damage at the school, flooding etc since it is in grand bay (closer to the gulf) our COUNTY is still under a tornado warning but not right where we are. (read previous post about Mobile county vs Mobile the town.)
Our power has stayed on straight now for a while so thats cool. I might try to scrap some later. If Im not hurtin as bad. Feel ALOT better but still achey from the weather. It sucks gettin old! (grin)

It is 11:30 am The worst part of it is way over and we are still fine. Still have power. IT is windy windy. There are still tornado warnings but not that are an immediate threat to us. I am hurtin pretty bad so had to take some pain medication. JOints and stuff are swollen and achey but, will make it.

I have tried to call mama and reassure her that we are ok but I keep getting her answering machine though, ( can't talk to her on that cell phone she hurts my ears)but we are trying to keep it low key around here about the storm now that it is so windy to keep Bella oblivious to it. It is not raining real bad now just some showers off and on. NOT like we had earlier with the monsoon downfalls and the high winds. IT got a little scary earlier when it was raining really hard and windy and the alarm on the tv went off (and woke us up ok ME UP) with the tornado warnings, THANK YOU LORD she slept through it. (John looked at it a couple times and then went back to sleep)
Bella is now playing Fashion show. She is dressing up as someone, a character, with one of her costumes (or she makes up her own costume) and we have to guess who she is and what movie or tv show or whatever. (kinda her version of charades)
HEY WHATEVER WORKS!! SHE is happy and not wiggin out so we are happy. I have been in the bed so she has a long walk way lol all the way down the hall and to the other end of the hall and shows daddy. so cute!

Turned it over on the weather channel and CNN and we can't watch that long or will get you all upset and worried about the weather and upset her also.
So just letting you know we are all ok. (I promise mama.) They freak out on tv to get people to watch.. kinda like the train wreck everyone has to look at? We watch with worry and concern but end up all upset worse) We are all praying for everyone in an area that is getting this storm and pray they have power and everything they need to get through! IT didn't feel any worse here than when we went through katrina but didnt last as long as Katrina. The difference is we lost power in the first 30 min of the storm with Katrina so we had no clue what was going on.
I AM GLAD and very THANKFUL WE HAVE POWER THOUGH cuz that air conditioner is just a ginnin'!! IT SURE was HOT when Katrina came through for soooo long with no a/c!! so we are very fortunate and THANKFUL. Our prayer was answered. We are all ok and Power still on. Everything is fine mama I promise!!

I will update again this evening.
Gonna lay back down for a bit try to rest.

Hurricane Gustav, Havin' a Hissy Fit!

It is 7 30 am and so far so good. It has gotten really windy and hard rain fall on and off but we are ok. I am learning alot of the names of the little bitty communities around. I learned there is MORE THAN ONE COTTAGE HILL (like the one by us) when I woke John up goin "GET UP WE GOTTA GET IN THE HALL" and he barked at me that it was way "south east of us" and they are showing projected path going "north of us". (oh, Well thats a relief! glad he pointed that out. Saved a pair of underware for me!)
We Still have power and cable and the internet. Obviously, an boy John is happy cause I would be in there buggin him right now instead of updating my blog hehe)

They are saying it will be out of here by lunch time. ABOUT another couple hours of this stuff. OH and by the way, You know how back home, how we have tornadoes always goin' through Sandhill.
Well what do you know? There is a community called Sandhill here too! Its north of us though but, I am having a very educational Geography lesson this morning. (I would have preferred to just maybe toured these places when the Azaeleas are blooming but hey, I am sure I will remember it this way too!)

Stay safe. You all are in our prayers as well as everyone in or effected by Gustav's path of his hissy fit he is pitchin right now. Ready for Mother nature to call him off us already!

Will update again after while.