Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav, Havin' a Hissy Fit!

It is 7 30 am and so far so good. It has gotten really windy and hard rain fall on and off but we are ok. I am learning alot of the names of the little bitty communities around. I learned there is MORE THAN ONE COTTAGE HILL (like the one by us) when I woke John up goin "GET UP WE GOTTA GET IN THE HALL" and he barked at me that it was way "south east of us" and they are showing projected path going "north of us". (oh, Well thats a relief! glad he pointed that out. Saved a pair of underware for me!)
We Still have power and cable and the internet. Obviously, an boy John is happy cause I would be in there buggin him right now instead of updating my blog hehe)

They are saying it will be out of here by lunch time. ABOUT another couple hours of this stuff. OH and by the way, You know how back home, how we have tornadoes always goin' through Sandhill.
Well what do you know? There is a community called Sandhill here too! Its north of us though but, I am having a very educational Geography lesson this morning. (I would have preferred to just maybe toured these places when the Azaeleas are blooming but hey, I am sure I will remember it this way too!)

Stay safe. You all are in our prayers as well as everyone in or effected by Gustav's path of his hissy fit he is pitchin right now. Ready for Mother nature to call him off us already!

Will update again after while.

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RitaS said...

so glad you are safe, have power and all that stuff Nancy. Continued prayers for everyone down there and the places Gustav did hit badly.