Monday, December 03, 2007

PLEASE check out this post..

give a gift of hope to someone this christmas..


I know alot of you are anxious and were praying with us about this shingle deal. We did have to go back to the ER, my dr didnt want me to wait till tomorrow since it was in my eye with all the other swelling and I was having so many issues. They changed up my meds etc and I will have more info when he gets it all back tomorrow when I go in to see him at his office. (this is easier than making phone calls and emails so bear with me lol) They also put me on some steroids which I believe is helping. My eye is not as turned and swollen but still pretty whacky looking and you can imagine the pain etc. I feel like a blow fish Im so swoll up. We are ok though.. They make bigger clothes and I will just deal with that haha thank you sooooooo much for your continued prayers on this. We are praying this new med is the answer we have been looking for to boost it to go away. You know its been 2 long years almost with this shingle battle.. eveyone we have talked to though said when it is on your head and facial area that it just is harder to make it stay gone. I dont understandwhy but I know it to be true.

With it being right here at the holidays it is really messing up alot of our plans but then again we know our plans are not up to us.. It is in God's hands. So we may not get to go home at all this year. we are supposed to go home in 2 weeks to a family Christmas but I havent been able to take the flu shot and well You can imagine my dr chewing me out because I went to the christmas tree farm and to the parade. My argument was Bella can bring the germs home to me so what was the difference but err he had good points that you dont go putting your hand in a flame when you know it is hot or some sarcastic metaphor as such... TOUCHE' sir dr! also some staph infection that is really bad is going around mrsa? or something he said and with these shingles it is just not good so to stay my butt at home blah blah something blah blah grrrrr.
It is just so hard being isolated and not getting out especially with a small child who wants mommy there. I know she doesnt understand. So please just say an extra prayer. We have gone through alot with this and it is exhausting but I KNOW with all our prayer warriors out there and the support I get from you, my friends and my family, it will be ok. SO I want to take this opportunity to Thank you all so much and let you know how important you all are to me. YOu all keep me going. Thank you again. I also Thank God for the internet or else no one will be getting anything for Christmas lol I am doing most of my shopping online since I can't go anywhere and when IM having a good day Im scrapping like a crazy person and getting alot of our gifts made so far. I think my medicine is working and I will actually be able to rest maybe. SO Im gonna sign off and say THANK YOU SO MUCH again.