Saturday, May 10, 2008

End of the year festivities

Well it is OFFICIAL school is out for the summer. (for the little kids) All of the K groups are out. The rest I think still have 2 weeks maybe?..
Anyway they had a BIG celebration yesterday. There was a train, a water slide a jumpy thing and lots of food. OH and a BIGGGG Mud puddle. (you will see in a minute)

Bella Rode the Train round and round for most of the time she was at the party. She looked at the water slide ONE TIME and said NUGH UGH Im not gettin on there. THe water is all yucky dirty and all the kids were like ants on a mound climbing that thing. She didn't want any part of it. I kinda don't blame her.. haha

I spent alot of time looking for shade. THANK GOD for Mrs Tara and Mrs. Beth and MRS. Johnnie. THey did most of the kid chasing so I sat in shade as we could find it. I didn't get alot of photos. IT was kinda spread out. AND IT WAS HOT. It was early in the morning but still.. IT was hot. IT was over by lunch and I THINK WE ALLLL needed a nap.
We had Pizza brought in for lunch and the parents all brought some goodies to munch on as well.

THis little boy was so stinkin cute. HE had the BEST TIME rollin around and playing in that mud puddle. He laid down in it and did angels like you would do in the snow. I laughed so hard. HE was destressing after a long school year. It was really funny.
Bella and her friends loaded up for One last trip around the parking lot on the train before they had to pack it in. SHe said a tired good bye to her friends until next year.
I think they all had a VERY GOOD TIME. NOW the scrap pages will begin. I have alot to catch up on. THis has WORN ME SLAM OUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU! haha but IM glad I got to go even if it was just for a little while.